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Follow the dark path or use the light

Control Everlight Town

Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Overlord 2 Guide - Side Quests

Control Everlight Town

After conquering Everlight Town, you can either kill or enslave the population to fully control it. There are 100 villagers in the town, but you are only able to reach 80 of them initially. To get to the last 20 villagers, you'll need to complete the “Rebels in Everlight Town” quest, which will appear as “An Everlightian Requests an Audience” in the quest list on the Throne interface after you've completed “Into the Depths.”

To complete this quest, you need to either kill all 100, or enslave all 100. To kill a villager, you need to lock-on and either hit him or her with your weapon, or overcharge your Target spell. To enslave a villager, lock-on and hold down the X/Square button until the villager begins to get down on his or her knees (likely as soon as he or she begins to lose health), at which point immediately release the button to avoid overcharging the spell and killing him or her. Keep an eye on the villager's health bar if you're planning to enslave them, as they may not fall to their knees in time; if their health falls to the half-way point, release the spell, as they have surely been subdued by then.

Enslave or destroy the population of Everlight Town.

Targeted villagers will attempt to escape, so you can use your Brown Minions to pin them down; simply lock onto the fleeing villager and hold down the RT/R2 button to send them in.

The destruction path yields quick Gold and Lifeforce Orbs, but enslaving the town yields gradual Gold, Lifeforce Orbs, and equipment for your Minions. There are three or four villagers hiding in each of the houses in the town; you can force them out by breaking the door down. You can sweep your Minions into the house once the door is down to destroy it; doing so will yield some more gold.

If you've enslaved some villagers, you can collect Gold from the mining spots around town at, and you can also find equipment for your Minions by working slaves at anvils. Furthermore, look for Lifeforce bar counters to find villagers producing Lifeforce Orbs and wine.

Visit Lifeforce bars to collect orbs produced by enslaved villagers.

Destroying the entire village will increase your Destruction tyranny rating, while enslaving the population will increase your Domination tyranny rating. It's best to play Overlord II making either all Destruction choices or all Domination choices if you have interest in earning achievements/trophies, as several are unlocked by being consistent.

If you're planning to enslave Everlight Town, refer to the “Rebels in Everlight Town” section of this guide for important info.

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Comments for Control Everlight Town

14 comments, latest first.
Aug 25th 2014 Guest
So if I kill even one person: I can't enslave the town?
ID #440792
May 7th 2013 Guest
Its easier to kill everyone Smile
ID #280847
Mar 7th 2013 Guest
I can only find 78 slaves and I have not killed anyone
ID #261447
Oct 8th 2012 Guest
what bombs?!
ID #193475
Sep 6th 2012 Guest
Hi.It seems that many could not get to a certain area, particularly the Elf Rebellion Area. I don't know if you did not know this but the bombs that the elves are throwing at you, you can lock on the bomb and order your minions to place them at the barricades. That way you can enter those obstructed areas. Hope this helps, thanks.
ID #183800
Aug 4th 2012 Guest
listen i have kild 76 men end women in everlight but i cant find the rest ennywhere please advise !!!
ID #172079
Jul 2nd 2012 Guest
Yes, you have to accept or refuse the audiance from Everlight in your Tower. Then come back to Everlight and see what happens Smile)
ID #159608
May 26th 2012 Guest
this is useless ...
i cant get to the last 20..
the first pic. is where i need to get to but i cant
ID #145715
Jan 4th 2012 Guest
This is of no help at all I haev completed all the quests in question and still can't get to the last 20!
ID #102897
Aug 14th 2011 Guest
If you people actualy bothered to read the entire article;

y. To get to the last 20 villagers, you'll need to complete the “Rebels in Everlight Town” quest, which will appear as “An Everlightian Requests an Audience” in the quest list on the Throne interface after you've completed “Into the Depths.”

Jeez... how simple are you guys.
ID #67153
Jul 19th 2011 Guest
[size=12][/size] gay not helpful
ID #59257
Jul 13th 2011 Guest
ID #57498
Nov 27th 2010 Guest
I hear the 1st comment, i had the same problem and i havent solved it yet. This information was useless to me.
ID #19532
Oct 8th 2010 Guest
how do I get to a certain area in everlight town, it's the one showed in the top-most screen shot on this page.
ID #14672