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Follow the dark path or use the light

Everlight Town

Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Overlord 2 Guide - Walkthrough

Everlight Town

Task: Gain entrance to Everlight Town
Teleport to the Everlight Temple Outskirts gate. Now that you have the Green Minion Hive and access to Spider mounts, you can reach a Dark Crystal near the Netherworld Gate. Call forth some Greens from the Green Minion Gate, and look to the map (press the Back/Select button) and locate the nearby Spider nest. There are three Eradicators between the Netherworld Gate and the Spider nest; the first is likely facing the steps, so set your Greens on a Guard Flag and lure the Eradicator over to the Guard Flag to cause them to attack.

When you have a mounted Green, return to the Netherworld Gate. Head up the steps north of the Netherworld Gate and look to the right. Send your mounted Green up the web-covered wall to retrieve the Dark Crystal.

Use a mounted Green to reach this Dark Crystal.

Head north from the Netherworld Gate and send a mounted Green up the web-covered wall surrounding the gate. Use the Right Stick to activate the pressure switch on the right side of the gate, and then move the Minion over to the switch at the other side. You have to activate the second switch before the sides of the first switch fill back in to lower the gate. Cross the bridge to enter the next area and complete the task.

Task: Get into Everlight Town
Call forth as many Brown Minions as you can from the Minion Gate and start down the path. There are soldiers and archers along the way; they are without a Centurion leader, so they should be easily dealt with. Sweep your Browns up the hills to kill the archers, and then pick off the soldiers.

Continue down the path and you will eventually reach a second set of Minion Gates. Recruit some Greens and have them mount the Spiders here. Then, send the mounted Greens up to the top of the hill further south from the Minion Gates and set them on a Guard Flag. When the Spiders jump down to attack and break up the formation, move in and start attacking the soldiers.

When the way is clear, press on with a mix of Brown and Green Minions. When you reach the next area, send some mounted Greens up the web along the west side of the area over to the perched Centurion. When the Centurion has fallen, sweep your Browns in to kill the scattered soldiers, and then send them up to the end of walkway along the east side of the area to take out the archers.

Use mounted Greens to kill the Centurion on the platform at the other end of the web-covered wall.

Sweep your Browns in to attack the demoralized formation below the archway, and then continue south to a Waypoint and Minion Gates. The gate into Everlight is shut tight, so you'll have to find another way in. Head south from the Everlight gate to reach a Possession Stone. Use the Possession Stone to take direct control of one of your Minions, and then head down the narrow trail nearby.

Task: Destroy the Temple
When you reach the town, make your way over to the gate and command your Minions to turn the wheel. When the gate is open, hold the X/Square button for three seconds to return to the Overlord. Walk straight through the gate, and continue heading east until you reach a closed gate. Head up the stairs nearby, and sweep your Brown Minions up to engage the Legionnaires. Once the Legionnaires have been taken care of, sweep your Browns to the top of the steps to take out the archers.

When you reach the top of the stairs, fight your way onto the platform up ahead. Have your Minions turn the wheel to open the gate in the northeast corner of the platform. Head through the gate and fight your way to the other end of the walkway. The totem is in front of a closed gate by some Spiders. Order your Minions to pick up the Command Upgrade, and they will automatically carry it over to the nearby Waypoint Gate.

Collect this Command Upgrade by the Waypoint Gate in Everlight Town.

Use the Minion Gates by the Waypoint to recruit at least 10 Greens, and then as many Browns as you can. From the Waypoint Gate, head south down the steps and sweep your Browns to the soldiers. Send them into the tent to have them destroy it, preventing more soldiers from spawning. Continue south, engaging the soldiers along the way, and follow the marker on the mini-map to reach the temple.

After the cutscene, a few waves of Legionnaires will approach. Set your Browns on a Guard Flag at the top of the steps and help them fight off the Legionnaires. When enemies stop approaching, select your Greens and head right from the stairs. Sweep your Greens to the other end of the narrow beam over the water and have them attack the archers behind the group of soldiers. Then, when the Greens return, sweep them back across the beam and into the tent near the explosive barrels. When your Greens return once more, sweep them back across the beam and behind the formation. Call your Browns over, and attack the stunned soldiers.

When the soldiers have been dealt with, set your Brown Minions on a Guard Flag between the two rocks on this section of the area. Select your Greens, and target the explosive barrel closest to the curved beam. Press the RT/R2 button to command one of your Greens to pick up the explosive barrel, and then use the Right Stick to move the Minion to the top of the curved beam below the balcony. The Centurion should be standing on the balcony above the beam; when the barrel goes off, it should damage him. Repeat this as many times as necessary to kill the Centurion.

Send a Minion over to the other side of the beam with an explosive barrel to kill the group of archers there as well.

Use explosive barrels to kill the Centurion on the platform.

With the Centurion and archers dead, make your way over to the other side of the area with your Brown Minions and attack the demoralized formation. Then, head up the steps to confront the Governess of Everlight. As with Borius, you can either kill or enslave the Governess. Killing her, of course, will affect your Destruction tyranny rating, while subduing her will affect your Domination tyranny rating.

Once you've dealt with the Governess, sweep your Minions to the supports of the temple to raze it. Then, approach the Town Hall, press the A/X button to open the interface, and purchase Everlight Town for 50 Brown Minions to complete the quest.

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Comments for Everlight Town

3 comments, latest first.
Feb 3rd 2011 Guest
I too am looking to find a way to open the gate behind the totem. @ Vaann you acquire more browns by killing larger living things & collecting the glowing ball of light left behind, if you forge the first helm you will get 2 for every one collected. :D
ID #27813
Jan 31st 2011 Vaann
I got all the way to the end; and I only have 47 Browns available. How do I get past this? do I need to start over?
ID #27452
Jan 4th 2011 Guest
the gate behind the totem how do u open it??
ID #24050