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Chained Ogre

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Where is this boss located?

This boss is located on the top of the stairs past the Ashina Outskirts - Stairway sculptor’s idol. Due to the boss’ position and with the lack of alternate routes, you can’t perform a stealth deathblow and will have to fight it the hard way. What can help however, is killing the two swordsmen at the base of the stairs so you can focus on this enemy only.

Take the path shown below so you can climb on the wall near the two enemies. Eavesdrop them for the first time then perform an aerial deathblow on one of them. Take out the other then approach the ogre by going upstairs. Once the ogre detects you, you’ll have a few free seconds to land some hits before it goes full rampage and break free.

How to defeat this boss?

Red Eyes Fear Fire
Before facing this boss, it’s recommended to have the Flame Vent shinobi tool. Using this tool in front of the boss will temporarily stun it, allowing you to land some free shots. If timed correctly, this tool can even interrupt the ogre’s powerful attacks (except its unblockable grab attack)

The ogre is slow and somewhat predictable but you really have to watch for its grab attack. If it catches you, it will pummel you to death or at least severely damages you that you’re instantly in the brink of death.

If you evade its grab attack, you’ll see a green prompt that will appear on top of its head. Use your Grappling Hook to pull yourself towards the boss and land behind it, allowing you to land one or two free hits.

There’s one spearman patrolling the area near the ogre’s binding point that may get aggroed and join the battle. Prioritize taking out his enemy since he will give you problems if left alone, especially with his weapon’s range advantage. You can instantly kill this bugger if you already learned the Mikiri Counter skill.

If you need to heal, don’t hesitate to use your Grappling Hook to reach the higher ground to give yourself a safe space to recover safely.

You can use the evade+lunge hit-and-run tactic against this enemy. Keep going at it until its HP is almost gone. If you have Flame Vent, it’s better to save it when the ogre’s HP is low. The ogre’s attacks will remain erratic and unpredictable but thankfully it won’t have any other gimmicks that can catch you off guard.

Boss Drops

* Prayer Bead
* Shinobi Medicine Rank 1 Latent Skill (if you die or get damaged enough by mini-bosses and bosses)

Video Walkthrough

How to find and defeat the Chained Ogre

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