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Chapter 13 - Redemption

Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough and Guide by Mogg1342
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Chapter 13 - Redemption

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Main Quest - The Imperial Capital

Well you're back on the train... again. And it gets attacked by monsters... again. Only this time Ardyn has sealed your weapons so your only option at this point is to run away. Make a beeline for the freight car in the back to retrieve the Regalia and escape in it.

Next comes driving through a tunnel where you have to reach the end within two minutes, before the gate closes and locks you in. The first bit of the drive should be peaceful, that is until the Nifs start trying to blow your car off the tracks. Try to avoid the worst of explosion so the Regalia doesn't spin out. You'll still end up with a permanently busted car at the end no matter your driving skill though. Kinda sad actually.

Now you'll have to go the rest of the way on foot. Turn around and go a little ways in the opposite direction for an Oracle Ascension Coin. Moving forward, pass under the train and it will collapse as soon as Noctis is safely through. So now you have no friends, no weapons, no car, and on the run from monsters. Time to move on though. Pass through the train directly ahead and climb to the top of the building when you exit at the other side. Jump repeatedly when cornered by monsters to escape. Enter the room up there and Noctis will finally be forced to wear the ring, which at least gives you a fighting chance.

Main Quest - A King's Struggle

The first ring spell that you gain access to is Death which instantly kills a target and restores a large chunk of your HP. Keep in mind that you must hold the designated button for a few seconds for the spell to work, and is only effective against smaller enemies. There is a Beautiful Bottle and Ether in the corners behind you then go pull the switch on the panel to open some of the doors in the area. And from here, you have to find a path around the crates to reach the green lit door. Open that one, move through the hallway and into the next room. Grab the Flesh Fortifier here then the pull the lever.

Go back to the main room and go southwest to a hallway with two doors. Blue doors are dormitories where Noctis can rest. This is the only place you can save your game by the way. Beyond the green door is a larger area where you'll be given access to the ring's second spell, Alterna. With this you can send monsters to another dimension en masse and it on enemies of all sizes. The only drawback being one use pretty much consumes all your MP. That said, explore the area for freebies including a Laser Sensor, a Debased Silverpiece, a Mega Phoenix and an Elixir. The room to far left has some Iron Shavings and a locked door at the end of the hallway.

Your next stop is the control room at the northeast corner of the map so go over there to open some more doors. This should unlock the locked room at the far west section of the map. The Holy spell from the ring should also be available to you now, with it being usable only when Noctis is defending. Once you get to the elevator room, pick up the Rare Coin and Hi-Elixir, defeat all the Shaga in the elevator so ypu can ride it up to the next floor. There, check the sides of the corridor for another Rare Coin and Laser Sensor. Follow this corridor, grab the Chrome Bit and continue for your first run-in with the Rogue Axeman.

These things patrol on set route and you can avoid being spotted by hiding between the gaps in the hallway. You can always try and kill it of course but your options are limited to Alterna and Holy since Death does not work on them. One thing you need to wary of when engaging this enemy is that more often than not, both Noctis and the Axeman tend to become invincible. Meaning neither one are able to deal any damage to the other. I'm not sure if this meant to happen or if it is a bug, but it can to be a game-breaker if you don't know how to get around it. As all doors will remain locked until all hostiles are eliminated, thereby halting any kind of progress. So if this problem happens to you, use Alterna on the things to get rid of them so you can move on.

Continue moving up the hallway and near the top to the right is a room where you'll find a Security Card. Get going towards a circular room with four doors, where the only one open to you right is the bottom one. Beyond it is another long corridor. Enter the first room to your right for a Megalixir then keep going to go after "Prompto". You can get a Shattered Timepiece in one of the small rooms further ahead while beyond the large door at the southwest end of the corridor is a machine that upgrades your security card's clearance to level 2. Be sure to use that before going any further. Use the dorm here to save before going upstairs.

All four doors in this hallway require level 3 access so skip them and kill the Rogue Axeman first. Ignore the level 2 door further down to the right and keep going right to another room to grab a Magitek Core and Superior Restorative. Return to level 2 room you passed earlier, collect the Hi-Elixir and squeeze through the gap off to your left. You'll reach a large room where a level 32 Uttu and some Axemen are waiting. Send them to the void with Alterna and move on. Next go check up on "Prompto" before returning to the circular room with four doors. The left one should open now so head for the elevator to the next floor.

Check the southeast catwalk for a Laser Sensor then head northeast to the control panel, only to find you don't have the keycard for it. Finally, look at the end of the northwest catwalk for a Muscle Stimulant. Now go outside and send the Gargantua to the void. Do the same for all the other monsters you see here so you can explore in peace. This is one big area so there's lots of blanks on the map to fill. Try to check the whole place if you can for freebies, including a Reflex Enhancer, a Flesh Fortifier, a Chrome Bit and a Tempered Shield.

