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by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto IV Guide - Stevie's Text Message Cars

There are a total of 30 cars to steal for Brucie's friend Stevie. These jobs become available sometime after the completion of “No. 1” in Brucie's mission line. Stevie will send you a text message with the name of the car he wants you to steal, its location and a picture of the car. When you have the car, deliver it to the garage in Chase Point, Bohan (a marker will appear on your map and radar once you have the car) to receive payment. The amount you are paid for delivering the car depends on its condition. Stevie will send a text message six hours after the last delivery, but you can sleep at your safe house to pass the time.

Use the map to locate the parked vehicles that Stevie is after. If you are unsure what to look for, refer to the picture in the text message.

Stevies Cars - Click the map to see a larger version

Dukes/Broker Thefts

Intruder: $8,250
DF8-90: $5,940
Bobcat: $8,250
Washington: $7,260
Sabre GT: $8,250
Voodoo: $6,600
Dilettante: $6,600
Contender: $8,250
Manana: $3,960
Infernus: $33,000
Freeway: $6,600

Algonquin Thefts

Faggio: $2,310
Patriot: $16,500
Rebla: $11,550
Banshee: $26,400
Dukes: $7,260
Super GT: $36,300
PMP 600: $10,560
NRG 900: $8,250
Comet: $19,800
Coquette: $13,530

Alderney Thefts

Sultan: $11,550
Turismo: $36,300
Cavalcade: $23,100
Rancher: $8,250
Sentinel: $8,250
Cognoscenti: $29,700

Bohan Thefts

Huntley Sport: $13,200
Buccaneer: $5,940
Moonbeam: $7,260


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v after dropping stevies car,use bike cheat to get to safe house on Joliet,save game,and get stevies next text and add another bike to parking spot lol

Added 7th Sep 2015, ID #606395

after saving game at safe house on Joliet st and getting stevies next text,leave safe house,run left to intersection in front of cab that should be spawning to take u to set way point for next car to steal

Added 7th Sep 2015, ID #606389

If u don't see the car in the text,match the location to the pic in the text,look around close by,check text pic again and go back to that spot,the car should spawn in that area if not exactly in same spot as text pic

Added 7th Sep 2015, ID #606388

after dropping off at stevies garage u can run over to safe house on Joliet st,faster than driving,its just two blocks away,save game and get the next text msg instantly from stevie

Added 7th Sep 2015, ID #606382

don't pull into the arrow in stevies garage if u have the hooker in the car with u

Added 6th Sep 2015, ID #605987

V... If u park at arrow in garage and don't get ur money 💵 and the garage don't close,try gettin back in the car and back it out,it should trip the arrow to close the garage door in bohan

Added 5th Sep 2015, ID #605753

I get stevies text,use phone cheat for bike,find cab and cut in front to stop it,use map for way point to car to steal and cab drops me there,steal cars till I find stevies,phone cheat wanted lvl and health,drop car in bohan garage set up on map waypoint,ez money..

Added 5th Sep 2015, ID #605752


Added 30th Aug 2015, ID #604052

How the hell do u get the contender

Added 30th Aug 2015, ID #603970

Where the fffffuuuuuuck is the cognoscenti exactly

Added 12th Aug 2015, ID #597252

How to cheat for his cars

Added 2nd May 2015, ID #550733

Try saveing

Added 19th Aug 2013, ID #305654

I got Stevies first text message and I took on the Patriot drop it off at the garage but never got another text message from him and its been days

Added 24th Apr 2013, ID #277229

Yeah man I have the same problem but I'm on my forst one

Added 24th Jul 2015, ID #588804

Everything that everyone has said here is great, but what about how to locate the vehicles their self? I am not talking about just tell me to look at his message because it is very difficult to find the first one which is the Rancher. Why did Rockstar games make this part difficult? I have beat everything else and have 100% on everything, but I cannot locate this bloodclot thing. lol

Added 17th Feb 2013, ID #255503

ca i do stevie car thefts on ps3

Added 20th Dec 2012, ID #224893

After you have completed NO1 and SACKDOWN you have to wait a few days in the game to pass then you will get a call from Brucie telling you that stevie needs some cars,then you have to wait a while for Stevie to text you.Hoped this helps.

Added 9th Aug 2012, ID #173941

Getting Stevie's messages; you have to complete Brucie's ten cars and another mission and then you will get the first text.

Getting cars into garage; you can not be on a mission. (even if you find the car first and the mission starts on your way to the garage, it will not except it) also make sure its the right car. when you get in it it should said "you found a car Stevie is looking for" or something along those lines.

Getting Stevie's messages faster. Go to the pay n spray and paint any car twice, then you should receive the message.

Added 22nd Jul 2012, ID #167135

i got the saltun as the first car he text me and igot it and nothing happened it siad you have got the car stevie was looking for or whatever but i dont know where the garage is because it didnt come up on the map.

