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Brackish Waters

Gears of War 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Gears of War 2 Guide - Act 3: Gathering Storm

Chapter 6: Brackish Waters

This chapter consists entirely of a battle against the Leviathan, a giant sea monster that is intent on consuming your gunboat. Pick up the Lancer on deck if you don't have one already, as you'll need its chainsaw bayonet for this fight. You'll need Frag Grenades too, and luckily they continuously respawn on deck as well. When one of the Leviathan's tentacles clutches the boat, use the chainsaw bayonet to deter it.

These tentacles can crush you if you aren't careful, so immediately after sawing through the first tentacle, position yourself right between the two crates at the back. Wait here until one of the Leviathan's tentacles clutches the boat, then dash over to it and use the chainsaw bayonet to remove it. Always stand between the crates at the back of the boat to avoid being chomped by the creature when it shows its face.

After sawing through three tentacles, the Leviathan will rear its head and chomp down on the front of the boat. When this happens, get closer to the creature and shoot one of its eyes to cause it to recoil in pain, leaving its mouth wide open. At this point, roadie run and roll to the very front of the boat. If done successfully the creature will bite back down on the front of the boat, leaving you inside of its mouth.

While inside the Leviathan's mouth you must fight off the six tentacles surrounding its throat to open it up. You must shoot a tentacle when its tip turns white and it starts wiggling around. If you're too slow, the tentacle will extend and swipe at you. It's best to shoot from the hip here, since you don't want to waste any time aiming. Just scan over each of the tentacles and immediately concentrate your fire on one when its tip turns white.

After fighting off the Leviathan's inner tentacles for awhile, the tract at the back of its mouth will open up. At this point, equip a Frag Grenade, take aim, and toss it into the opening. If done successfully, the creature will recoil and return to the water. If you fail to land a Frag into the opening, you'll have to fight off its inner tentacles again. All the while, the Leviathan is consuming more and more of the boat, so you have to be quick. If you run out of Frag Grenades, two batches of them should spawn to your left and right.

Fallback to the space between the two crates at the back of the boat and wait for the Leviathan to land another tentacle onboard. Use the chainsaw bayonet to remove the tentacle, and then wait for the creature to rear its head again. Shoot it in the eye, roll past its teeth when it opens its mouth, fight off the inner tentacles, and then toss another Frag down its throat.

Toss one more Frag Grenade down the beast's throat to kill it and complete the third act.


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Comments for Brackish Waters

2 comments, latest first.
Feb 11th 2014 Guest
yea im having some sort of glitch problem with this fight as well.. after retreating to wait for another tentacle (this happens A LOT on the second round of tentacles after the first grenade in the mouth) i cant seem to move in any direction!! like im stuck behind an invisible wall or something, this thing is starting to get really REALLY frustrating!! anyone have this same prolem?? im not really expecting a responce being tis game is so old, but worth a try
ID #354033
May 8th 2013 Guest
ok I am having trouble actually sawing the tentacles, it says hold B but nothing happens.. I have been trying and trying for awhile, if I shoot them it works but i run out of ammo when I am inside his mouth.
ID #281159