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Grand Theft AUto 4 Guide - Dwayne's Missions (Algonquin)

Playboy X will give you a call shortly after the completion of “Deconstruction for Beginners.” You can then accept missions from Dwayne by traveling to the ‘D' marker on your radar.

Mission 1: Ruff Rider

Travel to the arcade in Chinatown and hit the marker nearby to confront Cherise, Dwayne's old girlfriend. Her boyfriend will take a couple of potshots at you and then speed off, leaving you alone with Cherise. Letting her live is the better choice, because taking the time to kill her will give Jayvon an even bigger head start than he already has, and Dwayne will be unhappy if you do. Quickly jack a vehicle and speed towards the red target marker on your radar. When Jayvon is down, step out of your vehicle, retrieve Dwayne's money, and then meet Dwayne at the Cluckin' Bell on Burlesque Street to complete the mission.



Mission 2: Undress to Kill

You're going to take back Dwayne's club for him. It's “The Triangle Club” in Northern Gardens, Bohan. The place was claimed while Dwayne was locked up, so you're going to have to take out the three strip club managers. Do not walk in with a weapon drawn, otherwise you'll get some trouble from the guards. One of the managers can be found in the staff room, which is through the door to your left when you first enter the main area of the club. Use your knife to eliminate him, preferably. Take the Shotgun in here too, as it'll be of use later.

Dwayne's Club

Staff Room

Another manager can be found talking to a dancer near the stage. The third manager is in one of the backrooms. You'll want to kill the manager in the backroom first, because the gang members in the club will start firing at you as soon as you draw a weapon. If you kill the guy in the backroom, you can hole up there and not start this firefight surrounded. Blast the man blocking the doorway with your Shotgun and then quickly blast the manager before he stands up. Hold here and kill the security guards that confront you. When the security guards have been dealt with, you'll have to clear out the guys in the club's main area. The last manager will wait for you outside the club, so take your time.



Once the main area is clear, head outside to spot the final target in a getaway car. Quickly get in a vehicle and chase after him. Hit his vehicle with gunfire until it is destroyed, or shoot him through the windows until he is dead to complete the mission.


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Never don it yet sounds easy[spoiler][/spoiler]

Added 12th Jan 2015, ID #500777

Can I get Dwayne back I regret killing him.

Added 13th Oct 2014, ID #458338

If it shut down try to clean your cd...

Added 15th Jan 2014, ID #344218

well you need a knife and you cant get one if you cheat so get a knife go in the room then knife him use the cheat then do the rest of the steps its easier

Added 5th Oct 2013, ID #312854

i hav don it

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Added 19th Feb 2012, ID #116552

It sucks if I do this mission I'll get in trouble because I go in a strip club!

Added 21st Jan 2012, ID #107779

I've done the mission which should allow me to start doing Dwaynes missions, but the D never appeared on my map and I have no idea where to go. Please help?

Added 27th Aug 2011, ID #70547

dark blue

Added 24th Aug 2011, ID #69832

During undress to kill - Before you go outside to get the other boss, you can use a weapons cheat to get a rocket launcher and switch your current weapon to the launcher before going outside then as the truck drives away from you just blow it up. Easy =D

Added 13th Aug 2011, ID #66693

i think it better to kill the guy talking to the girl before the one in the backroom cuz if you dont he'll run and have to chase him. just rpg to whole goddam place

Added 22nd Apr 2011, ID #39024

Can you help me. When I trigger the mission undress to kill the loading screen does not end.

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