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by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Most Wanted Missions

These missions are available following “Crime and Punishment” in Faustin's mission line. You'll need access to a police car computer to start. For easy access to a police cruiser, first dial 911, wait for the passenger to step out of the police car when it arrives, then enter from the passenger's side to oust the driver. You must come to a complete stop to use the computer. Select one of the targets from the Most Wanted list for a rundown. Mark their location on your radar, make your way over there, and kill every marked criminal in the area. There of 30 targets; 10 targets in Dukes/Broker, 10 targets in Algonquin, and 10 targets in Alderney. When every target on one island has been marked as deceased, move on to one of the other islands and access a police car computer from there for a new list.

Most often the criminals are surrounded by goons, so you'll want to suit up before attempting these. Get some body armor and a powerful weapon (such as the Carbine Rifle) with plenty of ammo. You must remain in a cop car during the hunt, otherwise you have 30 seconds to get in a cop car before the current mission is failed. If you do fail, however, fear not, as you can attempt any of these as many times as necessary.


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what if it says error connecting to sever check again later

Added 3rd Oct 2015, ID #613570

how do i do it

Added 27th Dec 2014, ID #491103

To get an Infurnus you need to complete Bernie crane's missions and his last mission is that you get Bernie's boyfriend's car which is an Infurnus and if you want more of them keep driving around for a bit frequently using Just health phone code and you will either see the car parked or being driven by an NPC and all you have to do is take the car and park it at your house/apartment/garage/Jimmy pegorino's house (now mine)

Added 2nd Aug 2013, ID #302026

I can't get in because it says Error Connecting to server please try again later how do I fix that please help. I played games iv ballad of gay tony

Added 7th Jun 2013, ID #288521

how do i get a infurnice cheat in gta 4 i tried this one cheat many ties but it didnt work any ideas

Added 22nd Apr 2013, ID #276697

i cant acses the most wanted it kepps saying that im not connected and it keeps saying error

Added 20th Dec 2012, ID #225377

any good missions

Added 12th Oct 2012, ID #195309

what happens when u finish it?

Added 19th Jul 2012, ID #166172

its fun

Added 19th Apr 2012, ID #135055

its easy ive killed or done all of them

Added 17th Feb 2012, ID #115809

for the person it says error, you are not past mr faustins mission where you jack a cop car for the first time

Added 16th Dec 2011, ID #95495

iv completed them now, i also need to do 15 mor missions

Added 11th Sep 2011, ID #73861


Added 10th Sep 2011, ID #73585

yeh i know how 2 do it but evrey time i do it it says error please try again l8ter
thx for ur help

Added 4th Sep 2011, ID #72397

i didnt realize that you had to do the most wanted on each island. it makes sense. like i would kill some, then get in a cop car and they'd all be black instead of red. i onloy got one more island to do. thanks for the help.

Added 10th Apr 2011, ID #36657

I tried unlocking the achievement but it kept saying server error. So how do I get that off?

Added 18th Jan 2011, ID #25932

Yeah same i was treally confused cause i didnt get the achievment on xbox hah but thanks.

Added 27th Dec 2010, ID #22692