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you dont have to clone pokemon to clone items!!!

Does it take to long to clone items when you are cloneing pokemon? Well heres what you do...
1) go to the battle tower pc
2)log into the pc and click move items
3)give all items that you want to clone to diffrent pokemon
Ps. It works better if you have more pokemon
4) log out of the pc and save
5)log back in2 the pc, click move items and withdraw all items you deposited
This is important: DO NOT SAVE!!!!
6)go to the battle tower person nearest to the pc (far right)
7)she will ask you if you want 2 take the challenge, click yes, then she'll ask if you want lvl 50 or open, which ever one you click dosen't matter, just make sure you have 2 eligable Pokemon for whick ever one you choose.
8)then she will ask if you want to save...CLICK YES!!!
9)finally, when it says SAVING... DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER, turn it off. DO NOT wait for it to finish saving! It will screw it up!

Then when you turn it back on, you will have the items in your bag AND in the pc! How cool is that?!?

Good luck! Happy cheating! <3*~Megagamerchick~*<3

Added 18 Feb 2008, ID #11794, by megagamerchick423
Ask.com and get

Dupe Pokemon and get lvl 100 Pokemon

Ok so...
To do this you MUST have beaten the Pokemon league or this cannot be done because you need to go to battle frontier to do it.

Ok first go to the battle tower at the frontier and to to the pc to the far right. Deposit a Pokemon into a seperate box to all your other Pokemon so it is alone in a box. Next, get out of the pc and save the game. Then withdraw the Pokemon you just deposited, and talk to the battle tower lady closest to you.
(NOTE: you must have two Pokemon that arent rayquaza, groudon or kyogre to do this part) talk to her and choose "challenge" then choose "open lvl" then she will say you need to save so choose "yes" then it will say would you like to save the game and choose "yes" then it will say there is already a saved file, overwrite? Then when it gets to there, power off or reset the game. (YOU MUST NOT PRESS YES AT THE LAST BIT OR IT WILL NOT WORK!)

Now to get your Pokemon to lvl 100 quicker, is really easy.
Just give a rare candy to the Pokemon you are duping and keep duping and you will have heaps of rare candies. You can do this with most items. Even master balls XD!

Have fun duping!

Added 18 Feb 2008, ID #11791, by Gilcy

Getting volt tackle!!

You must get a male and a female pikachu
Make the male pikachu hold the item
Light ball.

And then breed then on the
Breeding center you will have a pichu.
But look at the attacks it should have volt tackle
If it doen't.
Equip the light ball to the female pikachu and breed it one more time


Added 16 Feb 2008, ID #11782, by metalhead jp

the real way to clone

This is exactly how to clone step by step ok
1) chose the pokenone you want to clone (up to 4 Pokemon at a time) and place it (them) in the pc at the battle tower in box 11.

2) log off and save the game then go back into box 11 and put the Pokemon you want to clone back into your party p.s. Make sure you have 2 other Pokemon in the party as well.

3) go to the person farthest to the right or closest to you it doesent matter it is the same person.

4) she will talk to you yes you want to challenge and go into the open level chose the Pokemon you DONT want to clone as the Pokemon to enter the competition and when she asks you to save the game say YES and youll notice a little pause there people say turn it off there well I say what ever you do don't turn it off there it will freeze your game. Turn it off at the end of SAVEING DATA DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR POWER at the end of that sentence turn it off and then turn on your gameboy/ds and it will say your preveious saved file was corrupted thats ok that means that it should have worked and when you turn the pc back on you should have the Pokemon you wanted to clone in box 11 and in your party hope you engoy this as much as I do

P.s. This is a great way to get extra rare candys and master balls thx

WOW! What a speed

Added 13 Feb 2008, ID #11772, by wataspeed

cloning pokemon!!!!!!!!

