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Follow the dark path or use the light

Deal with the Nordberg Commune

Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Overlord 2 Guide - Side Quests

Deal with the Nordberg Commune

This side quest becomes available shortly after the Everlight Jungle quest. The quest is listed as “A Nordbergian Requests an Audience” in the Throne interface. Accept the villager's quest to automatically be teleported to the Nordberg Commune.

Task: Find your Wolves
When you reach the commune, use the Minion Gates to call forth at least five Red Minions and fill the rest of the spots with Browns. The bridge to the commune is raised, and only mounted Browns can reach the wheel to lower it. Start following the path and command your Reds to burn down the thorny barrier that you come to. Follow the trail here and keep an eye your right for another thorny barrier; have your Reds remove this barrier as well, and then proceed along the water to reach a fire barrier.

Command your Reds to remove the fire surrounding the barrier, and then break through to the caged Wolves. There are some harpoon throwers at the top of the hill just past the barrier, so sweep your Browns up to take them out. There are several more harpoon throwers across the gap, but only mounted Browns can reach them. Sweep your Browns in to destroy the igloos and engage the Hunters, and then smash the cages to free the Wolves.

Send your mounted Browns up the hill and across the gap to the harpoon throwers. Afterward, remove the thorny barrier to uncover some treasure.

Use Wolves to cross the gap and reach the wheel to lower the drawbridge.

Task: Open the Gate to the Commune
Make your way back to the Netherworld Gate and head down the trail east of there. Have your Reds diffuse the fire barrier, and then smash the barrier and send your mounted Browns across the gap. Sweep them over to the wheel and use it to lower the drawbridge.

Task: Destroy or Enslave the commune
When the drawbridge has been lowered, cross it to enter the commune. Kill the Elves that engage you, and then decide what to do with the villagers; you can either enslave or destroy the commune. Destroying the commune will increase your Destruction tyranny rating, while enslaving all of the villagers will increase your Domination tyranny rating.

To destroy the commune, simply kill all of the villagers, then follow the marker on the mini-map to reach the Elven Priestess and kill her, too.

If you choose to enslave the commune, be sure to keep your Minions away from the villagers, as they will automatically target the villagers because they are considered hostile. Set all of your Minions on a Guard Flag outside of the commune, and then continue south to the crop fields. To enslave a villager, lock-on and hold the X/Square button until he or she begins to get on his or her knees, at which point immediately release the button. Villagers that have yet to be enslaved will have a red marker when targeted, so you can easily differentiate between subdued villagers and those who still need to be turned.

Collect the Spell Catalyst before leaving the Commune!

Once you've complete the task, before leaving the commune, be sure to collect the Spell Catalyst at the top of the hill in the northeast corner of the crop fields.

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Comments for Deal with the Nordberg Commune

1 comments, latest first.
Oct 12th 2013 Guest
I have enslaved the commune, but when I return to the area, where the commune was, is just empty ground and some crates.
Is there some mistake that could cause this or is this a bug?
thanks in advance Ower.
ID #314108