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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Guide

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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SuperCheats.com Unofficial Guide to GTA: San Sandreas


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the third title in the GTA III trilogy. First released on the PlayStation 2 in October 2004, and later ported to the Xbox and Windows, San Andreas was a marked success across all platforms. Unlike Liberty City that players explored in GTA III, and the Vice City of the eponymous sequel, San Andreas is an entire state, comprised of three cities: Los Santos, which is based on Los Angeles; San Fierro, which is based on San Fransisco; and Las Venturas, which is based on Las Vegas. Aside from the three cities there is also the expansive backlands of San Andreas, making for a tremendously large mass of land to explore.


Set in the early 90s, you take on the role of Carl “CJ” Johnson. After a long stay in Liberty City, CJ returns to his home in Los Santos, San Andreas after learning of his mother’s murder. The streets of Los Santos are rampant with gang violence, corruption, and drug trafficking, and CJ’s friends and family are in turmoil. It’s up to CJ to investigate his mother’s murder, reunite the family, and take back the streets of Los Santos.


This guide contains strategies for each and every mission in the game. There are also maps showing the locations of the Tags in Los Santos, the Photo Ops in San Fierro, the Horseshoes in Las Venturas and the Oysters in the waters of San Andreas. You’ll also find a list of what is needed to attain 100% completion.


Note -- This walkthrough was written based on the PS2 version of San Andreas, but the strategies contained within still apply to the other versions of the game. In an effort to make this guide apply to all versions of the game, the controls are referred to by their function. Refer to the instruction manual that came with your copy of the game for the buttons that these labels refer to.

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ID #602224 | Aug 25th 2015 Guest
How do you become the flash
ID #583543 | Jul 12th 2015 Guest
How do find the swat truck on the last mission of the game because I have tried to but I just can't
ID #640054 | Mar 13th 2016 Guest
Just hear sound of firing of bullets and you can see a seat tank
ID #578677 | Jul 2nd 2015 Guest
phota pa chet na man ghago
ID #565447 | Jun 4th 2015 Guest
I want to skip mission flying and then sniping how can i do please help me
ID #558350 | May 19th 2015 Guest
iam stucked in the mission learning to fly
ID #557479 | May 17th 2015 Guest
How to pass all the tags
ID #555536 | May 12th 2015 Guest
ID #550861 | May 2nd 2015 Guest
Have you got a cheat for freeze mission timer
ID #542780 | Apr 14th 2015 Guest
Could you please tell me how to skip the mission " learning how to fly"t in Las Venturas's dessert at the old small airport with the broken planes! I also wanna know how to skip car and boat lessons because they are starting getting on my nerves! If somebody know's tell me please I really wanna know!!!
ID #617541 | Oct 17th 2015 Guest
Come fly with me
ID #648970 | Apr 23rd 2016 Guest
Come fly with me not this right :chittychittybangbang;car was fly
ID #539481 | Apr 8th 2015 Guest
How yuh right des codes doe?????[strike][color=red][/color] [/strike]
ID #524827 | Mar 6th 2015 ADRIAN9909
potang ina mo
ID #519925 | Feb 22nd 2015 Guest
ID #515287 | Feb 13th 2015 Guest
when I played it in PS 2 I fhished the game but now I am going to download it on my iPad and I played and fhinishd GTA 5:-)
ID #514643 | Feb 11th 2015 Guest
im love with dis game
ID #511054 | Feb 3rd 2015 Guest
dam it bloody bastards