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Follow the dark path or use the light

- Brucies Races

Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto IV Guide - Brucie's Races

After the “No.1” mission, you can call Brucie to participate in street races taking place around the city. There are a total of 9 races, and each consisting of 3 or 5 laps around a different part of the city. There are three tracks in Dukes/Broker, three in Algonquin, and three in Alderney, so once Brucie tells you that there aren't any races going on, move on to one of the other islands and call him from there.

There really isn't much to these races; get a fast car, meet the others at the start point, follow the waypoints around the track, and be ahead of the pack when the final waypoint is reached. A Comet, Infernus, Turismo, Banshee, or Super GT is best suited for these races. You can use motorcycles too, but they aren't recommended. The quality of your opponents' cars will improve as you win more races, but either way, once you get a good lead you should be able to keep it the whole way through as long as you keep your eyes on the road. You're not trying to break any records here, so once you're in first, just concentrate on avoiding crashes—which can set you back quite a bit—rather than reaching the finish line blazingly fast.

Note: The races can be replayed; just call Brucie a couple of times after he tells you that there aren't any more races, and he will set you up with one of the previous race. Though winning yields little reward in terms of money, replaying these races is a must to unlock the “Genetically Superior” achievement on the Xbox 360 version for which a total of 20 races must be won.


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26 comments, latest first.
Apr 29th 2015 Guest
After exotic export no missions are there
ID #549457
Apr 4th 2015 Guest
i need cheat code for bruce race
ID #537760
Feb 27th 2015 Guest
IM a boss at that sh**.. I never lose a race!!! I use the comet, not the best acceleration or speed but it has real good handling! The infernos is fast but the weight in the back makes it hard to drift properly.. So comet is recommended Smile :D
ID #521703
Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
I just drop the hammer
ID #494732
Jun 13th 2014 Guest
When I drive the race car I try to turn the curbs and I spin but I can't get out if 5 th place
ID #399123
Sep 20th 2013 Guest
i have done all of brucies missions and the races and the computer jobs and i still haven't got the massage from help
ID #310321
Oct 20th 2012 Guest
just do ur best
ID #198655
Jul 23rd 2012 Guest
I dont reallylike the races but im on no.8 race cheers anyway .
ID #167808
Jul 22nd 2012 Guest
I wouldn't bring a fast car to ALL races. Here is a funny story. I can't remember what race , but I do know it is where the Phanton spawns near the highway. Anyway, I was driving a SuperGT or a Comet, or it could of been a Turismo. Ok lets skip to the part where the disaster happens, I saw that one of the CPUs has taken a turn to late and crashed right into the gas pump. Not a pretty sight. I guess it teaches up a lesson, Slow down! I used to Play Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and I learned some good driving skills form that game.
ID #167387
Jun 19th 2012 Guest
The easiest but dirtiest way to win is to have a gun when the race starts and shoot the other racers tires
And when they pop every time the turn they will slip and slide and crash on to the wall most of the time .
ID #154283
Jun 5th 2012 Guest
no all you guys have to do is go on the date with that french tom guy and then brucie will give you a call and you will be doing no.1 mission along with the 30 car mission of stevies car theft
ID #149073
May 23rd 2012 Guest
i dont have the option for racves after i just finished 'that special someone ' mission - did i lose my chance at 1`00%??? :'(
ID #144857
May 16th 2012 Guest
The comet is they way to go..... If you want to lap your foesSmile
ID #142668
Mar 13th 2012 Guest
Ill race but as soon as i see a infernus on that raceline that guys gunna have to walk home :D
ID #122772
Dec 22nd 2011 Guest
For races I like to use a Turismo or Banshee :D
ID #97652
Nov 20th 2011 stephenb
but with a conquete u have more of a chance than a sulten rs but i still use a sulten rs.
ID #88762
Nov 20th 2011 Guest
a good car for the races is a conquete
and the sulten rs i raced with both of these cars
and i won
ID #88760
Dec 4th 2015 Guest
well done bro
ID #630876
Aug 11th 2011 Guest
i've been all over the map, ringing brucie, asking him for a race, but no matter where i go, he says there isn't any races available... HELP!!!
ID #66093
Aug 8th 2011 Guest
[b][/b] i tried the replay race thingy loads and it just dont work 8•C
ID #65164
Apr 30th 2011 Guest
the race was fun i won
ID #40650
Feb 8th 2011 Guest
no matter where i go Brucie says there are no races available.I tried what you said but it wont work.
ID #28502
Sep 4th 2010 dava4444
@2609 thanks for the tip.. area specific, tried it, worked ..thanks :D
ID #11331
Jul 14th 2010 RONALD WRIGHT
when is bruse races going to be over because i cannot do any killing missions no more
ID #4463
Jul 13th 2010 Guest
i need help im brusie called me and said i was finished the races in the part im in but its like im doing the same missions on the same track please help me i think im replaying the same missions
ID #4397
Jul 1st 2010 Guest
I got the same problem, but it works... you just have to drive to another area and call him again until he gives you a race.
ID #2609