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Glitch (Have to have AR for this...)

Go to the tower where you find Rayquaza.
You will notice that at the top, there is a pathway you can walk up to him, but there are also places that if you step on them, you will fall through. But you will ALSO notice you ant step on them because it's out of bounds. However, if you have an action replay cheat for "Walk Through Walls" on, you can go on the steps that are ready to crumble. Step on one and it will colapse and you will fall through...to Petalburg City. You will land infront of the house in the south part of the "City".

Added 26 Jun 2008, ID #12159, by A55
Ask.com and get

Rare pokemon

Beldum: Found in Stevens House in Mossdeep city
Bagon: Found in meteor Falls Where you find TMdragon claw
Corsola:Can be caught by fishing under water fall at ever grand city
Corpfish:Can be caught in ponds with th super rod
Ditto: Can be caught in desert under pass
Smergel: can be caught at Granite cave at the Battle fronteer
Swudowoodo:Can be caught at the battle fronteer buy watering it

Added 24 Jun 2008, ID #12150, by the mew masher

How to get Latias or Latios!!!

After you beat the Elite Four before you exit downstairs look on the T.V. It should say something about a flying Pokemon or something then after your mom will ask you which color the T.V. Said so....
It does not matter which one you choose their both legendary'sand both really good I prefer Latios because I like blue better lol but yeah.

Added 21 Jun 2008, ID #12141, by Iownpokeeemons


Sorry if this is already here but once you have finished the elite 4 go to the new land you unlock(sorry I forgot the name) and go to battle tower. Deposit 1-5 Pokemon in your box that are eligable of challenging(only need 2 Pokemon eligable)once deposited exit your box and save the game. Then put the Pokemon you deposited back in your party. Talk to the last lady closest to the PC. Challenge there using the open lvl but when she asks to save dont. Say yes 1st and then no. Turn off your game and you'll find the Pokemon that you deposited in your party and your box.
P.S:Putting items on the Pokemon your cloning works as well.
Have Fun!!!!!

Added 10 Jun 2008, ID #12102, by Liam2250

Duplication pokemon and items

First you must have access to the first town with gym and go to the pokecentre and go to the PC inside. Now deposite the Pokemon you want to duplicate, but only two Pokemon.. Now get out of the PC and save it. Open up the PC again and withdraw the Pokemon you want duplicate. Exit the PC and talk to the lady that is the guide for the link multi-battle rooms. Click challenge; click whatever level the Pokemon are at; click the Pokemon for the battle (it can't be two of the same Pokemon ); click save, but when it says OVERWRITE GAME do not click YES click NO. Then turn your Gameboy off and on and you will notice that you saved at the lady. Look in your party. The Pokemon that you wanted to duplicate are there. Now walk to the PC and look for the same Pokemon. You'll see they are there. Now you'll have exact copies of them

Added 8 Jun 2008, ID #12091, by j.dog.1996

save when you are using the gameshark code (use mod shop)

When you are using the gameshark code use mod shop it will say you are in the safrai zone so you can't save go to a Pokemon center go up stairs pick any club you want to go in and it will ask you to save.and there you go!!!

Added 7 Jun 2008, ID #12089, by infernape25

much more exp.

Put your Pokemon in the first slot and equip it with exp. Share.After the battles over you will recieve 3/4 exp.

Added 31 May 2008, ID #12062, by fritz_99

how to get mew on emerald

You get Mew on faraway island with the old sea map


(PS) you need to use codes to get the sea map.

Added 11 May 2008, ID #12006, by pokelover996

easy experience!!!!

Ok, so as you through the game, there is a double battle with the news reporters gaby and ty. You battle them above mauville, to the right of mauville (need surf), and right from fortree. They have a loudred and magnemite the first time you battle them, but everytime you DO battle them there Pokemon get higher level, hint hint. Anyways just keep battling them for a while and you will have high level Pokemon in no time, please rate this, it is my first post


Added 10 May 2008, ID #12000, by somewhatruler

duplicate items

To duplicate items you must first beat the game and as soon as you have done that go to the battle tower after you get the s.s.ticket. Go to the pc and give the item that you want to duplicate to a Pokemon then save. After take the item and talk to the lady closest to the pc and go challenge but when it says saving don't turn off power turn off the power. When you turn it back on you should have the item in your bag and on the Pokemon who held the item and thats how you duplicate items.

