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Follow the dark path or use the light

Find a Way into Empire City

Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Overlord 2 Guide - Walkthrough

Find a Way into Empire City

Select “Travel to the Empire” from the quest list on the Throne interface to get started.

Task: Get past the Harbor Fort
Use the Brown Minion Gate to call forth as many Brown Minions as you can. Head up onto the walkway and send your Browns to attack the two soldiers standing there. Continue south to encounter a couple more. A formation of soldiers is blocking the path to the Harbor Fort; sweep your Browns in, and help them tear the soldiers down. With the soldiers out of the way, sweep your Minions up to the archers on either side to take them out.

Continue south to trigger a cutscene. The bridge into the Harbor Fort is drawn, and the Catapult team has set its sights on the Overlord and his Minions. As soon as you regain control, head west to the rock barrier. You need to trick the catapult team to destroy the barrier for you. Just keep heading west and don't stop until you are right at the rock barrier. By the time you reach the barrier, the catapult team should have fired and missed, and be ready with another boulder. So, just a moment after you reach the rock barrier, spin the camera around, sweep your Minions east and use the Left Stick at the same time to walk the Overlord over to them. If done correctly, the second boulder should smash the barrier, and no causalities should have been suffered.

Stand by the rock barrier west of the Harbor Fort to prompt the catapult operators to launch in that direction. With any luck, the boulder will destroy the barrier.

Immediately start up the slope and sweep your Minions ahead of you. Smash the cart in your path, continue to the legion formation, and sweep your Browns to them. Try to muscle your way through the formation to get beyond the large boulder along the path. Even if some of the soldiers remain standing, if you manage to get behind the formation, call your Minions to you and command them to start turning the wheel there to lower the bridge. Leave the remnants of the formation alone, and proceed across the bridge.

Head up the hill southeast of the Netherworld Gate to spot a Command Upgrade.

Task: Dress up 16 Minions as Legionaries to fool the Catapult guards
Start down the path south of the Netherworld Gate and you will eventually encounter a group of bathing soldiers. Ignore them, and instead lock onto the nearby tent and hold down RT/R2 to send your Minions in. The Minions will don the Legionary costumes inside, allowing you to then sneak them into the fort.

Walk up the hill north of the tent to uncover a Possession Statue. Use the statue to possess one of your costumed Minions, and then head through the low archway by the rock barrier up ahead. When you reach the bridge, command four of your Minions to turn the wheel behind the crates to connect the two sides. Walk around to the bridge into fort and it will be promptly raised to provide you entry.

Task: Take control of the Catapult
Head up the steps beyond the gate and up to the Catapult. Lock onto the Catapult and send 10 Minions in to power it. Then, stand on the highlighted steering platform and press the A/X button to take control. To use the Catapult, hold down the RT/R2 button to increase distance. Use the Left Stick to steer, and click the Right Stick button to zoom in and out. Use the Catapult to crush the Legionnaires just outside of the fort, and then the formation coming from the north.

When the two formations have been scattered, aim the Catapult toward the gate northwest of the fort and hold RT/R2 until the Catapult is completely charged. Then, release RT/R2 to send the boulder to the gate to smash it.

Use the hijacked Catapult to smash the gate.

There's a Forge Stone at the bottom of the steps that lead up to the Catapult. Order at least four of your Minions to pick it up, and they will automatically carry it back to the Netherworld Gate. Look next to the steps near the front gate for a Dark Crystal container.

Forge Stone

Dark Crystal

Task: Explore further into the Empire Heartlands
Hold the X/Square button for three seconds to return to the Overlord. Walk back down to the fields and make your way over to the broken gate. Head through the opening to enter the Empire Heartlands.

Task: Take down the Sentinel on the main road
Follow the path to trigger a cutscene. Afterward, continue down the path to trigger another cutscene, depicting a Sentinel in his tower. The Sentinel has the main road covered, so continue up the hill at the end of the path instead. You'll reach a Netherworld Gate; use the Minion Gates nearby and recruit as many Greens as you can.

Head up the steps north of the Netherworld Gate and turn right. Smash the Sentinel tower along the wall here, and then head west to uncover a Possession Statue. Use the statue to possess one of your Minions, and then cross the ruined beam north of the Netherworld Gate. Follow the path on the left to reach a couple of tents containing Legionary gear. Send your Minions in, and walk in yourself to put on the costumes.

Walk around to the Gargantuan to trigger a cutscene. When you regain control, stand in front of the gate at the east end of the path to lure the Gargantuan into charging through it. The Sentinel in the tower above the gate is sweeping a red light over the path; getting caught in the light will blow your cover, so wait until the light is off to the left before sending your Minions in to bring down the tower.

When the Sentinel has been dealt with, start down the eastern path. Duck into the grassy area along the left side of the road to encounter the Gargantuan again. To remove the Sentinel tower blocking the main road, you have to stand behind the base to trick the Gargantuan into charging into it.

Trick the Gargantuan into charging into the base of the tower to kill the Sentinel.

Killing the Gargantuan here will yield a Dark Crystal. To kill the brute, stand behind the broken tower base and trick him into charging into it. Then, while the Gargantuan is stunned, sweep your Greens behind him to have them latch on to his back and begin chipping away at his health. Do this a few times to drain the Gargantuan's health completely, and then pick up the Dark Crystal he drops.

Task: Destroy the Villa and take down Senator Drearius
After destroying the Sentry tower on the main road and collecting the Dark Crystal by killing the Gargantuan, hold the X/Square button for three seconds to return to the Overlord. Use the Minion Gates near the Possession Statue to call forth a mix of Brown and Green Minions. Return to the main road and follow the marker on your mini-map to confront Senator Drearius.

Sweep your Browns in to engage the soldiers that Drearius sends at you, and then sweep them to the columns on the north and south sides of his villa. Head up the steps behind the north section of the villa to reach the second level. Kill the archers at the top of the stairs, and then sweep your Minions through the small hole and to the short columns to bring the place down.

You can either kill Senator Drearius and his wife, or enslave the both of them. If you've been consistent with your actions thus far, you'll know what to do. Once you've made your choice, return to the previous area and head to the west end to spot a Spell Catalyst. Command three of your Minions to pick up the Spell Catalyst and they will automatically carry it over to the nearest Netherworld Gate.

Kill both Senator Drearius and his wife to raise your Destruction tyranny rating, or enslave them to raise your Domination tyranny rating.

Task: Get yourself a Sedan Chair
Order four of your Minions to pick up the Sedan Chair, and walk in to it to complete the quest.

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Comments for Find a Way into Empire City

5 comments, latest first.
Aug 24th 2014 Guest
I had to kill Drerius and his wife, enslaving them didn't work.
ID #440479
Oct 29th 2013 Guest
I had a glitch with the chair, when i walked in to it it didnt trigger anything... How can i defeat this glitch?
ID #316875
Jun 29th 2011 Guest
To send all of your minions be sure they are all dancing demonically around the pillar your posessee is perched upon before adding your touch of the arcane.
ID #53453
Mar 18th 2011 Guest
to beat the 9 minion problem send all of your minions and you will have enough
ID #33090
Mar 6th 2011 Guest
it only lets me take 9 minions once i transform!!
ID #31689