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Follow the dark path or use the light

Stunt Jumps - Dukes/Broker

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto IV Guide - Stunt Jumps - Dukes/Broker

Refer to the map for the general location of a jump, but use the text descriptions to pinpoint the location. The jumps are not numbered in a coherent order, so go about completing them however you wish, though it might be convenient—and in one or two cases necessary—to follow the numbering in place. The ideal vehicle to use here is the NRG 900 motorcycle, so for best results, use one unless otherwise stated.

To complete a stunt jump your vehicle must land in a certain area beyond the ramp and on two (or four) wheels. Look for the “Stunt Jump Completed” message at the bottom of the screen for indication of your success. If your jump is “not good enough,” you either failed to land the jump, needed more of a run-up, or you didn’t land in the right area.

As you sail through the air in slow-mo, try your best to level Niko out for the landing. Sometimes, especially if you are using a motorcycle, Niko will wind up upside down; you can combat this to an extent by leaning forward (by pushing up on the Left Thumbstick/Left Analog Stick) just before hitting the ramp.

All Stunt Jumps Map


Stunt Jump 1: The ramp is the fallen “Ahead” sign along the northeast end Tudor Street (look for the construction barriers at the bend). You don’t even need all that great of a vehicle to complete this one. Make a beeline for the ramp from the top of the incline to the east of the ramp’s location. You just have to land on the west-most lane of the Dukes Expressway. Nothing to it.


Stunt Jump 2: The ramp is the dumpster along the southeast end of Tudor Street (look for the construction barriers at the bend).You must safely land somewhere on the Dukes Expressway to complete this jump. Only motorcycles (NRG 900, Sanchez) seem to work for this one. You don’t want too much speed, as you will just end up overshooting the expressway. Start from about midway up the east side of Tudor Street and get just enough speed to land at the far end of the lane.


Stunt Jump 3: Look for the dirt mound near the construction site along Lynch Street. You have to land between the two billboards to complete the jump. You’ll need a quality motorcycle (NRG 900, Sanchez) to make it. From the top of Freetown Avenue, which is north of the ramp, speed down the incline, hit the middle of the wooden ramp and you should land between the two billboards.


Stunt Jump 4: The cement ramp is along the west side of Carson Street.  Drive to the top of the incline on Tutelo Avenue, which is south of the ramp, then drive down and lean forward (push up on the Left Thumbstick/Analog Stick) just as you hit the ramp. You must land over both lanes of the Dukes Expressway to complete the jump.


Stunt Jump 5: The ramp is at the end of the cross shaped alleyway off of Livingston Street. Start from the crosswalk about midway down San Jacinto Avenue (north of the ramp), hit the ramp and land anywhere on the rooftop to complete the jump.


Stunt Jump 6: The ramp is on the roof that you land on after #5. Use the momentum from the previous stunt jump to hit the ramp and land on one of the roofs that also has a ramp to complete the jump.


Stunt Jump 7: This one’s a cinch. Use the ramp that leads up to the Kamayashev Import/Export parking lot (look for the “Park Here” directional sign) and land anywhere on the street below to complete the jump.


Stunt Jump 8: The ramp is on the freeway, just before the start of the Algonquin Bridge. Drive down from the westbound lane, lean forward (push up on the Left Thumbstick/Analog Stick) just as you hit the ramp and land on the walkway below to complete the jump.


Stunt Jump 9: There is a wooden ramp at the start of the rails along the road. Start from the construction barriers further down the tracks, hit the ramp and fly over the stairs to complete the jump. Don’t get too much of a run-up, otherwise you’ll hit the railing and be propelled into the water.


Stunt Jump 10: There is a wooden ramp accessible off of the East Borough Bridge; it’s to the right of the start of the north-most walkway. Drive from the other side of the street behind the alleyway and land in the junk yard below to complete the jump.


Stunt Jump 11: Look for the dumpster by the construction site. Start from just before the decline south of the ramp and make it over the construction site to complete the jump.


Stunt Jump 12: The ramp for this one is just beyond the construction site in #10, between the crosswalks.  Drive down from the incline on Morris Street, east of the ramp, and land somewhere below to complete the jump.


Stunt Jump 13: The ramp is along the bend on Brandon Avenue. Drive east down from Brandon Avenue, lean forward (push up on the Left Thumbstick/Analog Stick) just as you hit the ramp and exceed the truck station below to complete the jump.


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Mar 3rd 2014 Guest
Hy I just can't seem 2 get the cheats 4 grand theft auto 4 plz if any 1 as all the cheats 4 the game contect me on my cell 0829632320 or on my bbm 264A8f4D all the cheats
ID #360619
Feb 11th 2013 Guest
can't complete #2 please help me. i tried landing on all of the three the grass,exit ramp of the highway,and the highway... please help!!!!!!
ID #252999
Jun 22nd 2012 Guest
Can't find 3 anyone knows were it is gimme a call on 07920143975
ID #155485
Jun 26th 2011 Guest
These Pics are GREAT They help me complete them real & Thanks for the number it faster by following it
ID #52292
Apr 25th 2011 Guest
Number 8 wtf?? i cant succeed no matter what. been trying for 1-2 hours straight and no luck. "not good enough" its so anoying me, help please?
ID #39570
Apr 1st 2011 Guest
Excellent, thanks so much for this detailed guide to the stunt jumps, it's so hard to find some of them even after 70 hours of playing the game, this guide helped with the final few!
ID #35120
Feb 6th 2011 Guest
#3 i landed many times between the two pillars with the wooden ramp... it said not enough, i sent my guy against the "mountain", losing a lot of life and damaging my motor cycle, it said "succeed"...

Are these stunts jumps, or crash jumps ? (lol)
ID #28189
Sep 4th 2010 Guest
Couldn't land #2 either... tried so many times with cars and motorcycles too... I finally passed it not by landing on the road but by flying over it and landing in the grass between the trees.A weird'un that!
ID #11427
Aug 5th 2010 Guest
I can't seem to land #2. Do you have to land on the actual dukes express way, or the exit ramp for the expressway?
ID #7633
Jul 27th 2010 Guest
oh geez thanks the pictures helped me figure out what was the jump and what wasn't THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! this is helping me so much! thank you thank you thank you!
ID #6278