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battle pyramid music

If you lidten to the music in the battle pyramid closly it will sound like the legend of zelda

Added 19 Jul 2008, ID #12234, by juggalo_warrior_boy
Ask.com and get

Catch Pokemon Incredibly Easily

First, Get a Lvl.100 Pokemon and buy alot of Nest Balls(Nest Balls can only be purchased in Verdanturf Town). As soon as you begin a battle with a wild Pokemon, throw a Nest Ball. Any Pokemon under Lvl.25 will be caught immeadiately. Any Pokemon between Lvls.25 and 50 will take about 2 to 5 Nest Balls. Happy Catching!


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Added 18 Jul 2008, ID #12231, by 0ddw0r1d

More Master Balls

Before you go to the Pokemon leage don't use your master ball save it and when you beat the leage give your master ball to a Pokemon and use the cloning cheat

Added 15 Jul 2008, ID #12222, by PokeMaster5000

Super Pichu w/ Volt tackle

Get a male Pikachu and a female Pikachu teach them what ever moves you want the Pichu to know. Give the female a light ball( you get light balls from male Pikachus at the safari zone to the right of Lilycove City.) You put them both in the daycare until the man that gives you the egg says that they made one. If you have Leaf Green version trade a Magmar over to Emerald then put the egg in the front of your line up then put Magmar second. This will make the egg hatch faster if you don't have access to a Leaf Green Version then you will have to hatch the egg the old fasioned way. If you did all of this then the Pichu will hatch knowing 3 moves of the parent Pikachus( if there is a certain move or moves you want the Pichu to know you must teach it to both of the Pikachus) and the Pichu will also know the special move Volt Tackle.

Added 10 Jul 2008, ID #12211, by Bongzilla778

Choosing A Starter.

Mudkip - A Good Pokemon All Round. Will Have A Lot Of Trouble Further On With A Few Gym Leaders.
Torchic - Very Good. Can Beat Almost All The Leaders On Its First Try.
Treecko - Okay But Will Have Trouble With It Comes to The Elite Four.

Hope I Helped.


P.S - If You Choose A Torchic Then Catch A Lotad And LEvel It Up For Roxanne { The First Gym Leader }

Added 4 Jul 2008, ID #12192, by ajperry

Johto Starters

You can only get a johto starter in Pokemon emerald when you have gotten 200 Pokemon in your HOENN DEX. There is really 202 but they don't count jirachi and deoxys since they are so rare so anyway when you get 200 prof birch tells you to swing by his lab and when you get there, on his table there is 3 pokeballs, you can only pick 1, I picked cyndaquil and my two other friends on their games piced the others and we cloned and traded so we all had three johto starters- cyndaquil, totodile and chikorita

Added 1 Jul 2008, ID #12185, by jared-285q

Your Team

When you are constructing a Pokemon team it should be borne in mind that Pokemon have weaknesses so what you should do is teach a Pokemon it's own type weakness. For example, teach Lapras Thunder or thunderbolt and a mewtwo or Latias Shadow Ball or a blaziken Aerial Ace. When battling in the battle frontier this has proved very helpful as opposed to teaching a Pokemon only it's strengths. You have to diversify their moves in order to have a good team like mine-

Blaziken lv100- Flamethrower,Sky Uppercut, Aerial Ace and Earthquake
Lapras lv100- Surf, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam
Mewtwo lv100- Psychic, Shadow Ball, Blizzard, Recover
Salamence lv100- Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Fly, Brick Break
Metagross lv100- Slugebomb, Psychic, Meteor Mash and Rock Slide
Latias lv100- Psychic, Ice Beam, Solarbeam, Dragon Claw

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #12182, by jared-285q

Egg Moves

Sometimes a Pokemon cannot learn a move on it's own or by a TM or Hm but when bred with a Pokemon which knows the move, the baby is born with the wanted move.

-Lapras with Horn Drill
Breed female Lapras with Rhyhorn/Rhydon which knows Horn Drill. Lapras will be born from the egg with Horn Drill.

-Psyduck with Cross Chop
Breed female Golduck with male Primape/Machamp which knows Cross Chop. Psyduck will hatch from the egg knowing Cross Chop

-Bagon with Hydro Pump
Breed female Bagon/Salamence with male Gyarados/Kingdra which knows Hydro Pump.
Bagon will hatch from the egg knowing Hydro Pump.

-Barboach with Spark
Breed female Barboach/Whiscash with male Lanturn which knows Spark. Barboach will hatch from the egg knowing spark.

Male Pokemon mentioned above are the Pokemon which have been proven to get along with and breed fast with the female.
Eggs can be hatched in half the time by have a slugma or magcargo in your party next to the egg with the ability FLAME BODY.

