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Chapter 06 Sidequests

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Most of these quest are not time-sensitive so you can go back to it at any time once it's been triggered. They are not chapter specific either and can usually be started at any time provided that the prerequisite sidequest has been completed.

This list simply gives the earliest possible timeframe a particular quest is made accessible to you. The game however does become quite linear in later chapters, so it's best to finish as much of these quests as you can when you still have the opportunity to explore freely.

Hammerhead Outpost

A Meat Most Magnificent - 3000 EXP, 5x Allural Shallots, 5x Kettier Ginger

Takka gives this quest once you've completed "Lestallum's Finest". This time he needs a Catoblepas Brisket so drive to the outpost in northern Alstor and check in on the diner's hunts. You must take on the "Marsh Madness A Giant Awakens" hunt and defeat the level 38 Catoblepas to get the meat that Takka needs.

Search and Rescue - 300 EXP, 500 Gil

This quest is triggered when you pass by the intersection west of the Coltisse Haven. The exact location is shown on the image above. You'll find the distressed hunter by a rock not far from the road. Use a Potion on him and you're done.

Galdin Quay

Berried Memories - 5000 EXP, 3000 Gil, Leiden Sweet Potato, Fine Cleigne Wheat.

This quest is given by Coctura, the Tipster at the restaurant. She needs some Ulwaat Berries which are found only in Tenebrae. Fortunately you you won't have to go that far in order to get the ingredient. First you need to complete the sidequest "Living Off the Land", and once you do, a dude will appear asking you to trade your home-grown carrots with some of his stuff. Among these things is the Ulwaat Berry. Get yourself some and take them back to Coctura.

Wiz Chocobo Post

Savior of the Species - 2500 EXP

You get this mission from Wiz after completing "Chase that Chocobo". Here you must rescue a black chocobo egg from some Sahagins and take it back to Wiz. He then tells the group to come back and see the chocobo chick once the egg has hatched. It's a waiting game at this point so do other things, until Wiz gives you a call then go back to the Chocobo Post.

Cauthess Rest Area

Professor's Protege Yellow Frogs - 4000 EXP, Rainbow Pendant

This quest from Sonia becomes available after you've completed her previous assignment where you had to collect 5 red frogs. This one requires you to do the exact same thing, except you're looking for 5 yellow frogs this time. Go to the specified location once again and start running around until you've caught five yellow frogs. Return to Sonia to get this over with.


Sting Your Praises - 4000 EXP

This is given by the arms vendor after you've completed the quest "Tail Spin". This time he wants you to bring him some of the Saphyrtails' stingers. The monsters you seek are gathered quite a ways away from Lestallum, so you might want to fast travel to the parking spot at Maidenwater then drive the rest of the way to the quest location. Kill the scorpions there to get one of their stingers and deliver it to the arms merchant.

Vegging Out - 3000 EXP

Complete the quest "Wild About Onions and check with the marketplace vendor again. He wants you to havest an Aromatic Root for him. Go to the indicated location after marking on your map and collect the item to be delivered back to the proprietor in Lestallum.

A Place to Call Home - 3500 EXP, 17500 Gil

Vyv gives this mission after you beat Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration. He wants you to snap a photo of Insomnia from the hill overlooking the capital. You've been to this place before way back in chapter 1. Return to that location and you'll find a photo spot.

Old Lestallum

A Backwoods Burial - 1500 EXP, 10x Phoenix Down

Dave will have another dog tag search mission for you after completing "Swallowed by Shadows". Once you've spoken to Dave, go speak to the diner tipster to make the quest location available on your map. Go to this spot and you'll find the dog tag outside a shack after fending off the Havocfang ambush.

Professor's Protege Gigantoad - 5000 EXP, Moon Pendant

You get another assignment from Sonia after completing her yellow frog hunt quest. This time she wants some Slimy Oil from a Gigantoad. You should have killed plenty of these creatures by now so chances are you already have what you need. Give that to the woman and be done.

Royal Arms

The Rock of Ravatogh - 4000 EXP, Mace of the Fierce

You'll notice that this sidequest opens up after you complete Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration. Try to make it all the way to the end of this volcano and you'll come to an area with a nest filled with massive eggs. It may seem like you can't go any further from here, but there's a path to the right once you drop off then just move along east and then go around south to reach the royal tomb where you can claim the Mace of the Fierce.

Malmalam Thicket - 3000 EXP, Scepter of the Pious

At some point during the long drive to Cape Caem, Prompto will drop a hint regarding an area off to the side of the road that is begging to be explored. Agree to stop and check it out and you should easily find this dungeon. You also get to have Iris as temporary ally (and an awesome healer to boot) if you stop here prior to arriving in Cape Caem in Chapter 6. Otherwise, you can always come back here later. As monsters, the levels range from 28 to 37 while the Bandersnatch waiting at the end is at level 38. The creature is quite resistant to physical damage so lightning magic works best. Once the Bandersnatch is defeated, enter the royal tomb and claim the Scepter of the Pious.

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