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Chapter 02 - No Turning Back

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Main Quest - Legacy

Once you're done getting sidetracked and are ready to continue with the story, enter Cid's garage in Hammerhead to initiate the next scene. After which you must push onward to the Prairie Outpost and meet with Monica, who in turn tells you what became of the Crowsguard and assures the group that Iris made it out of Insomnia safely. So now the only thing left to do is join up with Cor at the Tomb of the Wise.

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Mark the destination on your map if you haven't already done so and head over there. Also check the map for any available treasure and food spots so you can collect them on the way. Waiting outside the tomb are several Daggerquills which must be dealt with before you can proceed. Use Warp Strike to hit the ones that are high in the air (after locking on to them of course), and you strike as normal when the birds get low enough for you to hit.

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Enter the tomb for a scene after which Noctis will receive his first royal arms, the Sword of the Wise. These pieces are way more powerful than your typical weapon, but drains HP from Noctis with each use. So be sure to have plenty of curatives on hand if you plan to use royal arms for an extended amont of time.

Main Quest - The Power of Kings

Cor will be a temporary party member from here until you reach the next royal tomb. So be sure to take advantage of his presence and try to engage strong enemies to rack up on experience. As you move forward across the desert, you will notice the imperial transports flying overhead. These will drop a sizeable contingent of magitek soldiers you must defeat, which shouldn't be much of an issue with Cor around. Also take note of the machine gun encampment that came with the first wave of soldiers, and get rid of the dude behind it so you can take control instead.

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Use that to mow down the second wave of magitek contingent quite easily and move towards the entrance of the dungeon when the area is clear. Don't forget to grab the Bioblaster next to the green container by the dungeon entrance too. Cor then leaves the party after handing you the Tombkeep's Key. Grab the Metal Scrap to your left upon entering the tomb and push past the metal door then take a right when you can. Turn the generator on here to give a little light before following the path around to an Electrolytic Condenser. Continue deeper into the dungeon until the path splits again. Turn left to secure a Carbon Bangle. Head back to the main path and open the door to proceed.

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Collect the Rusted Bit off the dead end to your right before going the other way. The big green door to your left is locked and so is the one further ahead to the right. The only way for you to go at the moment is forward it seems, so do that until you reach a bigger room and grab the Oracle Ascension Coin in there. Turn back then take the first left and you'll notice that the door is now open. Go down to reach a big room with an Ether on the ground. Be careful of falling rocks from the ceiling though. Go back up using the stairs at the other side and open the door to pick up a Green Choker from the small alcove to the right.

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The large room nearby has a tank of sorts that you can harvest lightning energy from as well as an Electrolytic Condenser on the ground. Move through the narrow passage in this room and pick up a Rusted Bit on one end before going ahead to unlock the next door. If you check your map by pressing R3, there's a room further down the path to the right. Harvest some ice energy from the tank here before going back outside. Ignore the first split then go down the next one. Go right at the fork here and you'll end up in a room with a goblin ambush. Clear out the enemies first so you can grab the Oracle Ascension Coin.

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Go the other way and snag an Elixir from the ground just beyond the narrow gap you had to squeeze through. Behind the green door are more goblins and a generator, turn it on before leaving. Looking at the map once again, head down along the passageway then up towards the door. Grab the Elixir and enter the room to your right. Past the blue door in here is an empty locker room so just head down the passageway instead. You will soon come to massive room and get ambushed by an Archne. Kill it and pick up a Debased Coin in the corner. Exit through the gap on the wall to your right, and follow the path to the Tomb of the Conqueror.

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Grab the Axe of the Conqueror inside. If you go deeper into the dungeon, you'll find a locked vault which you can't do anything about right now. Go back to the entrance instead.

Main Quest - Declaration of War

Upon returning to the entrance of the tomb, Cor calls to task you with the destruction of the empire's new base. But first go visit Monica at the Prairie Outpost again for intel. Shop for curatives while you're there in preparation for the upcoming boss encounter. You might also want to camp somewhere first to tally whatever experience you got in the tombs. Once you're ready, head to the next destination where the party splits and Noctis teams up with Cor.

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Follow him through the base while killing every single imperial troops you see. Soon you will be in an area with catwalks above where imperial snipers are positioned. Use warp strike to reach them. The Bulletproof Vest accessory is useful here if bullet damage is an issue because of being underleveled. As you get further through the base, enemies of the magitek variety will start to appear. These dudes are stronger than their non-armored comrades so again any accessory reduces bullet damage will help in case you're having trouble with them. Keep an eye on the catwalks for snipers too.

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The rest of the gang will reunite with Noctis once you make it back out to the streets, which unfortunately also means that a boss encounter is imminent. The MA-X Cuirass will have imperial troops for backup. Focus on taking them out first while the rest of your crew keeps Loqi busy. Once all the troops are dead, craft lightning spells and start throwing them at Loqi's machine. Physical attacks from anyone in your party (who isn't Cor) will prove useless (not to mention this boss is deadly in close quarters) so stick to magic exclusively. Do watch out for missiles when dealing damage from a distance however.

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