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Chapter 10 - The Heart of a King

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Main Quest - Off the Rails

After the opening scenes for this chapter, take a tour of the train for a while until it pulls into the Cartanica Station. There isn't much for you to see here, apart from the Hi-Elixir on the floor by the entrance to the diner and a Remedy on the diner counter. The part of the main quest ends as soon as you get off the train.

Main Quest - The Hand of the King

Take a look at your party setup as usual if you haven't already done so before tackling the next objective. Also turn around and go south to the end of the platform for a Remedy and Debased Banknote. Keep heading on the same direction along the path closer to the train tracks to find a Mega-Potion at the end. Now if you turn around and enter the train to your right, you can make use of the lodgings in one of the cabins as well as speak with the Tipster at the diner. There's a Chrome Bit on the green trash can near the entrance of the train by the way.

Call Umbra at the lodgings to go back and do side quests if you like. Although I personally skipped them until the main story was completed. As such, all the remaining side missions will be covered in the post-game section of this guide. Anyway, head for the quest marker where the shops are. The gear they have here is the same as the ones in Altissia so if you didn't get to upgrade there, you can do so here and not miss out on anything unique. There is an Ether and Beautiful Bottle waiting to be picked up at the opposite end of the platform if you stick to the same side as the shops.

Ignore the elevator for the moment and go down the stairs instead for a Broken Harmonica on the crate and a Chrome Bit at the end of the path further down. Go back to the lift and you'll be asked whether or not you want to take Ignis with you. Not sure if you can actually leave him but go ahead and bring him along anyway. Keep in mind however that his lack of sight will cause Ignis to move slowly, and your companions (mostly just Gladio) will complain if you get too far ahead. So you will be forced to stop and wait most of the time. Shouldn't be a problem so long as you turn around from time to time to see where everyone else is.

Follow the path down to the goal marker and you'll hit a large swamp area. From here, the path splits off in two directions to the north. Take the one on the left and check under the metal stairs for a Strong Bone. Climb to the top of these stairs then grab the Mega Phoenix at the end of the path. Go back to the quest marker to have it move to another spot a short distance. Feel free to explore the rest of the area to the south where you can pick up a Remedy as you try to fill in the empty spots on your map. Once you're happy with the state of your map, go back the other way and start tracking the quest marker to a vehicle blocking the path.

Head for the rusty control box next only to be told that you need to grab a key first. Track the marker once again unti it leads to a shed where a pack of Falxfangs are waiting. Defeat all of them and grab the key before heading over to turn the two generators back on. Now you can go back to that old control panel to move the vehicle out of the way and reach a new area.

Check the eggs here and a Malboro will appear. A battle then ensues as expected. The Malboro is weak to greatswords and fire so use those until you take it down. It won't use Bad Breath yet so don't worry about sticking close to it. The problem is that the monster will keep reviving each time you kill it. Do so until you are prompted to run away and regroup. Stay out of the Combat zone until Ignis throws a fire spell in the creature's mouth, then you can move in and finish the job. With the Malboro dead, enter the royal tomb to claim the Katana of the Warrior. Return to the station afterwards and speak to the Stationmaster to board the train.

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