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Chapter 03 Sidequests

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Most of these quest are not time-sensitive so you can go back to it at any time once it's been triggered. They are not chapter specific either and can usually be started at any time provided that the prerequisite sidequest has been completed.

This list simply gives the earliest possible time frame a particular quest is made accessible to you. The game however does become quite linear in later chapters, so it's best to finish as much of these quests as you can when you still have the opportunity to explore freely.

Hammerhead Outpost

The Ever Gleaming Regalia - 600 EXP

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After completing "The Ever Elegant Regalia" quest, speak to Cindy to start this one. From the Alstor side of the Coernix Station, trek over to the designated spot and look next to the car by the cabin to find the Fiberglass Coating.

Emergency Delivery - 1000 EXP, 5x Cleigne Wheat, 5x Killer Tomato, 5x Saxham Rice

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Complete Hunters and Gatherers then check the newspaper on the Diner's counter again. Takka wants Garula Sirloins this time which are dropped by the enemy, Garula. You won't have access to the location where these creatures thrive yet if you started this quest early in chapter 2. Once you have access to the wetlands in chapter 3, you should able to find plenty of Garula grazing on these parts. Kill some of them to get the meat that Takka needs.

Everyone Loves Beans - 1500 EXP, 5x Leiden Pepper, 5x Hulldagh Nutmeg, 5x Killer Tomato

Guide Image

Complete Emergency Delivery then check the newspaper on the Diner's counter one more time. It seems that Takka's supply of beans is MIA so head over to the location and defeat a rather large pack of Havocfang congregating around the truck. Report back to Takka after.

Galdin Quay

A Stone Studded Stunner - 1000 EXP, Heliodor Bracelet

Guide Image

Speak with Dino near the restaurant after completing "The Aspiring Artisan" and he'll give you another "job". This time he wants three Heliodor Stones so mark the specified on your map and go there to start looking for the things. There are two along the edges of the search area and one facing towards the center. Take them back to Dino to claim your reward.

Reliable Royalty - 1500 EXP, Sapphire Bracelet

Guide Image

Complete A Stone-Studded Stunner then talk to Dino for the next quest. Now you will be looking for a Sapphire Stone so head for the general area, and start scouting for that rock with mineral deposits on it. The above image shows the exact location.

Coernix Station Alstor

Friends of a Feather - 1500 EXP, Chocobo Whistle

Guide Image

When you arrive in Coernix Station Outpost at the beginning of chapter 3, Prompto begs Noctis to let the bros visit the chocobo post. Agree with him to start this sidequest. Mark your destination and drive over to the area. Here, Wiz tells of the Deadeye which prevents him renting out chocobos. The Deadeye is part of hunt so speak to Wiz and choose "A Behemoth Undertaking" from the list. Now head for the woods and keep moving until you are told to track the creature back to its den. At this point, you will have follow the behemoth undetected by taking cover behind boulders as you go forward. Make sure you don't let the Deadeye go too far as you have to restart if you lose track of it.

Guide Image

The battle starts once you've reache the Deadeye's lair. The creature is weak to greatswords and fire so use those to your advantage. You can also follow the givwn strategy of detonating the red oil drums with fire. Doing so deals good damage to the creature and earns you extra AP at the same time. Gladio's techs is also something that works really well here. With the Deadeye defeated, go back to Wiz to complete the quest. You can now rent chocobos in outposts from here on out as well.

Final Resting Plains - 800 EXP, 10x Elixir

Guide Image

Speak with Dave and he'll ask you to help him recover more dog tags. Mark the quest location your map and once you reach the spot, look at the space between the shack and the tower to find the tag. The above image shows the exact location of the item.

Professor's Protege - 3000 EXP, Star Pendant

Guide Image

This is one of the quest markers you'll see as soon as you arrive in this outpost for the first time. Sonia demands that you catch red frogs for her research. Head to the location indicated and try to find and catch five red frogs. Go back to Sonia after you finish.

Wiz Chocobo Post

Where the Wild Chocobos Are - 500 EXP, A Variety of Seeds

Guide Image

Examine the newspaper on the table at Wiz's diner to start this quest. He asks that you snap a photo of the wild chocobo he's been tracking. Grab a chocobo from the rent-a-bird and head over close to the designated area. You will have to dismount and proceed on foot once you reach the woods. You will see the wild chocobo running around. Stand at a spot where the bird tends to run past then press the confirm button once the bird is close enough.

Bird on the Brink - 1000 EXP

Guide Image

Examine the same newspaper as you did above for Wiz to give this mission where you must find and help a weakened chocobo. Mark the destination on your map as always and go there. Use a Potion on the bird when you find it then return to Wiz to finish the quest.

