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- Roman's Missions
Grand Theft Auto 4

- Roman's Missions

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Guide - Roman’s Missions (Broker)

Mission 1: The Cousins Bellic

After the opening cutscene, follow the marked route on your radar to reach Roman’s place.

Mission 2: It’s Your Call

You are to meet Roman at the cab depot on the corner of Cisco Street, which isn’t too far from the apartment. Get yourself a ride and make your way to the ‘R’ symbol on the radar. Hit the marker outside to start the mission. Get in Roman’s car and drive to the hardware store on Dillon Street. When you reach the spot, Roman hands over a cell phone with his number in it; he wants you to idle outside and keep on the lookout for loan sharks. Keep an eye on the other side of the street and eventually a car will park there and a couple of men will step out. At this point, bring up your cell phone, enter the “Phonebook” menu and give Roman a call before the two men reach the door.

Cab Depot

Loan Sharks

Once Roman is in the car, spin around and start back towards the cab depot. The loan sharks are easy enough to lose; just keep to the path and try not to crash into anything. Drive into the marker outside of the cab depot to complete the mission.

Mission 3: Three’s A Crowd

Make your way to the Hove Beach subway station and drive into the marker there. Sound the horn to call Mallorie and her friend Michelle to the cab. You are to drive the two to Michelle’s apartment on Mohawk Avenue. Drive over there and hit the marker outside of the apartment to drop them off, then head over to the clothes shop down the street and step inside. Though you don’t have much money to start with, your first clothes purchase is free, so make it something expensive. Once you have made a purchase, exit the shop and get back in your car.

Mallorie and Michelle

Clothes Shop

Answer the phone when Michelle calls. You can now take her out on a dates. Her place is marked on the radar with the M and heart icon. You should receive a call from Roman too; he needs protecting. Make your way over to the ‘R’ on the radar to help Roman before it’s too late.

Mission 4: Bleed Out

This mission is triggered when you drive near the ‘R’ on the radar after Roman calls to ask for help. If you fail to help Roman the first time, you’ll then have to give Roman a ride from the hospital to the cab depot. Roman will phone you soon after; he’s in trouble again, so quickly make your way to his location in the Firefly Projects to lend him a hand. If this is your first experience with the melee combat system, pay attention to the top-left corner of the screen for instructions. Both Bledar and Kalem must be bested to save Roman. Once you have taken care of both of them, sprint over to Roman’s car and start after Dardan.


Stay close to the target until you reach an old warehouse. At this point, Dardan will abandon his car and try to escape on foot. Get out of Roman’s car and run up the stairs. Move down the walkway until you come to the warehouse. Dardan is wielding a knife, so you’ll have to disarm him. To disarm an enemy, first lock-on to your target, dodge an attack, and then press one of the indicated buttons to disarm. Once you have the knife, slash away until Dardan’s health ring is empty. Get back in Roman’s car and drive him to the cab depot to complete the mission.


Mission 5: Easy Fare

Get in the cab and drive to Rotterdam Hill to meet with Roman’s customer, Jermaine. He needs to go to Masterson Street to pick up some stolen goods. Follow the marked route on your radar to reach the spot. Jermaine is caught by the authorities while picking up the goods, earning you a two-star wanted level. To lower your wanted level, you must get out of the flashing circle on your radar. The circle represents the area of the city that the authorities are actively searching. The zone readjusts each time you are spotted by the police, making it more difficult for you to escape.  Each patrol car is marked on your radar, so avoid following routes that will force an encounter with one.



Once you have made it out of the zone, refrain from committing any crimes until the wanted level is completely gone. Afterwards, take Jermaine to the marker in Gibson Street to complete the mission.

Mission 6: Jamaican Heat

Roman needs you to pick up another customer of his. Get in Roman’s taxi and drive to Rotterdam Hill to meet with Little Jacob. Sound the horn to call him over. He wants to go to Shottler, so follow the marked route on your radar to reach the spot. Little Jacob will hand a pistol over to you on the way there; it seems that he is expecting trouble. When you reach the spot, turn into the alley and then step out of the car. Make your way over to the lookout spot nearby and crouch down. When the group of men shows up, fire down at them to aid Jacob. More of them will step into the alleyway and one will appear on a nearby rooftop, so be careful.

Little Jacob

Lookout Spot

Once all of the hostiles have been dealt with, pick up any ammo and cash on the ground and then get back into the cab with Jacob. Take him to the nearby café to complete the mission.

Mission 7: Uncle Vlad

This mission becomes available once you have completed Vlad’s mission line. Get some wheels and drive to Comrades, the bar across the street from Roman’s apartment. After the cutscene, blast the two goons in front of you and then follow Vlad through the back door. Quickly get back to your vehicle and start chasing Vlad’s. Keep up with him, because if he gets too far ahead, it’s mission failure. Continue chasing after him until he crashes near the docks. At that point, get out of your vehicle and confront him. After the chat, with your pistol equipped, take aim and press the Attack button when the target reticule changes. Mission complete!