[size=12][size=12][/size] [/size] PLEASE HELP!!!

Added 15th Jun 2012, ID #152837

i did the 10 email missions and the No.1 mission but i didn't get a text from Stevie what do I do?

Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #148464

i finished the 10 missions and the No.1 mission and i didn't get the text from stevie what do i do?

Added 3rd Jun 2012, ID #148459

Any ways to speed up the process of getting a new car on order that he wants? Last thing I need to complete the game so yeah, no point in waiting around.

Added 27th May 2012, ID #146003

okay so me an my step dad both play gta iv and we both found the first car that stevie ask for but we have no idea where to take it because there is no dot tthat shows up if anyone knows what to do then please help

Added 11th May 2012, ID #141264

Not right

Added 1st May 2012, ID #138496

i have already completed all the exodic exepert missions for Brucie and done the mission smackdown and also done all 30 of Stevies car thefts. when i finished stevies car thefts i got a prize from stevie and it was 100000 thousand cash

Added 18th Apr 2012, ID #134758

Yes , i have the infernus and now what i do?

Added 31st Mar 2012, ID #127867

i dont know how to get stevies # bcause i have finished the hokle game
tell me the # pls
[quote][/quote] [quote][/quote] :P :P

Added 5th Feb 2012, ID #112528

Go through your old texts, you may have forgotten about Stevies like I did.

Added 11th Jan 2012, ID #104803

yo thanks alot guys i was soo confused why i had a garage n couldn't figure out how to get stevie his cars .... it all makes sense now kudos\m/

Added 6th Jan 2012, ID #103438

i had complete the story and 10 brucie's mission.. what should i do next to get stevie's mission?

Added 5th Dec 2011, ID #92976

I have finished the TBOGT and I don't get a txt.. Is that for ballad of gay to Toney on Xbox?

Added 3rd Dec 2011, ID #92471

I want a list how much I get to selling a car after stevis massage missions. Packer get 4000$ but is there cars that gives higher money

Added 26th Nov 2011, ID #90252

check the text message under steve name to activate the mission. he wont text you until 6 hours after the last delivery. you can sleep through it or do other mission/ dating.

Added 23rd Nov 2011, ID #89456

I had finished the whole story mode and I had finished all of Bruce's car list and when I tried to find to car Stevie wanted it was not there at all

Added 13th Nov 2011, ID #87235

vccvghvb i ASJDIlAJLKHNFkjA\

Added 26th Sep 2011, ID #76700

hey guys I got the first car and putted it in the garrage but I still haven't had a another text from stevie.what did I do wrong!?

Added 11th Sep 2011, ID #74077

thanks a lot

Added 6th Sep 2011, ID #73002

I found the Intruder on Rotterdam Hill. I entered the car and it didn't say to take it anywhere. Any Suggestions?

Added 29th Aug 2011, ID #71161

how many missions is there for him and what happens when you complet them all???

Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #68607

hey guys i know this isnt about this but go to the statue of happiness and take a heli take to the TOP ledge and u can go though one of the the doors try em all cuz i dont remember wich one and climb the ladder and u will see A BEETING HEART this easter egg is awesome i saw it and wuz like WTF so ya hope i helped i know this isnt about it though

Added 12th Aug 2011, ID #66448

I got the text, i got the banshee, and something that says u found the car stevie was looking for. and no blip on the map. what now?

Added 11th Aug 2011, ID #66189

you need to do all of the exotic export e mails from brucie and the the mission smackdown for derrick (its his first mission)then brucie will call you talking about giving stevie your number then you will get a text from stevie asking for a voodoo

Added 25th Jul 2011, ID #61141

what is the first car? please help!

Added 18th Jul 2011, ID #58930

Kill Playboy X instead of Dwayne because Dwayne will be you friend and you will get Playboy x's apartment.

Added 14th Jul 2011, ID #57856

i am on the first of steveies car missons but i cant find the car

Added 22nd Jun 2011, ID #51113

Where is he buccaneer in grand theft auto IV thanks if u help me out

Added 14th Jun 2011, ID #49304

i left the car outside my safehouse and its gone , what do i do now ???? how do i get it back???? please help

chelsea wright 9
Added 13th Jun 2011, ID #48937

You guys can use the pay and spray shops to forward time. Takes about a couple then you get another text!

Added 10th Jun 2011, ID #48112

Hey I got the text message and I have the car but nothing showsup or says anything so what should I do?

Added 31st May 2011, ID #46165

what controls do you use to read text messages

Added 22nd May 2011, ID #44392

This is for anyone who may have the same problem I had. I had only received one text from Stevie and had that was a few days ago. Just now I was playing the game and was thinking that I should go back to the first car spot and see if it is there. It was. I think I may have cut the game off right that instead of saving. Not long after I received another text from Stevie.

Added 21st May 2011, ID #44253