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Chapter 01 - Departure

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After failing to catch the attention of passing motorists, you are left with little choice other than to push you busted car to the nearest outpost. Press and hold R2 to start pushing and do so until you reach Hammerhead, where Cindy is waiting. Seems like it'll take a while before your car is deemed road-worthy again, so look around for a bit and move in any direction so that Cindy calls you over to hand you a Map of the Continent.

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Also stop by the diner to speak with the guy behind the counter and ask for information on the area. This will add a variety of points of interest to your map including food spots, treasure spots, park spots, outposts, as well as camp grounds. Take note that you can indicate a specific spot as a destination by moving the cursor over it and pressing square.

Main Quest - The Pauper Prince

In any case, Ignis will call your attention to discuss the party's current financial predicament, so go speak to Cindy and she'll send you off to do some monster hunting as Paw-Paw ordered. But at the same time, she'll also take pity on you and secretly hand over 1000 gil plus a Bronze Bangle. Now before you go on the hunt, look arond the outpost to find items in shiny spots. One of which is a Metal Scrap and the other an Oracle Ascension Coin. The latter item is particularly important as it can be used to trade for powerful gear later in the game.

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Once you're ready, head for the location indicated by the red destination marker, and you'll the first of three groups of Reapertails you have to deal with. Also try to follow strategies suggested by your allies to earn extra AP (3 AP in this case) when you succeed. That said, go deal with these three groups of pests to complete the mission.

Main Quest - Hunter Becomes the Hunted

With the first quest in the bag, Cindy calls to ask for another favor. This time she needs you to find someone named Dave who she thinks is holed up in some "old shack". Head over to the structure that Noctis points out and check the note on the table inside. This triggers a Sabertusk ambush so fend them off which shouldn't be all that hard despite their numbers. Just try not to get cornered as there is a chance that you will be fighting with a man or more down. This is because your friends are sometimes randomly affected by a bug that causes them to get stuck in corners and objects, or perform nonsensical actions over and over.

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Go look in the shack further up the field next where another pack of Sabertusks are waiting. Ignis proposes that you warp to the windmill next to the shack so try that to get free AP. Either way, Dave will emerge from the shack after the monsters are defeated.

Main Quest - The Mutant Marauder

As soon as the previous quest is completed, Dave will ask for your help on defeating a creature. Agree to help him free of charge to receive 30 EXP and a Magic Flask. Grab the Debased Coin on the ground nearby as well. Follow the quest marker for a while and Ignis eventually suggest that you find a place to set up camp for the night. Agree to this and go to the indicated haven to rest up. Keep in mind that resting in trailers, inns or camping is the only way to get your characters to level up. This is because all the experience you've gained for the day are not tallied until you call it a day. Same goes for character skills and for Ignis in particular, he only cooks when you are camping in the wild. Meaning his cooking skills will not improve when you pay to rest in outposts.

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Continue toward the quest marker the next day and you'll soon find the monster Dave was talking about. The Bloodhorn is particularly vulnerable to the Greatsword, so Gladio's Tempest technique is very effective especially if Noctis can pull off a follow up strike. Try to circle behind the creature and do Blindside Links until the target eventually falls. You'll get a Red Tusk and a call from Cindy saying Dave is safe, and that your car is fixed.

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While you can go back to Hammerhead right away, I suggest checking your map and mark the treasure spots as well as food spots so you can go collect them. Treasure spots often hold gear for your characters along with rarer items. Plus you also need to harvest ingredients from the food spots so Ignis can cook meals when you camp.

Main Quest - The Errand Prince

Back at Hammerhead, you go grab your car at the garage and Cindy asks you deliver something to the motel manager at the Longwyth Rest Area. You should agree as always to receive 50 EXP free. From here on out, either Noctis or Ignis can take the wheel. Selecting Auto lets Ignis take control while you chill in the back listening to Final Fantasy radio. You can switch between albums by holding left or right on the d-pad, and Up or Down to play and/or stop a song. More albums are for sale in shops and are called "Memories of X", with "X" being the game in the franchise. Buy these when you come across them to get more songs.

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You can also try participating in some hunts by speaking to the Tipster in the Diner. Hunts are different from sidequests and don't count towards the latter's trophies. However, completing hunts also reward you with gil, items and gear so it's definitely worth the time to check them out. Also look in Cid's garage to find a free Phoenix Down and Hi-Potion. After which you may drive off to the next destination when you're ready.

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Upon arriving at the next outpost, check behind the big water tanks to the left of the area to find a Debased Coin. Speak to the motel manager who offers to grab your delivery out of the car. The royal dog Umbra shows up soon after and you'll have to pick a response that Noctis writes to his bride-to-be. Now, before you leave for Galdin Quay, the very first sidequest for the game becomes available by talking to the man with a "?" over his head.

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There are hunts available from the Tipster at the Diner as well so feel free to work on those first if you like. Also in the Diner is a Justice Monster Five pinball machine that requires 10 gil to play. Try that to get the trophy associated with it after you quit the mini-game. Do check the different gathering spots in the region as well before you drive off to Galdin Quay. Once you reach this new picturesque outpost, check in with the gear vendor to grab some new equipment for your party, and also sell any monster drops you have plenty off to make some extra gil. Check the end of the dock to the north of the gear vendor to find a Hi-Elixir.

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Next, follow the long dock to the restaurant and you'll meet a strange man, who leaves you with an Intricate Coin after the rather odd encounter. In any case, speak to the woman behind the counter and ask for info to unlock points of interest for the region. At the end of the dock to the north of the restaurant is a Rusted Bit next to the lighthouse. Check the announcement board nearby to complete this quest.

Main Quest - A Gentleman's Agreement

With the ferry currently out of service, try to head back into the restaurant and you'll run into a shady reporter named Dino. He offers to get you tickets for the ferry if you get him some gemstones in return. Agree to receive 80 EXP for free. At this point, check the docks to the north of the restaurant again to find another sidequest where your client is a cat this time. Check Kitty Catering the Sidequest section for the guide on how to complete this side mission. Back to the main quest, head for the location shown by the quest marker and you'll come across a gigantic bird that is fast asleep.

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Quietly sneak around the rim to get to the mineral deposit behind it. While it's easier to avoid waking the creature on your way to get the stones, the same could not be said on the way back. Don't worry though, as all it would do upon being disturbed is stomp all over your group angrily then fly away. Go back to Galdin Quay and give the stone to Dino who will give you a Garnet Bracelet as thanks. Talk to him again and say yes only when you are ready to proceed.

Main Quest - Ill Tidings

Well things have gone south pretty fast and the group is now driving back to the Insomnian border. Let Ignis drive then proceed once he safely avoids the imperial checkpoint. From here, simply make your way up while clearing away enemy soldiers. At the room where the first large group of soldiers are in, you'll find a narrow hallway that leads to some holding cells housing a Hi-Elixir and some Iron Shavings.

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Moving forward, you'll be outside heading up the hill where more enemies are waiting. Some of the snipers are on high ground so you'll have to use warp strike to reach them. The last wave of enemies are composed of the magitek variety, which have more health and are stronger. One of them will drop a Drain Lance which can be remodeled by Cid later. Make your way to the clearing at the end to complete the chapter.

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