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Follow the dark path or use the light


Stunt Jumps - Alderney

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto IV Guide - Stunt Jumps - Alderney

Refer to the map for the general location of a jump, but use the text descriptions to pinpoint the location. The jumps are not numbered in a coherent order, so go about completing them however you wish, though it might be convenient—and in one or two cases necessary—to follow the numbering in place. The ideal vehicle to use here is the NRG 900 motorcycle, so for best results, use one unless otherwise stated.

To complete a stunt jump your vehicle must land in a certain area beyond the ramp and on two (or four) wheels. Look for the “Stunt Jump Completed” message at the bottom of the screen for indication of your success. If your jump is “not good enough,” you either failed to land the jump, needed more of a run-up, or you didn’t land in the right area.

As you sail through the air in slow-mo, try your best to level Niko out for the landing. Sometimes, especially if you are using a motorcycle, Niko will wind up upside down; you can combat this to an extent by leaning forward (by pushing up on the Left Thumbstick/Left Analog Stick) just before hitting the ramp.

All Stunt Jumps Map



Stunt Jump 33: The jump is on the coast alongside the dirt road that leads to the old mansion. Due to the terrain, you’d best use a Sanchez for this one. You just need to make it over the patch of water to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump 34: The ramp is the driveway of one of the houses along Sacramento Avenue. Just drive south down Beaverhead Avenue, hit the ramp and make it over the backyard of the house next door to succeed.

Stunt Jump 35: The ramp is in the parking lot behind the “Deli & Grocery” place. Drive down from the opposite end of the parking lot and land the jump in the area below to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump 36: There is a ramp at the west end of the parking garage roof. Drive down from the opposite end of the roof, hit the ramp, and simply land the jump to succeed.

Stunt Jump 37: The ramp is through the alleyway off of the south side of Franklin Street. You need to fly over the Plumber’s Skyway to complete the jump, so this will require quite a large run-up. Start from as far north of the ramp as you can, drive down the sidewalk towards it, hit the ramp and hope for the best.

Stunt Jump 38: There is a dumpster at the top of the stairs along Mahesh Avenue that will bring you up to Applewhite Street. Look for the dumpster at the bend on Applewhite Street, or take the stairs on Mahesh Avenue up to it. You don’t need to fly all that far to complete this one, just back up as far as you can while still facing the ramp and then go for it.

Stunt Jump 39: The ramp is due east of your Alderney safe house. This is a big one; you have to fly over the river and land in Algonquin! As such this will require as much of a run-up as you can get. If you haven’t been using one all along, steal a NRG 900 motorcycle for this task. You can manage this if you start as far back as your safe house, but the NRG 900 is a must if that’s how you’re going to go about it.

Stunt Jump 40: The jump is on the walkway north of the helipad above the Booth Tunnel. Start from the stairs at the other end of the walkway and gun it. You just have to make it over the helipad, though unfortunately that means landing in the water and losing your bike.

Stunt Jump 41: From your Alderney safe house, head west down the sidewalk until you come to some stairs; the jump is at the top. Hit the ramp and land somewhere on Rand Avenue to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump 42: The ramp is the stairs off of Koresh Square. Speed south down the square, hit the jump, and fly over the stairs at the opposite end of the walkway to succeed.

Stunt Jump 43: There is a dumpster in the area at the top of the stairs next to the hot dog stand on Koresh Square. Start from the other side of the street north of the ramp; you just need to land somewhere on the street below.

Stunt Jump 44: Look for a dirt mound along the Plumbers Skyway. You need to land on the Plumbers Skyway, though where you land appears to be quite specific. You’ll have to turn to the right upon hitting the ramp to complete the jump. Race down the dirt path that leads to the ramp, edge to the right just before hitting the ramp and hope for the best.

Stunt Jump 45: This jump is off of Aspdin Drive. Look for a dumpster on some pavement along the Plumbers Skyway. Get a short run-up and land in the southbound lane of the Plumbers Skyway to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump 46: The jump is at the end of the tracks just northwest of the Port Tudor gate. Drive down between the tracks and land on the road below to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump 47: This jump is by the water below the Plumbers Skyway. You need to make it to the other side of the water to complete the jump. Luckily you can get more than enough of a run-up by using the Plumbers Skyway onramp just north of the jump. You need to land it to make the grade, so try leaning forward (push up on the Left Thumbstick/Left Analog Stick) just before hitting the ramp to keep Niko upright.

Stunt Jump 48: The ramp is along the portion of the Plumbers Skyway over Acter Industrial Park. Look for some pylons and a gap in the railing; that’s the jump. Drive down the highway, go off the side of the ramp and land somewhere below the skyway to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump 49: This jump is also along the southern lane of the Plumbers Skyway. Look for construction barriers and pylons to spot the ramp. Speed east down the northern lane of the skyway, through the gap in the lane divider and hit the ramp. Where exactly it is necessary to land to complete the jump is not clear, but as long as you had enough of a run-up, simply landing should do it.

Stunt Jump 50: The jump is at the end of the west-most lane of the run-down skyway ramp in Acter Industrial Park. It is just north of the intersection of Plumbbob and Red Wing Avenue. Race down the lane, hit the ramp and land the jump to complete it.