Get on the lift at the northwest corner of the area to go down to the lower level. Move southwest from here and climb the stairs then take the lift up. Grab the Generator Keycard here and make your back to the previous area to get the elevator going.

Main Quest - Zegnautus Keep

After Noctis grabs the Sword of the Father from Ravus, you can finally enter Zegnautus Keep. Head for the dorms first to save game before moving east so that run straight into some poison gas which quickly fills the air. Stopping the source of the gas is now your priority so focus reaching the goal marker for now. There's a Reflex Enhancer in the room that you find along the way then continue northeast to a dead end for a Megalixir. Once you reach the target room, grab the Magitek Booster and check the control panel to shut the gas off. There's a Muscle Stimulant at the dead end off to the left outside the room.

Now track the goal marker back to the southwest section of the area. There's a room near the quest marker that houses a Gralean Medal of Distinction. Moving forward, there's a Chrome Bit in the corner. Use the machine in the next room to update your keycard and stock up on items before leaving. Exit through the level 4 door nearby and go west when you reach the big area. Use the dorm here before going to check on all the other rooms from freebies, inclusing a Mega Potion, a Chobham Armor and an Imperial Medal of Honor. Follow the quest marker to the next elevator where a level 35 Faras appears. You can fight it if you want while waiting for the elevator to arrive. Get on when it does to proceed.

Well you won't be able to go anywhere here until the power comes back on, so head for the control room first and pull the switch there. Don't forget to grab the Ether as well. The electronic doors should be working now that power is running again, so you can go ahead and check the rooms for items. Track the quest marker to the next section control switch to get the power going again then head for the elevator to go up. You'll be in a new area now. In the main room are three panels that each control a specific set of doors, and what you need to do here is activate the two circuits that open the doors to the exit.

But first, you enter the rooms you can access to find the Panel B Keycard, then work the panel so you can unlock the other doors and secure the remaining keycards. Once you have all three go back to the main room and start working on the puzzle. With that done, get going while peeking into all the rooms you come across for freebies. There is also a vending machine along the way for you to use as well as a dorm where you can save. As for items, there is a Magitek Booster, another Chrome Bit and a Mega Phoenix. You'll eventually reach a room with another keycard machine to open level 5 doors.

Onward to the next stop beyond the level 5 door. Operate the panel here and it should set off the alarm sending rogue magitek soldiers your way. Defeat them then climb up the catwalks to the south where you'll get a Muscle Stimulant and Hi-Elixir on the right, while another Muscle Stimulant and Flesh Fortifier are waiting on the left. The security card machine is on the catwalk as well, use it to raise your clearance to level 6. You will be attacked by a horde of magitek soldiers and Wraith on the way back. Kill every last one of them so you can open the level 6 door.

Use the dorm before moving on. Again check the rooms for treasures such as a Reflex Enhancer and a Hi-Elixir. Head for the marker and Noctis will be trapped. Hold out and destroy all the magitek troopers while waiting for your friends to get you out. Be sure to avoid the electrified walls as they close on you as well.

Main Quest - Reunion and Recovery

Now to find Prompto. Head to the next area and check the console to unlock one of the doors, then head north to grab a Muscle Stimulant and Bulletproof Suit from the two rooms. Track the quest marker, making sure to enter the side room for a Muscle Stimulant and Shattered Timepiece. Beyond the door up ahead is the prison block where some of the cells have items in them. Go get Prompto once you have everything.

Return to the dorm to save before heading for the goal marker. Destroy the servers at the side of the room and Noctis should have his weapons back. Next stop is the hangar but don't forget to set your gear first then kill the monster horde outside. There's quite a bit of backtracking to do here which should give you time to prepare for the boss encounter waiting at the hangar.

Ravus is strong and while his arsenal is limited, its hard to tell when he's about to use a power attack especially if you're busy hitting at close range. Although he seems more likely to use the dark explosion attack when surrounded. The thing is don't be surprised if your friends are falling into danger or dying a lot, as there is no way to tell the A.I. to stay away. Burn through your items to keep them well as much as possible. Guns work great as well as fast short-ranged weapons. However, if you choose to attack up close only do so after Ravus completes a combo and land only a few hits at a time so that you don't get caught in that devastating dark explosion. When attacking from a distance, be wary of the dark tentacle things that come up from the ground as they can inflict stop. Always try to block then parry when you get the chance as this puts Ravus in a Vulnerable state, which in turn gives you the opportunity to pile on the damage.

Now comes the never-ending monster horde. Fight for a while until Noctis is forced to abandon his friends in order to get to the crystal. Head for the lift first to godown to the lower level, then rush for the gate before it closes. Board the elevator and ride it down to the crystal chamber. Once Noctis is in the crystal, go through all the dialogue options and this mighty long chapter should conclude soon after.

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