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Tier Lists

Knights Chronicle Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste) & Dennis (Sanzano)
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Tier Lists

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Although Knights Chronicle is a reasonably balanced game some of the heroes do stand out in comparison to others. Below is a Tier List ranking the best attackers, defenders, healers, and arena specialists. Remember though that some heroes perform better when combined with heroes of the same element or with heroes with a similar skillset.

Best Attackers

Rank is assigned to these characters on the basis of their power, bonus damage, and skill (for attacking purpose).

Rank 1: Mina - Spirit Fox
Mina is a Dark Hybrid Hero and a Spirit Fox.

Leader Skill
Fox Dance - Increases Dark/Wind allies' Multistrike chance by 20%.

Passive Skills
Foxfire Globe, Foxfire Globe Release.

Active Skills
Foxfire, Heart Attack, Twin Stars.

Rank 2: Esna - Supernatural Girl
Esna is a Water Attack Hero and a mage from Grand Duchy of Delcart who attends the Delcartian Magic Academy.

Leader Skill
Brain Boost - Increases water allies ATK by 60% if there are 5 Water heroes in a team.

Passive Skills
Psychic Force, Mental Response.

Active Skills
Psychic Ball, Psychic Wave, Psychic Big Bang.

Rank 3: Kali - The Controller
Kali is a is a Wind Hybrid Hero and a member of the Draiden Elites.

Leader Skills
Moonshadow Ninja - Increases all wind allies ATK by 40%.

Passive Skills
Moon's Shadow, Regeneration Magic.

Active Skills
Shadow Dagger, Moonlight Shuriken, Dark Moonlight Strike.

Rank 4: Morrigan - The Slaughterer
Morrigan is a Fire Attack Hero and a member of the Draiden Elites.

Leader Skill
Cursed Sword - Increases ATK of Fire allies for 40%.

Passive Skills
Demon Sword: Bloody Petal, Morrigan's Madness.

Active Skills
Carnivourous Sword, Bloody Petal's Dance, Surge, Bloody Petal.

Rank 5: Verdandi - The Punisher
Verdandi is a Water Attack Hero and a member of the Draiden elites.

Leader Skill
Cold Heart - Increases Water allies’ ATK by 40%.

Passive Skills
Deathsight, Hellraiser.

Active Skills
Gouge, Cold Bullet, Death Penalty

Best Defenders

The main role of defenders is protecting the allies from the enemy by blocking the enemy attacks.

Rank 1: Electra - Charming Destroyer
Electra is Fire Defense Hero, she is a female Drayan who is equally powerful to Haspiel.

Leader Skill
Drayan Dignity - Increases Fire ally ATK by 60% if the party has 5 or more Fire heroes.

Passive Skills
Burning Scale, Flaming Avenger.

Active Skills
Blazing Touch, Fire Incarnate, Electra's Breath.

Rank 2: Claude - The Undertaker
Claude is a Dark Defense Hero and a Shadow Assassin from the Junta Draiden's Shadow Guild.

Leader Skill
Black Coffin - increases Dark/Wind allies' DEF by 20%.

Passive Skills
Path to Peace, Spirit Trade.

Active Skills
Death Arrow, Spirit Tomb, Final Breath.

Rank 3: Marduk - Ironwall Protector
Marduk is a Water Defensive Hero and a member of the Heldrea Kingdom’s elite White Knights.

Leader Skill
Physical Training - Increases Water/Light Heroes DEF by 20.

Passive Skills
Gutsy Knight, Immortal Body.

Active Skills
Full Swing, Taunting Strike, Storm Field.

Rank 4: Amon - The Prophet
Amon is a Light Defense Hero and a Master Elite of the Junta Draiden.

Leader Skill
Agent of Judgment - Increases Light allies' ATK by 40%.

Passive Skills
Revelation Signet, Draiden Prophet.

Active Skills
Purifying Strike, Sign of Destruction, Drayan's Judgment

Rank 5: Corelia - Shield Knight
Cordelia s a Wind Defense Hero and a knight from the Hadrea Kingdom and adjutant of Marduk, a White Knight.

Leader Skill
Gathered Knights - Increases Wind/Light allies’ DEF by 20%.

