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Follow the dark path or use the light


- Manny's Missions

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Manny's Missions (Bohan)

Follow the ‘M' on the radar and hit the target marker at the community centre in South Bohan to accept a mission from Manny.

Mission 1: Escuela of the Streets

Get in a car with Manny and drive to Boulevard. Park in the indicated space and wait for the dealer to arrive. Once he drives off, all you must do is follow him to his destination while remaining inconspicuous. Drive at least two car lengths away from him at all times, otherwise he'll start to get suspicious. After a lengthy drive the dealer will pull up near of a warehouse and head inside. Manny drives off, so you're going to have to go in there and wipe out the dealers on your own. The warehouse door is locked, but you can enter through a window instead. Shoot out the window to the left of the door, then jump up up into the window and Niko will pull himself through.


Warehouse Window

The warehouse is packed with armed dealers; a few of them are standing right outside of the room you are in, so don't just rush in there. While crouching, push open the door and start firing at the dealers closest to you. If you start taking damage, immediately duck back into the room. When you are able to move up without being killed, head through the door and take cover behind the stack of boxes nearby. The new cover system is the key to success here. When the warehouse is clear, shoot the warehouse door and step outside to complete the mission.


Mission 2: Street Sweeper

Manny wants you to clear out another batch of street thugs. They're on Windmill Street in South Bohan. Drive up to them and start firing away. A few of them will try to escape in a car; chase after them and shoot their vehicle until it catches fire, at which point the thugs will bail. Kill all of the gang members marked on your radar to complete the mission.



Mission 3: The Puerto Rican Connection

This mission is available following “Blow Your Cover” in Elizabeta's mission line. Get to the Algonquin Bridge in Broker and drive into the marker there. You arrive just in time to see the target's train zip by. All you must do here is keep up with the train as it heads towards the station at the other end of the city. Just follow the red marker on your radar until the train arrives at the station. At this point, get out of your vehicle and make your way onto the station platform. Kill the target and his two friends to complete the mission.