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #12180, by jared-285q

Pokemon emerald Battle frontier symbols Guide



Pike 28 rooms Seviper, Milotic, Shuckle

Arena 27 battles Heracross, Umbreon, Shedinja

Palace 20 battles Crobat, Slaking, Lapras

Factory 20 battles Random Pokemon

Tower 34 battles Alakazam, Entei, Snorlax

Dome 19 battles Salamence, Swampert, Charizard

Pyramid 21 floors Regice, Regirock, Registeel



Pike 140 rooms Seviper, Gyarados, Steelix

Arena 55 battles Umbreon, Gengar, Breloom

Palace 41 battles Arcanine, Slaking, Suicuine

Factory 41 battles Random Pokemon

Tower 69 battles Raikou, Snorlax, Latios

Dome 39 battles Swampert, Latias, Metagross

Pyramid 70 floors Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres

(Values shown for 'cleared' is counted only when consecutive)

This info was really hard to get because it took literally hundreds of hours to get all this info with all my friends and me behind this game but it was worth it since we now have all our gold and silver symbols, we shared info with each other and knew what to be ready for with our foolproof records. We couldn't get a list of the moves that all these Pokemon were using because some of the Pokemon didn't let us see all four moves they had before we defeated them.

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #12179, by jared-285q

How to clone in Pokemon Emerald (the right way).

First, you must be allowed to go to battle frontier after battling the elite four for the first time. Go to the BATTLE TOWER and access Lanette's PC. Then deposit the desired Pokemon to clone with or without an item in a box. The box does not necessarily have to be empty, just when you are deposting do NOT switch it with another pokemon's current place, because you will lose that Pokemon permanently, just like my Blaziken. Then exit the Pc and save the game. DO NOT take off the game yet. Now go back and withdraw the same Pokemon you had just deposited to clone. Exit the PC and talk to the lady dealing with Multi Link Battles (The Lady closest to the PC). Talk to her and enter a battle level (lv 50 or open level) She will ask you to choose 2 Pokemon (you do not necessarily pick the Pokemon you are cloning but you could if you want). When you are finished picking the Pokemon she will ask you to save, say yes. The game now freezes for 2 seconds. When it asks you to save the game say yes but when it asks you to overwrite, now you will take off the game. Then when you switch the game back on you will be back in front of the Multi Link Lady, walk to the Pc and you will find that the Pokemon you wanted to be cloned will be in your party and in the box in the PC. YOU HAVE CLONED!!
Now you can clone rare TM's and rare items by giving the Pokemon to hold it when you are cloning them. HAPPY CLONING!!!

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #12178, by jared-285q

Catching Feebas

To Catch Feebas- (the Right Way)

First,go to Dewford town and change the trendy saying only once. Fly back to Fortree City and head to route 119 and get in the water using surf. Out of the 400 watertiles on the whole of route 119 from the top of the waterfall to the
Water ahead of the house with the many wingulls, feebas will only appear in 6 random tiles. Go in the water and use your SUPER Rod and fish in each tile 3 times. GOOD LUCK!! It worked for me so it has to work for you.By the way,you have to fish in each tile 3 times because even in the tiles where there is the feebas, there is only a 60-80% chance of seeing it so make sure to fish 3 times. It appears at about level 22-24 and is very weak,so carry a Pokemon who knows false swipe and/or thunderwave. It isn't that hard to catch anyway,just use an ultra ball.

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #12177, by jared-285q

New PC Wallpaper

In the house behind the Rustboro Pokemon Centre on the second floor, a man will want a 15 letter and number code to make his sick daughter smile. To get this code go to the website-"www.filb.de/?site=games/gba/emerald/word&lang=2" On this site put in your Trainer ID no. From the game and pick a wallpaper color, background and style, and when you click and process the code, type it in the game when the man in the house asks you (proper letter cases and puctuation marks required). When he tells his daughter, she smiles and he will give you the exact wallpaper you designed on the website under the category "friends" in the Lanette's PC box wallpaper settings. You can always go back on the website and change the design and tell the man a new code, once it is correct but you can only have one of these special wallpapers at a time under the friends category.

Added 30 Jun 2008, ID #12175, by jared-285q


Beldum can't learn any moves until it evolves.Till the use an EXP.SHARE until it evolves.The only move it knows is take down.(P.S.)It is found at Stevens house in Mossdeep city.

Added 25 Jun 2008, ID #12156, by the mew masher

Rock and sign

If you want to have an egg hatch, take a straight path between Mauville and
Vendanturf. It is between a rock and a sign.