Comrades Bar


Mission 8: Crime and Punishment

Give Roman a call after completing the “Uncle Vlad” mission to trigger this one. Travel to the marker on Tulsa Street to begin. Your first task is to steal a police car. If the following is a scripted event, there will be a police car speeding down the road up ahead. Wait until the officer steps out, then exit your vehicle and hop in the police car. If the police car does not show up as described above, take out your phone and dial 911 to lure the police over to you. To bring up the keypad, press the Mobile Phone Up button again when you have the phone out.

When you have a cop car, start towards one of the blue markers on the radar. You have to find a shipment of TVs, and one of the three vans marked on your radar is carrying it. When you reach a van, turn on the siren and follow closely behind it to make the driver pull over. When the driver has stopped, step out of the car and approach the driver’s window.

Police Car


If the van you pull over is carrying goods other than the TV, get back in the police car and start towards the next one. When you have pulled over the correct van, gun down the pistol-wielding man that steps out and then get in. If you attracted the authorities’ attention you’ll have to lower your wanted level first. Afterwards, drive to the lockup in East Island City and drop the van off to complete the mission.

TV Shipment


Mission 9: Logging On

This mission is available following “Final Destination” in Faustin’s mission line. Get in Roman’s cab and drive to the internet café that is just a short ways from the depot. When you arrive, exit your vehicle and step inside. Upon entering, speak to the assistant at the desk to the left and then approach one of the computers. Click on “Web” and check your mail from the homepage. Reply to the e-mail from the Eyefind Team to activate your account. With that done, log off and exit the café to complete the mission.

Incidently you should remember the location of the Internet Cafe as there is quite a useful cheat which can be executed at this location to display some maps of special items and other things in the game. If you are not interested in the cheat then we won't spoil it for you by publishing it on this page, but if you do want to to know more, please go to the cheats section in this guide.

Internet Café


Mission 10: Roman's Sorrow

Call Roman after completing Dimitri's mission line to trigger this mission. Drive to the yellow marker on the radar to trigger a cutscene. Travel to  apartment with Roman, and then check out the cab depot. It's off to Bohan now. Meet Mallorie in South Bohan to complete the mission.

Mission 11: Hostile Negotiations

As you progress in Bohan, you'll eventually get a call from Mallorie. It seems that Roman has been kidnapped. This mission is triggered right after that phone call. Make your way to the warehouse in South Bohan where Roman is being held and hit the marker there to get started. This won't be easy: Roman is on the top level of a four story warehouse that is guarded by an inordinate number of enemies, and you have to rescue him.

The odds aren't in your favor, so you're going to have to take it slow here. Cover is of the essence, as it's the only way that you'll make it out of this one alive. Luckily the area you start off in provides great cover, enough that you should be able to clear the entire ground floor from there. Before moving up, be sure to scope out a suitable piece of cover further ahead. Careful though, as there are enemies along the walkways above you who will fire down at you. Kill as many of the thugs above you from the ground floor as possible, then take the stairs up to the next level.



There are a few health packs to pick up along the way, so keep an eye out. There was one on the ground floor, across from your initial cover (hard to miss), one on the wall along the third level walkway, and one at the end of the third level walkway. When you are on the top level and have cleared away all the hostiles, proceed to the room where Roman is being held.

This is a tough one: you must to cap the man holding Roman, but this is particularly dangerous because you cannot get too close. Unless you have a Sniper Rifle, the standard pistol is your best bet here. Pay attention to the top-left corner of the screen, as tips to improve your aim will appear. The two will shuffle around a bit, so wait until the aiming reticule is clearly on the man's head and away from Roman's before taking the shot.

Health Pack


Once Roman is in your care, follow him out to the getaway car and drive him back to the Bohan apartment to complete the mission. You will be given a safehouse in Algonquin shortly after the completion of this mission.

Mission 12: Weekend at Florian's

Ray Boccino will call you sometime after the “Museum Piece” mission. This mission begins right after the call. You first have to pick up Roman from the Algonquin safe house. You are to meet a man named Talbot in The Triangle sector of Algonquin. After the meeting, get a four door car and pick up Roman and Talbot. Talbot will give directions to the place as you drive down the street, so you must keep to a slow pace so Talbot can see where you're headed. Hit the marker when you reach the spot to trigger a cutscene.


Florian's Place

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Use your phone to put in cheats, press up twice on the d pad to get the phone's dial up interface then type in the number and call to activate the cheat. 359 555 0100 gets you the Annihilator helicopter and 267 555 0100 calls of the cops. 486 555 0100 gives you loads of weapons and 482 555 0100 gives you full health, armor, and ammunition. Last good one is 227 555 0147 for a Turismo car.
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