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Follow the dark path or use the light


- U.L. Paper Missions

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - U.L. Paper Missions (Algonquin)

Michelle will contact you sometime after the completion of “The Snow Storm” in Elizabeta's mission line. She wants to meet with you in Algonquin. Travel to the ‘?' in The Triangle and step into the marker there to begin.

Mission 1: Wrong is Right

Your target has an apartment back in Hove Beach. Make your way over there and step into the marker to enter. There's nothing suspicious here at first glance, so use the laptop on the coffe table to access the web and open Oleg's inbox. Read the e-mail with the subject “Meet me,” to learn of Oleg's whereabouts. He is meeting someone at a jewelry store in Hove Beach. Leave the house and drive to the jewelry store on Tulsa Street. Oleg promptly drives off; chase after him and wreck his car to force him to bail. Eliminate him to complete the mission.


Jewelry Store

Mission 2: Portrait of a Killer

Travel to the ‘U' symbol on the radar and hit the marker there to accept another mission. You need to access a police computer. If there isn't a police car in the area, get in a car, dial 911 and have the police come to you. Wait until the officer gets out of his car, then step out of your own and steal the police car. Once you have a cap car, lose your wanted level and then access the police computer.

Since your contact has provided a photo of the target, you'll be able to use that to acquire some information. First select “Search Police Records,” then “Search by Photo.” Upload the photo and the target's information will appear onscreen. You're looking for one Adam Dimayev, whose hangout is the Kamayashev Import/Export in Broker. Mark the location on your map before exiting the menu. Afterwards, make your way to Dimayev's location, ready for a firefight.

Cop Car


Dimayev and his associates must be eliminated to complete the mission. The place is packed with armed gunmen, so just strolling in would not be wise. Approach the hideout from the east, as doing so will allow you to use the tollbooth as cover. When the guys in the parking lot have been dealt with, climb up the tollbooth and then to the second level. Take cover behind one of the shipping containers and clear out the remaining enemies to complete the mission.



Mission 3: Dust Off

Make your way to the Civilization Plaza in Lancet and drive into the marker there. You arrive just in time to spot the helicopter taking off. You must follow the helicopter to its landing zone. Drive after it until you reach the spot. Stealing the helicopter is your next task. Be sure to clear out the armed goons around the landing zone beforehand, or you'll have a hard time lifting off while getting shot at. Once you're in, fly the helicopter to the dropoff point and land on the marker there to complete the mission.

Landing Zone

Dropoff Point

Mission 4: Paper Trail

You will get a call from your contact at U.L. Paper sometime after “Dust Off.” This mission is automatically triggered after the call. You are to meet Little Jacob at the salvage yard in Northwood, Algonquin. When you reach the spot, get in the helicopter with Jacob and take off. The helicopter that's marked on your radar must be destroyed to complete this mission, however you are only permitted to shoot it down while it's flying over water. Jacob is packing an RPG, and since you're the one flying the helicopter, he has to take the shot.



Continue to fly after the helicopter until it is far enough from civilization. At this point, you'll have to fly to the right of the target helicopter and at the same altitude to provide Jacob with a clear shot. If he misses at first, don't let up; he has plenty of ammo. Once the helicopter has been shot down, land on the marked location in Castle Gardens to complete the mission.