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Follow the dark path or use the light


- Playboy X's Missions

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Playboy X's Missions (Agonquin)

You'll get a message from Playboy sometime after the completion of “Blow Your Cover” in Elizabeta's mission line. Hit the marker outside of his home in Northwood, Algonquin—denoted on the radar by the ‘X' symbol—to start a mission.

Mission 1: Deconstruction for Beginners

First you'll need to pick up the weapons Playboy left in an alleyway in Castle Gardens, which is at the south end of the city. Make your way over there and get into the marked vehicle to collect the weapons. Afterwards, step onto the nearby lift and use the controls to raise it up to the rooftop. There are three lookouts in the construction site below, each of whom is marked on your radar. Use the Sniper Rifle to scan the area below and take out each lookout with a headshot. They'll all remain stationary, so it's easy pickings. When all three are down, step onto the platform and lower it back down to the alleyway.



There are four union leaders in the construction site that must be eliminated. The Sniper Rifle will definitely come in handy for this task, but use it sparingly. Creep through the construction site gate and take cover behind something once you've been spotted. The first union leader will come down to assist the workers in the initial area, so you'll be able to hang back and snipe him.

The second union leader is up on the building in the distance with about a dozen workers. Clear out the remaining workers and then head up the ramp alongside the building site. There is a health pack at the top of the ramp, so patch yourself up with it before moving on. Niko will automatically seek cover when you reach next area. The grenades will come in handy here, particularly against the two workers to the left of your cover. Throw a few grenades to clear out the workers around your cover, then swap for the Sniper Rifle and kill the second union leader.

Construction Site

Union Leader

The third union leader is just around the corner. Eliminate each and every worker in the area before eliminating this leader. Once the third leader is down, a helicopter packed with reinforcements arrives and the last guy makes a run for it. Don't turn back and head for the ramp, just continue moving along to the end of the building. There's a health pack near a stack of spool tables along the way, so keep an eye out. The fleeing union leader is traveling on-foot, so there's no need to rush; just concentrate on killing the enemies on the rooftop to clear the path. When the area is clear of hostiles, take out your Sniper Rifle and eliminate the union leader before he can get away.

Mission 2: Photo Shoot

Playboy X needs you to silence someone for him, though he is unable to provide a differential description of the target. So, make your way to the spot across from the basketball courts on Exeter Avenue, bring up your cell phone, select “Camera” from the menu and snap a picture of the group of people depicted in the cutscene. You can't get too close to the group or they will become suspicious. Stand in the middle of the road, between the two lanes, to take the picture, then send it to Playboy and wait for his call. If you captured the correct group in the photo, Playboy will give you a call and identify the target. He'll tell you what Marlon is wearing, at which point a marker will appear over Marlon's head.



Ideally you still have the Sniper Rifle from the previous mission; if so simply snipe Marlon to complete the mission. Marlon and his friends are all carrying weapons, and Marlon will flee at the first sign of danger, so take him out quickly if you are unable to from afar. The mission is complete once Marlon has been taken down.

Mission 3: The Holland Play…

This mission becomes available shortly after the “Undress to Kill” mission in Dwayne's mission line. Playboy X wants Dwayne dead, and he wants you to do it. Great. Give Dwayne a call after the cutscene, and then call Playboy X. You're faced with a choice here: kill Playboy X, or kill Dwayne. This isn't a very tough choice if you are aware of the reward for each beforehand. If you kill Dwayne, you get a $25,000 payment from Playboy X and nothing more. If you kill Playboy, you get his loft in Algonquin, Dwayne as a friend, and eventually Dwayne's backup ability, which allows you to call for backup. If you're looking for authorial advice, kill Playboy X, as the reward is much greater, and $25,000 isn't much this far in the game.

When you've made your choice, visit either Playboy X at his loft in Northwood, or Dwayne at his 2nd floor apartment in Northwood. If you choose to kill Dwayne, he doesn't put up a fight; just stroll into his apartment and take him down. Playboy X, on the other hand, is armed and surrounded by his friends. He'll flee once you've dealt with his friends, too, forcing you to chase him into the streets. A van full of Playboy's friends will try to halt your pursuit, so be careful. Playboy will trap himself in a nearby alleyway, so follow him there and end it.

Playboy X