To clone you need to be at the battle tower.(only clone 3 at once)
Step 1: put 3 Pokemon you want cloning in box 9 -AT THE BATTLE TOWER PC!
Step 2: save the game
Step 3: make sure you have 3 empty party spaces
Step 4: put the 3 Pokemon you put in box 9 back in to your party
Step 5: talk to the woman at the counter (the one nearest to the pc)
Step 6: do what she tells you, then when she asks you to save say yes and turn your gba/ds off (when it says not to)
Step 7: go back on your saved file and the 3 Pokemon should be in box 9 AND your party!!! (btw plz rate this cheat) ;D

Added 10 Feb 2008, ID #11764, by ch3atr

super chicorita

Okay this cheat might not work when you complete the national pokedex you choose from the three starters of gold,silver and crystal.okay pick chicorita wait and battle until roxanne calls you back for a battle it will be a double battle so use chicorita and the Pokemon of your choice.(the Pokemon needs to be opposite gender and level 100)win the battle and then your chicoritas special attack and hp will be 999

And when you win you need to level up but not during the battle

Added 8 Feb 2008, ID #11757, by choji94


Go to the battle froteir after the game is beaten go to the battle tower then save before you do this it might crash your game if you mess it up so go to the battle tower save in front of the pc then deposit all the Pokemon in your party that you want to clone then save after that grab all the Pokemon back enter the compition then when is says do you want to save turn it off then turn it back on you should be in front of the lady check the Pokemon you have then look at the Pokemon in your box then repeat over and over again. Personal message me if you have any questions. I also do codes for actoin replay so if you have one of the action replays pm me and ill give you information nintendo dosnt want you to know like the codes for Lugia arces jarachi celibe darkrai crecasila (pokemon from daimond/pearl)

Added 1 Feb 2008, ID #11739, by akatskii


Beat the elite four then go to battlefrontier then go to the battle tower then go to the pc and save then diposite Pokemon you want to clone (up to five)then exit out of the pc and save then take the Pokemon you diposited then go to the link multi lady then keep pressing yes then when it says do you want to save press yes then when it's starting to save turn the system off and then back on then go to the pc and you have it cloned (do this as many times as you want)

Added 22 Jan 2008, ID #11708, by jaredmiller

Easy Path

Tired of having to walk through grass all the time?
If you are,Do this:Get a GRASS Pokemon teach it CUT,if you haven't already have cut, I'm pretty sure you can get CUT in RUSTBORO CITY because the CUTTER'S HOUSE is there. So I'm pretty sure that's how you get CUT,which is by beating the GYM LEADER in RUSTBORO CITY then finding the CUTTER'S HOUSE. Now you have to go put the GRASS Pokemon FIRST in your party(you don't have to,but it's a recommendation)then walk up to grass facing it NOT ON IT next to it. Then you press the START BUTTON on your gameboy and go to POKEMON. Select the GRASS type Pokemon and use CUT. Then you will see the grass dissapear. You may have to do it a few times but it's worth it!! Oh, and WARINING YOU CANNOT DO IT ON WATER OR IN CAVES, ONLY GRASS

Added 9 Jan 2008, ID #11672, by Tao

Duplication for Pokemon emrald

To do this beat the elite four and unlock the battle forntier. Go to the large main building where you can do double battles and stuff. It's the largest building and easy to find. Once your there go to your pc, then go to move pokemon(remember you must have the Pokemon in the party) put your pokemon(maximum 5 and all must be in your party) in a free box that's not used. Get off the pc and take a few steps away and save. Then go get your Pokemon back from the box (use move pokemon) and put them in your party. Then go and talk to the person who is closest to the table where you battle. It'll say would you like to save or smething like that, click yes once it says saving do not turn off powerturn it off right away. Then turn on the game go to the pc you will have the Pokemon thereand in your party.

