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Chapter 05 - Dark Clouds

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Main Quest - The Hexatheon's Blessings

It's worth noting that you won't have access to the Regalia for the entirety of this chapter, so the areas you can visit will be very limited. And whatever sidequests you can do are only the ones within the vicinity of the Chocobo Post. That being said, follow Umbra to where Gentiana is so she can tell Noctis where to go. You also get to write a response in Luna's journal for which you will receive a Magic Flask.

Head for the location of the first runestone which is quite a ways off on foot, and do take the time to kill Gigantoads if you encounter them. As the meat from the creature makes a great dish plus you can also get a Slimy Oil which is an item necessary for one of Sonia's quests. In any case, you only need to touch two runestones for this bit of the main quest to complete.

Main Quest - The Trial of Ramuh

For the third runestone, you must journey to the heart of the Fociaugh Hollow to find it. After trekking for a little over a mile to reach the cave, go inside and grab the Ancient Dragon Tooth from the ground before squeezing through the gap. Enemies in this dungeon are mostly Imps and Thunder Bombs with the latter's magic proving deadly if they attack in large numbers.

Continue further into the cave and you will come to a flower patch where Allural Shallots can be harvested. Hidden somewhere in that flower patch is an Oracle Ascension Coin by the way. You'll also find an Oracle Card next to the nearby rock.

Moving on, the path soon splits a bit and you can snag a Fossil Wood off to the right and the Thieves' Way accessory awaits on the left. There's an Amethyst Bracelet at the bottom center edge of that circular path as well. Next, drop off to the lower area and head right for a Rusted Bit plus a Fire Energy deposit. Right in front of you is another fork with a Magic Flask on the left. Turn around and take the other path forward only to be ambushed by a gaggle of Imps as the party tries to squeeze through the gap.

Kill all of them then continue through. Collect the Ammonite Fossil and go forward until Prompto somehow disappears. At this point you will be alerted to the presence of enemies, so run ahead until you see the monsters and deal with them then just backtrack to get all the shinies that you missed. The monster horde includes Imps, Thunder Bombs, Hobgoblins and Mindflayers so be prepared for a somewhat big fight. The Imps can inflict poison while the goblins will steal your items if they knock you down. Once the area is clear, continue heading towards the quest marker and grab the Ancient Dragon Tooth then duck through the hole.

At the open area up ahead, you will encounter a monster called Naga who will ask about her baby. Say whatever to fight and defeat it. It has the ability to inflict Toad by the way so hopefully you have some Maiden's Kiss on hand. Otherwise, you'll have to be sprayed with the mist a second time to return to normal. Hack at it with greatswords until it drops so you can proceed. Go touch the final runestone to obtain Ramuh's mark and return to the entrance.

Main Quest - Engaging the Empire

And now to get your car back. Make the long trek to Archeole Stronghold and you'll be told to camp at a nearby haven. Be sure to cook something that provides a decent boost to attack, magic and HP as you'll need these for the upcoming big fight. The Toadsteak Drumstick is a good choice. Now while the mission objective states that the Regalia must be retrieved before daybreak, you only really need to pinpoint the exact location of the car as opposed to actually driving it out of the base.

Once you're inside the base, you don't necessarily have to remain completely undetected. Just defeat every soldier in the vicinity each time you're spotted to proceed. It is always great to be able to take advantage of warp-kills however, so try to keep it quiet as much as possible. That said, follow Ignis until toward the quest marker until your path gets blocked off by a fence. Look high around the area for a warp point and use that to drop down to the other side. Unlock the gate here to move on. You'll find a group of six soldiers in the next section; dispose of them and climb to the top of the tower using the stairs to your right.

From here, look towards the quest marker and you'll see the next gate. Warp over to it and unlock it. Approaching the Regalia will put the entire base on alert, sending a whole army's worth of enemies your way. Defeat the ones you can reach then open the next gate so you can reach the magitek generator and destroy it. Prepare for a big fight here against mechs and soldiers. Kill as many as you can abnd hold out until the prompt to summon Ramuh appears. At this point, find a safe spot away from all the commotion and hold the specified button. The battle ends after you witness Ramuh destroy everything.

Go retrieve the Regalia and drive all the way back to Lestallum. Iris is waiting in the hotel so go there to complete this chapter.

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