Passive Skills
Searing Rage, Final Light.

Active Skills
Hammer Slash, Pure Grace, Mega Smite.

Best Healers

Healers can heal your allies during and it is remmoneded that you should add at least one healer to your team.

Rank 1: Deimos - Blessed Faith
Deimos is a Water Support hero who is a Dark Knight, the highest tier of the knights from the Grand Duchy of Delcart.

Leader Skill
Spiritual Dominance - Increases Water/Dark allies’ Recovery Amount by 20%.

Passive Skills
Black Prayer, Hidden Darkness.

Active Skills
Pitch-black Light, Abyssal Evergreen, Dark Fog.

Rank 2: Karen - Klutzy Waitress
Karen is a Water Support Hero and a waitress from the Abundant Moonshine, Sophia's Inn.

Leader Skill
Knight's Haven - Increases Water/Light allies’ HP recovery Amount by 20%.

Passive Skills
Abundant Moonshine, On the House!

Active Skills
Excuse me! Service with a Smile!, Welcome to the Abundant Moonshine!

Rank 3: Sid - Wings of Hope
Sid is a Wind Support Hero who is a student at the Magic Academy in the Grand Duchy of Delcart.

Leader Skill
Peaceful Wingbeat - Increases Wind/Water allies’ HP Recovery Amount by 20%.

Passive Skills
Fluttering Feathers, Willful Wind.

Active Skills
Winged Descendant, Blessed Feather, Wing of Revival,

Rank 4: Miss Etica - Dr. Moral's Assistant

Leader Skill
Best Assistant - Increases HP of all dark allies by 30%.

Passive Skills
Emergency Response, Reserved Patient.

Active Skills
Suspicious Beaker, Thorough Examination, Special Treatment.

Rank 5: Rue - Grand Duchy Maid
Rue is a Fire Support hero who is a maid at a castle in Tybalt, the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Delcart.

Leader Skill
Castle Maid - Increases Fire/Wind allies’ HP Recovery Amount by 20%.

Passive Skills
Impeccable Work!, Serving Hands!

Active Skills
Clean Up, Maid’s Heart, Rise and Shine, Master!

Best Characters for Arena Battles

Listed below are the five best characters for PvP arena battles.

Rank 1: Cain - Wild Warrior
Cain is a Dark Attack hero and a man from the Haldrea Kingdom.

Leader Skill
Bestial Instinct - Increases Dark/Light allies’ Multistrike chance by 20%.

Passive Skills
Untamed Nature, Berserk Rage.

Active Skills
Beastly Blast, Dark Beast, Zap! Zap! Zap!

Rank 2: Ruby - Gritty Girl Fighter
Ruby is a Wind Attack hero who grew up under the tutelage of her father, who runs a dojo in a small city in the Grand Duchy of Delcart.

Leader Skill
We’re the Best! - Increases Wind allies ATK by 60% of the party has 5 Wind heroes.

Passive Skills
It’s On!, Let’s Do This!

Active Skills
Speed Kick!, Spin Kick!, Flying Kick!

Rank 3: Cynthia - Word Spell Witch
Cynthia is a Fire Attack Hero who is a master of 'Word Spells', a unique kind of magic that allows her to make her words into reality.

Leader Skill
Verbal Magician - Increases all allies ATK by 20%.

Passive Skills
The Castigator, Silent Time.

Active Skills
Nonverbal Conversation, Choppi’s Voice, Explosive Speech.

Rank 4: Lifa - Vulk Girl
Lifa is a Fire Hybrid Hero and a shieldmaiden from the Vulk tribe.

Leader Skill
Vulk Shieldmaiden - Increases Fire/Light allies’ Max HP by 20%.

Passive Skills
Rage Explosion, Contagious Vigor.

Active Skills
Spinning Strike, Wild Roar, Hurricane Blast

Rank 5: Ramu - Courage of Hope
Ramu is a Wind Hybrid Hero and a member of the Heldrea Kingdom's elite White Knights.

Leader Skill
Preservance - Increases Wind/Water allies Max HP by 20%.

Passive Skills
Healing Wind, Return to Life.

Active Skills
Sword Rush, Second Wind, Star Of Hope.

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