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GTA 4 Cheats

Cellphone Cheats

Entering Cheat Codes

These are the cell phone cheats which can be entered after Roman has given you his mobile phone in one of the early missions. To bring up the keypad, press up to get your mobile out, then up again to activate the key pad, then enter any of the numbers below.

IMPORTANT: Certain codes may disable Achievements on the Xbox 360 version. Use at your own risk.

Health and Armor

4825550100 – Restores Niko's health.

3625550100 – Gives Niko Body Armor.


4865550100 ¬ Outfits Niko with a Baseball Bat, Handgun, Shotgun, MP-10, M4, Sniper Rifle, RPG, and Grenades.

4865550150 – Outfits Niko with a Knife, Molotovs, Handgun, Shotgun, Uzi, AK47, Sniper Rifle, and RPG.

Wanted Level

2675550100 – Lowers wanted level.

2675550150 – Adds a star to wanted level.


4685550100 – Changes weather/brightness.

Vehicle Spawn

3595550100 – Spawns an Annihilator.

9385550100 – Spawns a Jetmax.

6255550100 – Spawns an NRG-900.

6255550150 – Spawns a Sanchez.

2275550100 – Spawns an FIB Buffalo.

2275550175 ¬– Spawns a Comet.

2275550142 –Spawns a Cognoscenti.

2275550168 – Spawns a SuperGT.

Map Cheats

You can get maps whic reveal the locations of hidden weapons, items, pigeons friends and stunt jumps. To see these jus head over to an Internet Cafe in the game and enter this address into the browser:


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The weather change cheat is to make the weather clear so you can see better. helicopter is 359 555 0100
The phone numbers are the same no matter what you use ps3 xbox 360 or pc. I use a pc and they all work perfect for me. What's nice that GTA did when they came out with IV is no most codes can be activated through the phone as long as you have used them at least once. Go to your selection list when using the phone look for cheats then select the one you want it auto dials gives a busy signal and bingo you have what you wanted. When spawning vehicles, if you spawn one you didn't want just repeat the steps and your new selection will replace it.
this is a correction to 482 555 0100 it also gives advanced weapons not just body armor and health
song info 948 555 0100.
When being chased or chasing I keep the phone open to cheats. This give easy access to reduce wanted level in a sec or to fill back health aromor and weapons at once. Also it will repair any vehicle you are in.

Added 13th Feb 2015, ID #515210

Comet is 2275550100

Added 10th Feb 2015, ID #514157

these cheats are helpful but weather change really i really don't understand that like really what is it suppose to be for????

Added 31st Jan 2015, ID #509695

Woi kubilang ps 2 ppk

Added 30th Jan 2015, ID #509127

gta4iv what is the code number for the tow truck

Added 17th Jan 2015, ID #503088

I have all of these cheats😑

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #498931

Hey peeps new.

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #498927

I got all the cars nw,gonna go pick up some hoes and chill out😳🎆

Added 1st Jan 2015, ID #494216


Added 13th Dec 2014, ID #484119

I found these really useful I have all the cars now

Added 27th Nov 2014, ID #477132


Added 26th Nov 2014, ID #476475

Why cheat do summing properly yh dickheads ohh I need a boat or car ahahaha boring go out and earn it crackheads u all on Molly or summing ahahahaha

Added 30th Oct 2014, ID #465143


Added 30th Oct 2014, ID #465142

Ya'll hitters is stanky

Added 10th Aug 2014, ID #434387

U don't have anee words in it and that video was stupid ass hole

Added 30th Jun 2014, ID #409190

does the cheat of gta san andreas works in here

Added 29th May 2014, ID #390525

I think you may all need to go to a grammar class! geez!

Added 17th May 2014, ID #385085

Wat is the real bodyguard cheat code


Added 13th May 2014, ID #383914


Added 25th Apr 2014, ID #378561

bagaimana cara memperbesar /memperkecil bidikan sniper rilfe untuk gta 4 pc

Added 12th Mar 2014, ID #363309


Added 17th Feb 2014, ID #356235

Like them cheats

Added 19th Aug 2013, ID #305678

they miss spelled which (whic)

Added 27th Jun 2013, ID #293288

Is there any code for air jet

Added 31st May 2013, ID #286868

Cheats for banshee ?

Added 29th Apr 2013, ID #278733

there is a way to a tank room near the police staiton in liberty city

Added 14th Mar 2013, ID #263488

Anybody knows a tank cheat code

Added 17th Feb 2013, ID #255512

aint no $$ cheat?

Added 1st Feb 2013, ID #248764

Has anyone got code to get rid of police

Added 22nd Jan 2013, ID #245448

can we drive a plane in gta 4

Added 11th Dec 2012, ID #219154

Anybody know any skin cheats

Added 1st Dec 2012, ID #214165

is there a tsunami cheat or glitch for GTA 4 on Xbox 360.??

Added 28th Nov 2012, ID #213471

[size=12][color=red][/color] [11/size] I luv you're mum cheat 6255550100 lol

Added 17th Nov 2012, ID #209325

super punch code is 276 555 2666 its beast try it;]

Added 20th Oct 2012, ID #199048

yamaha r1 cod??????????

Added 20th Oct 2012, ID #198931

BODY Guards 492-555-0100? i think this is a a cheat but don't know!

Added 29th Sep 2012, ID #189915

what a the truck code

Added 6th Sep 2012, ID #183806

how bout the ghost rider cheat? cuz ik someone who had it b4 but someone stole his game and ive seen him use it

Added 15th Jul 2012, ID #164406

info there is no plane code and people tell dirty little lies. so you guy shouldent fall for every thing. there is no planes no ferarie and mabey even no more weapons. heres a code for a heli 359-555-0100. ;) (made by tips)

Added 1st Jul 2012, ID #159224

well i need cheats but i have alot they dont have all of them but that is fine with me

Added 29th Jun 2012, ID #158245

thanks everyone

Added 22nd Jun 2012, ID #155671

hey you guys i got some cheats

super GT.-227-555-0168

Added 8th Jun 2012, ID #150333

2275550100 this is a FIB buffalo PS3 cheat code

Added 19th May 2012, ID #143367

there are lots of boat cheats search for gta iv has 10 boat cheats to use ,hope this helps

Added 23rd Apr 2012, ID #136201


Added 11th Apr 2012, ID #132327