Added 8 May 2008, ID #11994, by timeandspaceduo

Duplicating Pokemon and Items

Do you want to show off to your friends with 5 Groudons or have 99 rare candys. Well look no further here is how. First of all you have to have beat the Elite 4 to do this cheat. If not you will not be able to go to the Battle Frontier for this cheat. Now for you people who have beatin this game sail or fly to the Battle Frontier. Then you will need to go to the Battle Tower. If you have no idea where this is look at your Battle Pass and you will see a tall blue skyscraper. Please head over there and go inside. Then go over to the PC on your right and save the game. Then go onto your PC and get the Pokemon you want on your team. Go to the person on the right hand side of the Battle Tower and ask to save. It will say "Do you wnat to save your file". Then after that the woman will say "Do you wnat to over write your data" Then you say no then turn off your Gameboy or DS. Once you get back on you shall have 2 of the Pokemon you ordered. This cheat goes for the same for the items. You save with the item you want on a Pokemon in the PC. Then yuo place the item in the bag and continue the step as to earlier. Hope this helps for all of you Pokemon fans.

Added 2 May 2008, ID #11977, by DeathJr

how to lvl your pokemon high overnight

After you have beaten the 5th gym norman you will have aquirred the hm surf you travel over the space between mauville city you travel to the weather instatute beat aqua meet rival beat rival get goo googles go to day care center drop off Pokemon travel to desert go to slop were you need mach bike but don't use mach bike tape down up and b plug it into the charger and leave it all night return to day care center

Added 24 Apr 2008, ID #11942, by mismagmius77

How to copy items without using pokemon(kinda)

My friend made this cheat, not me, just to be sure you know. This cheat is basicly the copying, only different. 1)Go to the Battle Tower and go to the PC.
2)Go to move items and give a Pokemon what you want to copy.(up to how many Pokemon you have in the PC).
3)Exit the Pc and save.
4)Go back on the PC and 'bag' the items you gave to the pokemon.
5)Talk to the woman behind the counter farthest right.Do everything until it says 'Do you want to save?'.Click yes.When it asks the next question, click no.
6)Turn the game off.
7)When you turn the game on, you will have double what you copied.

Please use my friend's cheat.

Added 23 Apr 2008, ID #11939, by metang66773337

Cloaning pokemons

Follow these steps to clon your pokemons, you can clon 5 pokemons at once and you have to do that after finish the league
1° Go to the pc in the battle tower
2° Select up to five pokemons that you want to duplicate. Note tha one of them can't be forbiden on battle tower(groudon,rayquasa,kyogre and eggs) but there's no restrictions about the other four pokemons
3° Now you chose a non legendary Pokemon holding no iten that can't be the same as the other pokemon. This Pokemon won't be duplicated
4° Ascess the pc, deposit the pokemons that are going to be duplicated in any box (works better if it's empty), staing only with the Pokemon that is not going to be duplicated
5° get out with only the Pokemon that won't duplicate and save the game but don't turn off
6° Go back to the pc and withdraw the pokemons you just deposited before saving, get out of the pc talkwith the nearest woman of battle tower chalenges(the last one from left to right), select no restriction battle
7° When she asks you to choose two pokemons, chose the first(the one that won't be cloaned and wasn't deposited) and any other who is able.
8°Acept to save the game. When the message "SAVING DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER" APPEARS, turn off the power before save the game.
9° Turn on .You'll see a message but don't mind it. You'll see that the pokemons are both in your team and in the box you deposited them.You can do it whenever you want
10° TIPS:
a- Train that with no important Pokemon first, just to be sure you can do it because my friend lost hi main team doing that wrongly (i don't know how)
b-If you give itens for the pokemons, the itens will be duplicated as well so do that with noggets to get rich or with rare candy to have as many rare candy as you want.