Added 9 Jan 2008, ID #11667, by firebloods

Getting help at mauville

At mauville there is some things like a hm trainers also a daycare center witch you probably now but the trainers all level up there guys every time you fight them and they are pretty much good training people to get exp from
P.s.you only fight them about 5 times)

(also keep fighting in that area for awhile then go to the town west and heal your Pokemon and look what happens

Hope I helped

Added 22 Dec 2007, ID #11603, by austin1997

Cloning glich
1.go to the battle tower at the battle frontier
2.take the Pokemon you want to clone (max 6 pokemon) and put them in your pc then save and take then out
3.go to link multi battle and talk to the person then when it's saving shut it off before it finishes

Do not clone a Pokemon you want to keep more then 5x. After that you may lose that pokemon.

Added 2 Dec 2007, ID #11554, by e1s2s3e4j5

Clone Pokemon including legends

First you have to beat the elite 4 and go to the battle tower and the Pokemon that you want to clone has to be in your team first go to the Pokemon box deposit the Pokemon you want to clone and after you put them in there you have to save then take the Pokemon out of the Pokemon box go to the wireless fighting thing then use any Pokemon you want becauae you do not have to battle or anything like that. When she says do you want to save you put yes then when it says do not turn off the power your saving data well just turn it off after it is almost done saving. When you turn it on and when it says your file has been corrupted it is ok it's suppose to say that look in your team and in your computer and you have 2 of the same pokemon.

Added 1 Dec 2007, ID #11551, by shiny rayquaza500

Get Shedinja

To get shedinja you have 5pokemon no 6e on the 5e a nincada with a exp. Share so fight with no using nincada if it vil transform on the 5e place comes ninjask
And on the 6e place comes SHEDINJA it so weird

Added 25 Nov 2007, ID #11535, by Megaman_Xtreme2

Future planning

This is really not a cheat but it kind of is. When you Get to the final frontier you cannot use two of the same Pokemon in a battle, so when you are playing from the beginning do not let your strongest Pokemon evolve. It will still get strong and level up but if you are lazy and have no patience or just want it done now you can clone you strong Pokemon to get three of them evolve one once, another twice and the last one none at all. For eg. If you got a torchic, at the end of the game clone so you have two more, a total of three, and evolve two of them so you have a really strong torchic, blaziken, and the other dudes name. I should have done this cause I only have 2 92 level Pokemon, my strongest two(blaziken and linoone). But this way you have stronger end level pokemon.

Your welcome

Added 20 Nov 2007, ID #11519, by sk8_monkey2012

Easy exp

As you may or may not know, to get exp. Points in day care center, you get 1 per every step you take. If you have someone in the daycare center you can get the acro bike and go to the bottom of a sand slope and try to ride up it, but you can't. So every time you try to go up the slope you get an exp point. If you set the gameboy down and put something on the button you can walk away from the gameboy and get expierence. You may have heard this cheat multiple times but I figured the rate at which you get exp. You can get 120 exp. For every 30 seconds. Your welcome.

Added 20 Nov 2007, ID #11518, by sk8_monkey2012

How com when I enter the gameshark code into the visual gameboy it enters it as different codes each. Help me please

Added 5 Nov 2007, ID #11457, by khammoua

How to get all 3 starter pokemon

You go to a pokecenter.
Top floor
Trade with somebody

Added 28 Oct 2007, ID #11434, by Zinger11220

How hatch egges in less than 2 mins

The way I did this is put the Pokemon you want to put in the daycare and in the mauwille road just use a bicicle/mach bike only and keep riding on the on the sides of the daycare AND NOT THE BICICLE ROAD OK <<<

Added 3 Oct 2007, ID #11362, by chotu228

How to get any Pokemon you want:101

This is simple. And it's not really cheating. It works for any Pokemon game.

Get any Pokemon, male or female, and breed it in a daycare center with a ditto. And hey presto there's your baby (insert desired name here) pokemon. well, I don't think it works for the legendary ones or the genderless ones. But I think it works if they have a gender. It worked for the starter pokemon. (which are usually male...

Added 20 Sep 2007, ID #11342, by mitsu
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