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Stunt Jumps - Bohan
Grand Theft Auto 4

Stunt Jumps - Bohan

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto IV Guide - Stunt Jumps - Bohan

Refer to the map for the general location of a jump, but use the text descriptions to pinpoint the location. The jumps are not numbered in a coherent order, so go about completing them however you wish, though it might be convenient—and in one or two cases necessary—to follow the numbering in place. The ideal vehicle to use here is the NRG 900 motorcycle, so for best results, use one unless otherwise stated.

To complete a stunt jump your vehicle must land in a certain area beyond the ramp and on two (or four) wheels. Look for the “Stunt Jump Completed” message at the bottom of the screen for indication of your success. If your jump is “not good enough,” you either failed to land the jump, needed more of a run-up, or you didn’t land in the right area.

As you sail through the air in slow-mo, try your best to level Niko out for the landing. Sometimes, especially if you are using a motorcycle, Niko will wind up upside down; you can combat this to an extent by leaning forward (by pushing up on the Left Thumbstick/Left Analog Stick) just before hitting the ramp.

All Stunt Jumps Map



Stunt Jump 14: There is a blue ramp by the water near the truck trailers off of Guantanamo Avenue. Drive down to Worm Street (east of the ramp), and from there, speed west, hit the ramp and land somewhere below the railway to complete the jump.


Stunt Jump 15: Get to the unfinished portion of the Northern Expressway on the east half of the island (check your map) and drive down until you reach the blue ramp. You don’t want too much of a run-up here; just enough of one to make it to the next section of the expressway. Since #16 comes right after this jump, you’ll need to be on that section of skyway to pull it off. Due to the placement of the ramps you probably won’t be able to complete both jumps in one go. All you need to do to complete this jump is land on the next section of the expressway.

Stunt Jump 16: The ramp is on the section of the Northern Expressway following #15; refer to the previous jump covered for details. Start from the edge of this section, hit the ramp, and land on the roof of the building below to complete the jump.

Stunt Jump 17: The ramp is up on the unfinished highway at the south end of the island, near the East Borough Bridge. It does not appear on the map, but the curved onramp (which is visible) can be accessed from Rocket Street in Chase Point. Start below the East Borough Bridge, hit the ramp and land somewhere in the street below to complete the jump.

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ID #252524 | Feb 10th 2013 Guest
I did #15 and #16 with the car and it helped me Smile
ID #183526 | Sep 5th 2012 Guest
My PC does not have a "Left Thumbstick/Left Analog Stick"
ID #156652 | Jun 25th 2012 Guest
[video][/video] [img][/img] [color=red][/color] u r the loser
ID #107595 | Jan 20th 2012 Guest
hello losers gta is the best not only call of duty is ook good en i haet you loser
ID #61163 | Jul 25th 2011 Guest
i like the yellow things at the airportSmile
ID #19489 | Nov 27th 2010 Guest
I Use NRG 900 and I can't do de the 2nd jump.
ID #9845 | Aug 21st 2010 Guest
gta 4 is the coolest game in the world