A Feathery Feast - 1500 EXP

Guide Image

Again this is from the same newspaper on Wiz's diner. This time the man wants you to find him some Aegir Root. Check your map for food spots that you can harvest the ingredient from. Or if you happen to already have it, just hand it over and this quest is done.

Chase That Chocobo - 2000 EXP, A Variety of Seeds

Guide Image

Same newsprint as always. Here you have another weakened chocobo that has wandered quite the distance. There is no way you can reach the destination on foot so just take your car and let Ignis drive you there. Use a Potion on the Chocobo when you find it then return to Wiz.

Pilgrimage - 500 EXP

Guide Image

Standing on the high rocky ledge to the north of the Wiz Chocobo Post is man observing the Disc of Cauthess. Talk to him and Ignis suggests that you go there. Agree with him to start this quest. Drive to the location then trek the rest of the way to the goal, where the group finds an imperial blockade. That should do it for this mission.

Prompto's Photo Ops

Guide Image

Once you've started the "Pilgrimage" quest, Prompto will randomly ask Noctis to stop at certain locations while driving. Listen to him and let him take photos of these areas, each of which counts as a separate sidequest and should easily add to your quest count.

Fishing Sidequests

Fishing Buddies - 1500 EXP, Knife T. Tonberry

Guide Image

The pond you're looking for is located between The Nebulawood and the Alstor Slough on the map. Although, the location should be easy to find as there will a sidequest marker on it. Here, you'll find Nayth, a fellow fishing enthusiast who issues Noctis a challenge. That is to catch a Crag Baramundi. Go ahead and try to fish for one of those. Pick a lure that suits the species and hope you get it to bite. Show the fish to Nayth once you've caught it.

Fishing Naturally - 2000 EXP, Butterfly Edge

Guide Image

Once you reach Lestallum, Nayth has moved to fish in a new spot - the location is shown above. He issues another challenge to Noctis and tells him to catch a Cherrycomb Trout. While he says that said fish only bites during dawn and dusk, I actually managed to catch it in broad daylight. So what Nayth meant was probably that cherrycomb trouts are more common at dusk and dawn. It does help if you have a lure that suits the fish too.


The Perfect Landscape - 1000 EXP, 5000 Gil

Guide Image

After completing the main quest Burden of Expectation and going on the tour with Iris, speak with Vyv who waits just down the stairs from the parking spot. He wants a photo of the Disc of Cauthess from the north and also the south. Take your car and drive to the two locations then take snapshots at the designated spots. Return to Vyv when you're done.

An Eye for Islands - 1500 EXP, 7500 Gil

Guide Image

Talk to Vyv again for your next assignment. This time he wants a picture of the Angelgard, an island off the coast of Galdin Quay. Head to the docks north of the restaurant, and you will find a perfect spot to take photos near the travel advisory board.

Aftermath of the Astral War - 2000 EXP, 10000 Gil

Guide Image

Here's the third one from Vyv. I'd recommend that you take whatever he gives you, as he's best source of funds at this point in the game. Anyway, he wants a photo of the Taelpar Crag from the north and south. Take your car and drive to the two locations then take snapshots at the designated spots. Return to Vyv when you're done.

Of Gods and Kings - 2500 EXP, 12500 Gil

Guide Image

Onto the next one. Vyv wants a picture of the Tomb of the Tall near Fallgrove. Drive over there and clear out all the monsters before snapping a photo.

On the Hunt for a Harvest - 2000 EXP

Guide Image

Again this one opens up after completing the main quest Burden of Expectation and going on the tour with Iris. Speak to the proprietor of the Furloch Farms in the market and he'll ask you to help with his harvest issues. Go to the farm and talk to the man there then go defeat the pack of Voretooths. Once the monsters are dealt with, collect the Eos Green Peas and talk to the farmer again. Return to Furloch in Lestallum afterward to complete the quest.

Mind the Trap - 1500 EXP

Guide Image

This one is given by a boy manning one of the stalls in Lestallum's marketplace. He'll tell you to go speak with the hunter and ask about their deal. The hunter then enlists your help in dismantling some traps. There are five traps for you take apart so head over to the location and start looking. Your companions will often alert you if there's a trap nearby as well.

Van Interrupted - 2000 EXP

Guide Image

This quest is given by another merchant named Prissock at Lestallum's marketplace. You simply need to find the broken down van, defeat the monsters in the area and collect the cargo. To be delivered back to Prissock.

Ace of Carapace - 1500 EXP

Guide Image

This quest is given by the arms dealer who asks your assistance in slaying monsters known as bulettes. Mark the quest on your map and go to the location to find and defeat the targets. Return to the client afterward to finish up.

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