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Chapter 09 - Callings

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Main Quest - Altissia, City on the City

The chapter begins with a long boat ride and a lot of talking; although you can skip this bit at any time. Altissia is a big city that uses the gondolas (flat-bottomed boats) as the primary means of transportation between districts. The gondola routes are color coded too so check the map to see which gondola you must take to get to where you want to go. And while the main story only visits a small section of the city, you will be able to come back here and explore the rest later using Umbra's powers.

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Anyway, walk to the city gates as soon as your boat docks and the gatekeeper will ask about the purpose of your visit. You can ask either Ignis or Cid for help, although the latter will take 3000 gil from you soon after. Onward to finding Weskham's bar. The easiest way will be to find a gondola that travels along the yellow route and select "Floating Market Station - Maagho" as your destination. Once there, speak to Weskham and go through all the options in the dialogue tree. Choose to talk again when the first secretary arrives before finally taking the gondola to the Leville Station.

Main Quest - The Summit

Head to the hotel here and you'll meet Gentiana who unlocks Umbra's powers to allow you to return to the past. You will receive the Messenger's Amulet from her as well. Also take note that the game is now totally linear from this point forward, and the only way for you to turn back and do side missions is to use Umbra's powers to "travel to past Lucis". Should you do this and wish to continue with the main story, just call Umbra again at lodgings then choose to "return to the present".

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In any case, there are two types of rooms in this hotel so, be sure to speak to the attendant on the left to get the regular room for 500 gil. The dude on the right offers the royal suite for 30,000 gil which is obviously too much. If you're looking to replace your old gear which most likely hasn't received much of an upgrade since Lestallum, there is a weapon shop somewhere in the vicinity some ways northwest of the hotel. The image above shows the location.

Guide Image

Take a yellow route gondola to the Ministerial Quarter Station and head for the secretary's estate to proceed. Next comes the negotiation process where your responses will determine what kind of impression the first secretary will have on Noctis. You'll be rewarded with varying amounts of Oracle Ascension Coins at the end, with the highest being 4 if you manage to earn her complete trust. Now I'm not sure if you can bomb this whole thing by being a total jerk, but I'll be trying that soon.

Main Quest - Into the Fray

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Defeat all enemy soldiers and run towards the balcony at the end. Leap from here to initiate a short chase sequence, where you must block and parry Leviathan's attacks until Prompto gets the vehicle close enough for Noctis to warp onto the Hydrean's face. When the dialogue prompt pops up, pick whatever as Leviathan will throw you off either way.

Main Quest - The Trial of Leviathan

First off, Leviathan has a lot of health and even though she's all that strong expect a long battle ahead. For the first half of this encounter, warp striking is the only way for you to damage the Hydrean so get to work on that. However, Noctis will take falling damage if he drops into the water from a significant height. Always keep an eye on your HP and heal as needed. Warp back onto land when you fall into the water and repeat until a cutscene plays.

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For the second phase, Luna's plea to the gods has transformed Noctis into Super Noctis. You do not lose health and will have Armiger permanently active while in this form so take advantage of it. Use Airdash to get close if Leviathan gets too far away and keep spamming the attack button. There will be QTE sequences during certain points of the battle as well so be ready for them.

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Then again, you will have to be patient as it will take a good while for the creature to go down even on easy. Nevertheless, this has got to be the coolest moment in the game for me.

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