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Gears of War 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Gears of War 2 Guide - Multiplayer Maps


The two starting areas are in the southwest and southeast corners of the map. If there is a wall to your left when you first step outside, you spawned at the southwest camp. If there is a wall to your right when you first step outside, you spawned at the southeast camp.

Note: The two laser grids on this map will kill any player that comes into contact with them. Active laser grids can be deactivated by pressing one of the two switches on the map when it is green. (One of the switches is on the column across from the sandbags on the platform at the top of the map, the other is on the balcony across from the flamethrower in the hallway between the two starting areas.)

Available Weapons: Gorgon Pistol, Boltok Pistol, Frag Grenades, Ink Grenades, Scorcher Flamethrower, Mulcher, Mortar.

Frag/Ink Grenades x2: Grenades spawn on both ends of the walkway that is connected to the main platform with the sandbags and Mulcher. The steps that lead up to the walkway are straight across from each starting area. Head up these steps and turn left if you spawned at the west end of the map and right if you spawned at the east end of the map to spot the grenades.

Boltok/Gorgon Pistol: Either a Boltok or Gorgon Pistol can be found on the grate in the middle of the map. It is across from the main steps that lead up to the sandbag formation on the center platform.

Mulcher/Mortar: One of these weapons spawns behind the sandbags on the middle platform (the one surrounded by the three laser grids) at the top of the map.

Scorcher Flamethrower: The flamethrower spawns behind the laser grid in the indoor area next to each team’s starting area. The switch on the balcony outside lowers the laser grid.

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