Added 19 Apr 2008, ID #11929, by Tuny_Deathmaster

Cheat Galore

When breeding with Ditto, look at the other Pokemon's gender. If it is Male, you Baby will be a Male. And if it is female, it is going to be a female baby.

(M) = Male
(F) = Female
GL = Genderless

If you breed a (M) Pikachu holding Light Ball, and a (F) Pikachu holding nothing, ou get a Pichu with Volt Tackle. PIKA EXTRA: Breed a Legendary with a Pikachu holding Clear Wing, you get a Genderless Pikachu or Pichu (If (F))

The Cheats above work for for Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Saphire, and Rainbow

Added 14 Apr 2008, ID #11913, by DarkraiSafari


This is how to clone it is my first cheat

1. Go to battle tower in battle fronteir

2. Put the Pokemon you want toclone in box nine of pc log off and save p.s. Box must be empty before yuo do this

3. Withdraw Pokemon do not save!!!

4. Now go to lady in far right pick either one 50or open lvl and pick 2 Pokemon that are not going to be cloned and give them to her.

5. When it says saving don't turn off power turn it off when you turn it back on youll be standing there and the cloned Pokemon 1 will be wit you and the other will be in box 9.

Added 12 Apr 2008, ID #11907, by Ps297


Go to the battle frontier andthen go to the battle tower go to the pc depositthe Pokemon you wantto cone and place him in a emtey box. Save it withdraw the Pokemon and talk to the nearest person select two Pokemon to enter and you will save it when it says: SAVING DONT TURN OFF THE POWER...when it says that turn it off the Pokemon shold be in your party and in the box.

Added 10 Apr 2008, ID #11905, by r0b0t123

how to get berries

You have to tell the berrie masters wife some passwords to
Get berries.Sorry and if your wondering where you found the berry master I forgot so any way heres the passwords....

.pamtre berry say CHALLENGE CONTEST
.durin berry say COOL LATIOS
.spelon berry say GREAT BATTLE
.watmel berry say OVERWHELMING LATIAS

Added 1 Apr 2008, ID #11885, by 12324Unown

How To Catch Legendaries!!

4 Those newish people!!

Ok for starters. You MUST beat the Elite 4 because if you don't what makes you think you can beat a lvl 70 Legendary when you can't even beat the elite 4!


So once you have beaten the Elite 4 and few times your Pokemon should be reasonably strong! Correct. So make your way to the Weather Institue (Just West of Fortree Town). Go Up to the 2nd level. Walk right to the back and Talk To The Proffessor there (4got his name). He will either say ' There is a lot of rain on route (and a number)than usual. Or 'There is a lot of sunshine on route (and a number) than usual. After that go to the route that the Prof. Mentioned. If he mentioned rain you head under water to a cave! Or if he mentioned Sunlight then you head to a rock side and in through a cave.

If you are underwater then you are fighting against Kyogre at lvl 70 save infront of him so if you accidently kill it you can switch it on and off and start back infront of him again.

If you went into the cave above ground you do the exact same as Kyogre but it's Groudon and he is at lvl 70 aswell. So take strong Pokemon with you!!

They both know the move 'rest' so be aware that they do refresh ALOT!


Well, with rayquaza you are in Sootopilis and they have asked you to enter the Cave of Origin! There A Legendary is asleep you awaken it and it flies off. You exit the cave and Wallace is standing there he says something then he asks you to meet him at the Sky Pillar which is where you find Rayquaza. **Make sure you have a Mach bike b4 you enter because you have to dart over pot holes that DO give way when you are on them 4 too long. At the top of the Sky Pillar Rayquaza is asleep. You walk up to him and he awakens! But Save before you fight because he is very powerful


Added 26 Mar 2008, ID #11877, by Gameboy_Angel

Guys, how do you catch GROUDON and KYOGRE, even if I just kill them..

PS: I don't have a RUBY or SAPPHIRE game...

If you know anything, please let me know..


Added 28 Feb 2008, ID #11811, by killerfninja99
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