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Desperate Stand

Gears of War 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Gears of War 2 Guide - Act 5: Aftermath

Chapter 2: Desperate Stand

Grab some cover and take down the Reaver in the street below, and then follow your squad up some steps and grab the ammo box to the right. Head through the doorway, stand along the railing up ahead, and start clearing the Locust on the landing platform. When you spot the KR-36 helicopter shortly after the Reaver appears, duck down behind cover while it blasts the remaining enemies on the platform.

Collectible (1/2): Head through the arched doorway to the right and down the steps there. Move around to the front of the gate where the ammo container is and look for the collectible (COG Recon Report) on the ground here.

Collectible 1/2

COG Recon Report

When you have the collectible, continue on to the right to the next landing platform. Take down the Reaver and then proceed through the now open doorway to the right. Move through this next room and you'll find yourself in a parkade overlooking some Drones in the street.

There's a bunch of ammo in the corner here; a Longshot, two ammo containers, a couple of Mulchers, and some Frag Grenades. Grab a Mulcher, mount it along the railing, and start firing down at the enemies below.

Once all of the Locust in the street below have been killed, a bridge will extend to the parkade across the street. Cross the bridge, head up the steps at the other end, and make your way over to the satellite tower. Here you must kill six Reavers to prevent them from destroying the Comm-Sat Array. This task can be quite a challenge on anything higher than the Normal difficulty level due to what appears to be a glitch.

As of this writing, there seems to be an issue with the Reavers never landing, instead continuously swooping around the tower and making things a great deal more difficult. If this is the case during your attempt, making it past this section on the Hardcore or Insane difficulty level will require a bit of luck. The Reavers are much easier to deal with while they're grounded, as shooting them out of the air can be tough on the higher difficulty levels due to their increased health. If only one or a couple land during the course of this assault, you're going to have a much harder time reaching the quota before the Comm-Sat Array is destroyed. Luckily you just hit a checkpoint, so you can try again if you fail.

If you're having trouble shooting down the flying Reavers, try setting the Look, Target, and Zoom Sensitivity to High via the Xbox 360 Controller Settings menu in Options. Doing so will make it a bit easier to track the Reavers as they swoop by. The Chain Gun on the right side of the satellite tower seems to provide more coverage here, so immediately hop on and start firing. Always focus on killing grounded Reavers first, and remember to press and hold the RB button to cool down the turret when it overheats.

Proceed through the open door to the right of the Comm-Sat Array once you have succeeded in killing six Reavers. Head through the gate here when it opens. Leave the Mortar up ahead alone for now.

Collectible (2/2): Walk through the arched doorway at the far end of the walkway and go down the steps to the left. The collectible (COG Tag) is at the end of this platform, on the ground by the ammo container. Don't wait too long to grab this one; go and grab it when the Brumaks arrive if you haven't already.

Collectible 2/2


After the Drones, Grinders, and Boomers have been taken care of, a pair of Brumak enter the fray. Grab the Mortar by the monitors and wait for them to get close before launching a few mortar strikes to take them out.

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