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Zombies are mainly the attackers that make-up the wave - you, in the game, are designated to engage. As you progress through the waves, they get tougher and seemingly attacks at larger (and tighter) pack. Depending on their combination and their route, surviving a wave by properly choosing the most effective recruits for a current situation can really be challenging.

Here is a list of the different types, information about them, and the stages where you might have your first encounter of their kind.

(image below: An outrageously large cluster of attacking zombies)

Type: Walker

Info: The most basic type among zombies. Walkers have no particular strengths other than when they attack in successive, tighter cluster of mobs. Any recruit you have can deal with these kind as long as your fire rate and number (of recruits) can cope up with their volume.

First Encounter (stage): Highway from Hell

Type: Crawler

Info: Second type of zombie to appear on your list. Just when you figured out how to use your sentry guns, these creepy crawling bunch of the horde will surprise you with their nifty invincibility to it. Not particularly tough though and is slightly faster than the walker.

First Encounter (stage): Dead in the Water

(image below: crawlers and their invincibility towards sentry guns)

Type: Runner

Info: Third type of zombie to be added on your list. These types might intimidate you for a while since they reach you quite a bit faster than the walker and crawler, although not particularly tougher. As with other types, their strength lies in numbers. Since they pretty much get to you quicker, a good size of a mob can quickly become a serious threat to your recruits.

First Encounter (stage):

Type: zombie Dog

Info: These types can induce panic at your first encounter as they get to you really fast (somewhat faster than the runner types). The good thing is that they are not as resilient as the (human) zombies.

First Encounter (stage): Sheriff’s Challenge

(image below: zombie dog in the game)

Type: zombie Bird

Info: These types typically do not count in the total numbers you kill. They are more like bonus kills that can hand you extra reward cash. Only recruits utilizing ranged weapons can kill them though, so variety in your recruits is also important. They are not potentially dangerous as they do not attack in mob and does not have a (considerable) worry-some attack power.

First Encounter (stage): Sheriff’s Challenge

(image below: zombie birds attacking you from the air)

Type: Sprinter

Info: A Sprinter typically is a bit trickier to spot on a mob – well, at least until it sprints. At first glance, these zombies look just like any walker zombie and sprints when they are half-way through their route or whenever they are at a certain proximity towards your recruits. They are also agile and can seemingly take a few more hits than their running counter-parts.

First Encounter (stage): Dust Devils

(image below: sprinter - the runner's devious sub-specie)

Type: Kamikaze

Info: These fat roasted corpses explode when hit and infects all soldiers in the range of 5 meters. These types are quite resilient with gun shots but you can cope up with increased fire rates as they tend to walk at a slower pace. Take caution though because when they explode, they induce an area-of-effect damage.

First Encounter (stage): Kamikaze

(image below: a kamikaze that has exploded into green goo)

Type: Thrower

Info: These zombies put up the fight at a farther distance. They seem to throw some green stuff that infects your recruits – which in return induce the damage. During your first encounter, you might get your recruit-combinations’ balance off with these long-ranged attackers so take caution.

First Encounter (stage): Kamikaze

Type: Police

Info: One of the most problematic types that will come your way – midway through the game. These ex-swat zombie variant are very resilient with direct shots aimed at them. The only way you could get through them is by shooting them from behind, or by electrocution (Tesla). Not limited to that, they can also take quite a hefty number of hits before falling. The problem lies when they attack in sync with other types. As your crew is busy dealing with them, you can easily be overwhelmed by the attacking mob.

First Encounter (stage): Desert Hunt

(image below: police zombie and its shield that could stress you out)

Type: Boss zombie Walker

Info: Outrageously oversized zombie that packs some serious punch and toughness. Zombie bosses are typically encountered every last wave in every stage. Be wary of your game’s time speed when you are dealing with them as they can easily obliterate your crew.

First Encounter: Last Wave of the First Stage

(image below: humongous boss zombie)

Type: Boss zombie Thrower

Info: The thrower variant of a zombie boss. Bosses can be easily spotted as they are huge in size in comparison to the regular sized zombies. This variant like its regular counter-part throws that green stuff and attacks your crew from afar.

First Encounter: (Random) Last Wave of Kamikaze Stage onwards

(image below: thrower boss zombie variant)

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