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Chapter 08 Sidequests

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Most of these quest are not time-sensitive so you can go back to it at any time once it's been triggered. They are not chapter specific either and can usually be started at any time provided that the prerequisite sidequest has been completed.

This list simply gives the earliest possible timeframe a particular quest is made accessible to you. The game however does become quite linear in later chapters, so it's best to finish as much of these quests as you can when you still have the opportunity to explore freely.

Galdin Quay

A Treasure Beyond Measure - 3000 EXP, Emerald Bracelet

This will be Dino's final quest and becomes available after you complete "No Pain No Gem". He wants you to get him an Emerald Stone from Costlemark Tower. This dungeon is only accessible at night and you'll find the stone several down inside. The enemies in here are strong however so you might want to consider putting this off until much later, when your party is plenty powerful.


A Need for Noodles

This is automatically triggered when you head for your at the start of the main quest "A Brave New World". Head for the Nissin wagon and Gladio asks Noctis what his favorite ingredient is. Say "Meat" and you're done.

The Perfect Cup - 4000 EXP

This quest comes up as soon as you complete "A Need for Noodles". Head for marked restaurant to gather info before running off to the behemoth habitat. There, you will find a level 35 Rogue Behemoth. Defeat it to get the meat then head for the nearby haven to set up camp so Ignis can cook it.

Steam Valve Inspection - 2000 EXP, 2500 Gil

Speak with Holly at the power plant to get this mission, where you must run around town to find and close a total of 8 leaky steam valves. You can easily tell which ones need servicing as the bad ones will have steam coming out of it. Report back to Holly afterwards.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword - 4000 EXP, 20000 Gil

Vyv gives this mission after you've completed "A Place to Call Home". This time he wants you to take pictures of three different imperial bases. Check your sidequest docket and drive to the new locations you see there. Keep in mind that Prompto will only take photos during the day. Go back to Vyv when you have snapshots of all three bases to finish up.

The Vesperpool

Nayth's Challenge - 3000 EXP, Incincible Iron Giant (Lure)

You'll find Nayth at the fishing spot on Vesperpool after completing his previous quest, "Fishing, Naturally". He challenges Noctis to catch a Vesper Gar this time, and let it be known that fishing quests from here on are for the big ones, so you might want to get yourself better fishing gear as well as lure before trying this. There is a tackle shop nearby that sells pretty much everything you need. Best check that out first.

Norduscean Blockade

Formouth Garrison - 9000 EXP, Strange Engine

You will trigger this mission as you head for the behemoth habitat during "The Perfect Cup" sidequest. An imperial fortress will fly overhead and your companions will suggest checking out the base that it's headed to. This is a level 46 quest wherein the boss (Loqi) at the end is at level 51. It's fair to expect a big challenge if your party levels are low. But you can always leave for later as always. The Strange Engine is required for a post-game quest however so make sure you complete this at some point if you want the Regalia Type F.

In any case, mark the quest on your map and climb to the top of the guard tower. The mission starts after dark and you can try to stay unnoticed for as long as you can once you've entered the base. I personally haven't completed this without sounding the alarm so I'm not sure if it's even possible. Once you are detected, a massive fight will ensue and you'll have to fight off wave after wave of magitek soldiers and mechs. At the end you will face two level 51 mechs, one of which is being used by Loqi. Defeat him to complete this mission.

Cape Caem

A Feline Feast - 1200 EXP, Sky Gemstone

On the crates near the lighthouse, you'll find that same feline Noctis fed back in Galdin Quay. It needs feeding once again so go speak with Monica at the cabin. At this point you have the option buying cat food or catching a fish yourself. Should you choose the latter, go over to the Caem Shore fishing spot near Cape Caem and try to catch any type of Allural Sea Bass. Take the fish back to Monica so she can cook it, then go feed the cat.

Living Off the Land - 500 EXP

Speak with Iris outside the cabin and choose to "tend to the garden". Take the seeds to the spot indicated to plant them then go rest. Check on the seeds the next day to harvest your Caem Carrots. You can then trade these with Tony for rare ingredients, weapons and other items.

Crazy About Cactuars - 2000 EXP

This one is from Talcott who is waiting in the cabin. You need to buy the two missing cactuar figurines so that the boy can complete his collection. The Wood figurine is being sold for 500 gil in a shop over at Wiz Chocobo Post, and the Mortar one in Lestallum will set you back 700 gil. Take both models back to Talcott to complete this quest.

Royal Arms

Costlemark Tower - 15000 EXP, Sword of the Tall

You are required to enter this dungeon and explore a small section of it for one of Dino's quests "A Treasure Beyond Measure". However this tower hides more secrets done just the emerald stone. A royal arm for Noctis is found at very bottom of this place, and you'll have to make it past the maze-like structure and powerful monsters to get there. I recommend waiting until your party is at level 55 or higher before trying this. Or you can also change the game's difficulty to easy while you're in here. Once you make it to the end of this dungeon, defeat the level 58 Jabberwock to claim the Sword of the Tall.

Balouve Mines - 10000 EXP, Bow of the Clever

To reach this dungeon, drive or fast travel to the Balouve Mines parking spot and go through the ruined structures to make it past the fence. From there, just head on up until you reach a lift that will take you several levels underground. You have to work your way around to a specific section of the lowest level, where a fight against a level 52 monster will commence. Defeat it so you can proceed to the royal tomb after squeezing through a gap on the wall.

Tomb of the Just - Shield of the Just

Unlike most of the royal tombs which are tucked away at the end of a dungeon, this one is accessible at any time with little to no resistance if you find it on the open world. To find the tomb, have Ignis drive the Regalia from the parking spot at Balouve Mines to the parking spot in Secullam Pass. Once there, get off and proceed some ways northwest on the field and you should come across this tomb easily.

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