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Follow the dark path or use the light


Pigeons 1-20

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Pigeon Locations 1-20

Using Map 1

Pigeon Map 1 (1-100) Click for large version


Pigeon (1/200): You absolutely need a sniper rifle to get this pigeon. It is perched atop the giant tower at the back of the airfield. It's a bit hard to get at because you'll be attributed a four-star wanted level if you're spotted on the airfield. With a getaway car handy, stand below the tower and use your sniper rifle to hit the pigeon on the top railing. Now make your escape!

Pigeon (2/200): Get a motorcycle and look for a circular opening near the airport terminal building doors. The pigeon is tucked away in there. Drive up into the hole, step off of the motorcycle and kill the pigeon.

Pigeon (3/200):  This is another get in get out one. First, you'll need a helicopter. Take an Annihilator from the helipads at the west end of the airfield and land on the terminal building. The pigeon is between the two ventilation machines midway along the roof. You won't be able to lose your wanted level with the Annihilator, so fly it away from the police, land, quickly get a car and flee the scene.

Pigeon (4/200): On a small, wooden platform near the run down factory.

Pigeon (5/200): Through the southwestern door of the large, red and white striped circular structure.

Pigeon (6/200): This pigeon is on the roof of a building. You most likely need a helicopter to reach this one, though there may be another way up. You can take one of the Helitours Mavericks from the landing site in Fishmarket South, Algonquin. The pigeon is in the doorway at the east end of the roof.

Pigeon (7/200): In a small construction site alongside the Dukes Expressway, south of the Burger Shot.

Pigeon (8/200): Go behind the apartment buildings and climb up onto the roof of the shed there from the small walkway. The pigeon is on the adjoining terrace.

Pigeon (9/200): Perched on the lane divider along the Dukes Expressway, shortly beyond the southern interchange.

Pigeon (10/200): Perched on the back porch railing of the house at the end of Ketchum Street.

Pigeon (11/200): Atop the “Screamer” rollercoaster. The pigeon is perched above the red title sign; you'll need a sniper rifle to get it.

Pigeon (12/200): This one is inside the Ferris wheel. Approach the wheel from its northern side, and look for the “Whacker” booth next to the “Entrance to Ride” sign below it. Jump up into the Whacker booth to climb up, and then from there, climb up to the Ferris wheel platform. The pigeon is perched above the docked above the gondola track.

Pigeon (13/200): On the beach beneath the walkway that extends over the water. Walk to the shore and look for the pigeon behind one of the walkway pillars.

Pigeon (14/200): Head through the alleyway to reach a small courtyard. Look for a red door along the east side of the courtyard; the pigeon is perched above this door.

Pigeon (15/200): Perched on the railing of the large gazebo at the center of the park.

Pigeon (16/200): On the cabaret club overhang, behind the red “Perestroika” sign. To get up there, enter the club and go through the door to the left of the stage. Turn right and move to the end of the corridor and through the double door there. Locate the fire escape and take it up to the roof, then find your way to the overhang where the pigeon is.

Pigeon (17/200): Atop the “Broker Navy Yard” sign. To reach it, first climb up onto the nearby bus shelter (a short ways east of the sign), and from there jump over to and grab hold of the overhang. From there, climb up onto the side of the sign. The pigeon is perched on the column at the other end.

Pigeon (18/200): Get to the fenced in area behind the “Woodfellas” building and look for the pigeon perched on one of the air conditioners on the east side of the building.

Pigeon (19/200): Perched on the fire escape in the dead-end alley next to Brucie's house.

Pigeon (20/200): Tucked underneath the Dukes Expressway. Walk through the narrow passage beneath the expressway and look up at the southernmost girder.