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Applied Effect

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The game has especially-named skill effects and they’ll be listed below, including the character-specific effects. You can also check the applied effects in the middle of battle while in Manual Mode by tapping the effect icon on top of the characters' portrait in the lower right corner of the screen or the boss/enemy's health bar in the upper left.

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Guide Image

For convenience, we will be skipping obvious and self-explanatory buffs like ATK Increase, DEF Increase, ACC Increase etc. You can find these effects listed in the game’s Help menu.


Effect Description
Penetration Applied All attacks will have the penetration effect, that bypasses shields.
Ignore DEF Attacks will ignore the defense rating of the target. Very dangerous especially when stacked with the Penetration effect.
Damage Reflection Returns damage back to the attacker, proportional to the inflicted damage. Damage is reflected on a per-hit basis, making this skill essentially deadly against multi-hit Skills or multi-striking enemies.
Abnormal Status Immunity Become immune against negative status effects while this effect is active.
Continuous Damage Immunity Become immune to new DOT (damage-over-time effects like bleeding, burning, poison, etc) applied. However, this will not remove already applied DOTs.
Damage Immunity Blocks all non-penetration damage 1 time
All Damage Immunity Become immune to all damage, including penetration and DOTs.
Light Element Absorption Taking damage from Light-element enemies heals you instead.
Dark Element Absorption Taking damage from Dark-element enemies heals you instead.
Hide Activates stealth-effect, preventing enemies from targeting a hidden character. However, AoE (area-of-effect) attacks will still inflict damage and the character becomes immediately visible upon taking damage.
Shield Activates a protective barrier that nullifies some damage except Penetration.
Defend Character doesn’t attack and takes a defensive stance, decreasing any damage inflicted to him/her.
Resolve Survive with 1 HP and prevents the user from getting killed while the effect is active. This includes Looming Death effect.
Immortality Revives automatically with a bt of HP upon death. This ability doesn’t trigger if killed while Burned.
Protection The caster takes damage in place of an ally where Protection was casted to.
Recovery Regenerate some HP automatically every turn.
Shadow Caster is covered in shadow.
Strike Preparation The next attack is a guaranteed Critical Strike. Best used before using a powerful skill.
Berserker Caster will become more powerful but will be uncontrollable. However, if the caster has the Abnormal Status Immunity effect active before activating Berserker, he/she can still be controlled with the Berserker’s boost active.
Veil of Phantasm Guaranteed evasion (once per battle)
Dark Warrior Gain immunity against all abnormal status effects.
Turn Speed Decrease Immunity Grants immunity against the Turn Speed Decrease effect specifically.
Cozy Abundance Similar effect as Immortality. However, this effect can’t be applied if Immortality is active on the user.
Esna’s Revenge Guaranteed Critical Strike (once per battle)
Quintuple-Target Attack Damage Taken Decrease Decrease damage taken from Quintuple-target attacks (basically attacks that target the entire party)
Single-Target Attack Damage Taken Decrease Decrease damage taken from single-target attacks.
Damage Absorption Absorb damage to heal the user. Poison deals damage normally.
Concentrated Power Increase the damage output of Skill #3.
Untamed Nature Multistrike and Counterattack Chance increased
Butterfly Wing Target becomes immune to DOTs while the effect is active.
Wings of Protection Absorb damage to heal the user. Poison deals damage normally.
Rage ATK and Critical Strike increased when Enraged.
Revive Revives upon death with some HP.
Focused Power Single-target attack damage increased.
Dirge: Ghost Girl Immune to all damage except Penetration. The enemy that removes this effect will be put to sleep for 2 turns. (Cannot be applied if Damage Immunity is active)
Demon Sword: Bloody Petal The demon sword awakens and grants special effects to the wielder.
Telekinetic Rage Awakens Potential Power to the caster.
Strengthening Agent Restore HP every turn. Inflicts Blind and Looming Death for 1 turn to any enemy that removes this effect.
Adrenaline Increases attack speed. Ally and Enemy turns count towards the effect duration. Cannot stack with other ATK SPD increase effects.
Revival Unavailable Immunity Immunity against Revival Unavailable effects.


Effect Description
Mark! Take some damage when an ally receives damage.
Brand Increases damage taken
Fanatic Activates various effects when attacked by the skill with Fanatic trigger status effects .
Freeze Target becomes immobilized and vulnerable to damage.
Stun Target becomes immobilized and vulnerable to damage.
Sleep Target becomes immobilized. The next attacks received are guaranteed to land as Criticals. Target wakes up after getting hit/damaged.
Charm Target becomes immobilized. Getting hit/damaged removes the effect.
Taunt Enemies will attack the caster.
Silence Target will be unable to use Skill #2 and Skill #3.
Confusion Target will be unable to select a target or skill to use. Uses a random skill on a random target.
Blind All attacks will have a chance to miss. Recovery and buff effects will not miss.
Looming Death Target is doomed to die once the effect ends. Target receives damage equal to 50% of his/her current HP after half of the effect’s duration has passed
Revive Unavailable Target can’t be revived if he/she’s killed while this status is active.
Amnesia Passive skill is negated while the effect is active
Melancholy Buff effects not applied while the effect is active.
Expel Target is expelled temporarily to another dimension and becomes immobilized. All buffs and debuffs are removed.
Poison Target takes damage each turn. Heal effects deal damage instead.
Bleed Take damage each turn. Cannot be removed until the effect runs out.
Curse Take damage each turn. If this status is removed, inflicts damage to the hero that removed the effect.
Burn Take damage each turn.
Explosion Take damage when the effect ends.
Electrocute Take damage each turn. If the effect is removed, the hero who removed it gets stunned for a turn.
Weakness Reveal Critical Strike is guaranteed
Tornado of Restraint Become immobilized
Voodoo Doll Take damage each turn. All enemy attacks land as Criticals.
Sweet Candy Restores the attacker’s Hp when attacked.
Special Sauce Restores the attacker’s Hp when attacked.
Ebony Wound Take damage each turn. Cannot be removed until the effect runs out.
Elemental Disadvantage Increase Increased damage from an attack from an element the target is weak against.
Spin Shot Inflicts additional damage and decreases Recovery Amount when attacking a target with the Spin Shot effect, when Spin Shot is stacked.
Blaze Expends Blaze stacks to take additional damage when attacked.
Mental Seal Take damage when using a Skill.
Dangerous Omen Increased damage taken from Quintuple-target attacks.
Single-target Attack Damage Taken Increase Increased damage taken from single-target attacks.
Rose Crest Take additional damage or become Charmed when attacking the Rose Crest caster.
Chill Take damage each turn.
Verdict Signet Activate special effects based on the enemy’s type, when the caster attacks a target affected by the signet.
Engraving of Destruction Take damage when using Skill #3.
Madness Become immobilized. Inflicts damage when removed.
Weakening Agent Attacks have a chance to miss, except for recovery and buff effects. Inflicts blind and Looming Death for 1 turn to the enemy that removes this effect.
Crow Phantom Take damage each turn. The enemy who removes this effect takes massive damage and receives a Crow Phantom of their own.
Weaken Max HP and current HP is decreased by a set amount.
Twisted Love Targeted by Taryn. Cannot be removed unless another ally is inflicted with Twisted Love.
Judgmental Light Targets affected by this skill take additional damage when attacked.
Resolve Disabled Prevents Resolve buff from being activated.
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