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100% Completion Requirements
Grand Theft Auto 4

100% Completion Requirements

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto IV Guide - 100% Completion Requirements

If you have completed the game but have not scored 100% then one of the items below is probably the reason why. Make sure you have done all the stuff below if you want to complete the game 100%.


Complete all 94 missions.

Deliver all 30 of Stevie's text message cars.

Complete all 10 of Little Jacob's drug deliveries.

Complete all 10 Exotic Exports for Brucie.

Win all 10 of Brucie's races.

Complete all 9 assassination missions.

Unlock friend special abilities (Roman and Dwayne excluded).

Win every activity (full-game of bowling, darts, and pool) against a random computer opponent or friend once.

Beat the QUB3D high score (at least 11,000 points).

Take friends to every activity available via their Phonebook menu (Roman and Dwayne excluded).

Meet random characters and complete their tasks (Ivan, Cherise, and Clarence excluded).

Kill all 30 criminals on the Most Wanted list (via police car computer).

Complete 20 Vigilante missions (via police car computer)

Kill all 200 flying rats/pigeons.

Complete all 50 stunt jumps.

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Comments for 100% Completion Requirements

27 comments, latest first.
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ID #319184 | Nov 12th 2013 Guest
How do you know you unlocked the whole map
ID #596766 | Aug 11th 2015 Guest
Attempt to go to the third island. If there's a police barricade, you haven't unlocked it.
ID #287551 | Jun 3rd 2013 Guest
do you have to beat every friend at every activity (ie dart, bowling etc) to get 100 percent?
ID #244759 | Jan 20th 2013 Guest
Verdeling 100%

Verhaallijn: 60%
Drug Deliveries: 2%
Exotic Exports: 2%
Stevie's Car Theft: 2%
Races: 2%
Assassinations: 2%
Elke verplichte Random Character: 0,5%; totaal: 5%
Vigilante: 2,5%
Most Wanted: 2,5%
QUB³D: 1,25%
Darts: 1,25%
Pool: 1,25%
Full game Bowling: 1,25%
Flying Rats: 2,5%
Stunt Jumps: 2,5%
Elke verplichte Special Ability: 1,67%; totaal: 5%
Alle verplichte dates per vriend: 1,67%; totaal: 5%
ID #223774 | Dec 18th 2012 Guest
you look them up online
ID #213197 | Nov 27th 2012 Guest
How can I know the rules of darts?
ID #88990 | Nov 21st 2011 Guest
i hve also completed QUB3D, (possibly) friends activities, winning activity games, frinds special abilities, steve's 30 text cars, brucie's exports, and LJ's durg deliveries. working on the vigilante and most wanted missions with the help of dwayne's homies!
ID #88987 | Nov 21st 2011 Guest
OMG i hve finally completed all 50 stunt jumps and 200 flying rats! 2 steps closer to 100% woohooo! Without the info this site gives out its impossible to do that so a BIG THX! Not gonna sign up though...
ID #87923 | Nov 16th 2011 Guest

ID #69355 | Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
Does it matter if i take them to more than one activity on one ocasion or do i have to bring them back home and call them again another time and do the other activity
ID #59403 | Jul 19th 2011 Guest
What are the rewards?
ID #58290 | Jul 16th 2011 Guest
how do u win a FULL game of bowling? HELP!!!!
ID #55855 | Jul 8th 2011 Guest
You need to replay one of Brucie's races for 100% completion. You do not have to unlock Roman or Dwayne's friend abilities, as both can die at some point in the story (although you would be very stupid if you killed Dwayne or Roman, as they both have helpful and fun abilities)
ID #53124 | Jun 28th 2011 Guest
go to gta4.net
ID #51773 | Jun 24th 2011 Guest
ID #43458 | May 17th 2011 Guest
hi do you have to unlock romans specail ability to get towards 100%, im confused.