Added 23 Jun 2008, ID #12147, by pokenarubleach10

Getting Regice, Regirock, and Registeel

Requirements:Wailord, Relicanth, SURF, DIVE, DIG, ROCK SMASH, FLASH, FLY(Not EXACTLY required but helpful), some sort of capture ball X however many you want

To get Regice, Regirock, and Registeel, more commonly reffered to as "The Regis", all you must do is this. Catch a Wailmer(Catch it near Evergrande City for a higher level) and evolve it into a Wailord, or if you're really lucky, catch a wild Wailord. Then FLY to Sootopolis City, leave the city using it's underwater entrance, and search the seaweed around the city until you find a Relicanth(NOTE:This Pokemon is EXTREMELY rare. It might take a long time to find one...). Once you have these Pokemon, place Wailord at the front of your party and Relicanth at the end and begin SURFing routes 132, 133, and 134 until you find an O shaped bit of land with a DIVE-able square in the center. DIVE into it and go south until you see braille on the wall. Place yourself in front of the braille and DIVE up. You will be in a room full of braille. Go to the back wall and read the 2nd message of the three braille codes there. Use DIG. Read the same braille again. An earthquake should start and a message appears saying, "It feels like something has opened up far away..." You'll have to find the Regi caves on your own, however, I'll tell you this. All the Regis are lvl. 40. They all know SUPERPOWER, CURSE, and ANCIENTPOWER. Registeel knows METAL CLAW, Regice knows ICY WIND, and Regirock knows ROCK THROW. Happy Hunting...

Added 20 Jun 2008, ID #12138, by 0ddw0r1d

Get Rayquaza before fighting Juan

Everyone keeps saying that you can get Rayquaza after you beat the Pokemon league or Juan. THIS IS A LIE. After you end the crisis of Groudon and Kyogre fighting, go back to Sky Pillar(Note: You'll need a Mach Bike) and Rayquaza will be there. NOTE: He is lvl.70 so if you're saving your Master Ball for duplication or Latios/Latias, you'd better be prepared.

Rayquaza's moveset is: OUTRAGE: POW:120 ACC:100 After 2 or 3 turns Rayquza will become confused. FLY: POW:70 ACC:95 Flies up into the air for 1 turn, making him immune to any attack except THUNDER(POW:120 ACC:70), and strikes 2nd turn. EXTREMESPEED: POW:80 ACC:100 Basically a QUICK ATTACK but with double the power. REST: POW:-- ACC:-- Goes to sleep for 2 turn, regaining all health in the process.

Rayquaza's ability is AIR LOCK, which negates any weather ability(ex.:SOLARBEAM still needs to charge during SUNNY DAY, THUNDER still has a chance of missing during RAIN DANCE, etc.)

Hope this helps!

Added 20 Jun 2008, ID #12137, by 0ddw0r1d

How to catch Pokemon easier:

1. First teach one of your stong Pokemon False Swipe, or use one that already know it (if you decide to foget a move it might help if you foreget one that you can teach back, via your bag/move tudor). False Swipe is a great move for catching Pokemon because is won't kill them (the worst it can do is leave the Pokemon on 1 health).

2. Next encounter the Pokemon you wish to catch. Thaen use False Swipe on it, if you've picked a strong Pokemon (say about 20 levels or higher than the Pokemon you wish to catch) the wild Pokemon should be on low health (probably 1 health). If not you False Swipe again, and keep repeating the prosess until your sure the Pokemon is on 1 health.

3. Finally try to catch the wild Pokemon with a Poke ball of some sort (if the Pokemon hasn't been caught after 5 Poke balls, try to put it asleep or paralyze it, then try again).

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Added 10 Jun 2008, ID #12103, by Heatblast

How to catch Latios easier:

1. First teach one of your stong Pokemon False Swipe (it might help if you foreget a move that you can teach back, via your bag/move tudor). False Swipe is a great move for catching Pokemon because is won't kill them (the worst it can do is leave the Pokemon on 1 health).

2. Next find Latios and battle him, then use False Swipe. If you have picked a strong Pokemon (ideally level 65 or over) Latios should be on low health, and will run away (if Latios isn't on low health, repeat the prosess).

3. Once your sure he's on low health, (ideally 1 health) look for him again, but this time try to catch him. Remember every time you see him you only get one chance, so make the most of it.

This might take a while but it's worth it, Latios is a amazing pokemon.

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Added 9 Jun 2008, ID #12096, by Heatblast

keep using

If your gameboy dies in the middle of a battle at the battle dome talk to the girl and challenge the three you were using are disqualified so press B and challenge again they will not be disqualified.


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Added 7 Jun 2008, ID #12088, by Ultimate Arceus

pokemons till the league

Well I would suggest you to take a mudkip as your starter Pokemon, then catch a ralts teach thunder type attacks to it. After you get hm - waterfall catch a Bagon and make it a salamence teach ice beam to swampert , thunder ,thunderbolt to ralts and dragon type attacks to salamence they must be 60+ by level keep walking a lot

Added 5 Jun 2008, ID #12074, by aditya_bhat2004
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