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Spider Queen Temple

Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Overlord 2 Guide - Walkthrough

Spider Queen Temple

If you warp back to the Netherworld Tower, there are a couple of side quests available that you can complete to gather resources. If you venture into the Wasteland area, which you can access by selecting “A Mysterious Lady Appears” from the quests list on the Throne interface, you can collect a Mana Upgrade and a Spell Catalyst. However, you won't be able to complete this quest until you have rescued the Blue Minion Hive, but you can collect the aforementioned upgrades without them.

When you're ready to get started, from the Throne interface or a Netherworld Gate, select Everlight Town from the quests list to teleport to the Everlight Temple Outskirts.

Task: Explore the Everlight Temple Outskirts
Provided you have acquired all of the Command Upgrades available at this point, you should have a maximum horde size of 30. Call forth 15 Brown Minions, 10 Green Minions, and 5 Red Minions from the Minion Gates and head north.

The legion soldiers in the area at the bottom of the steps that you come to are without a Centurion leader, so they're easy prey. Sweep your Browns in to engage them, and then move in and smack them around yourself. There's an Eradicator at the start of the path in the southwest corner of this area; he should have his back turned by default, so send your Greens in to attack him from behind.

Send your Greens in to attack the Eradicator while his back is turned.

Continue west down the path. There's another Eradicator in this area, so wait until his back is turned, and then command your Greens to move in and attack him. Deeper into the area, a ridiculous number of Spiders will appear and attack the Legionnaires. Kill the Spiders, and then look for a Spell Catalyst at the top of some steps in the northwest corner of the area. Command three of your Minions to pick up the Spell Catalyst and they will automatically pick it up and carry it back to the Netherworld Gate.

Task: Find a way into the Temple
Raising the bridge to Everlight Temple requires a Red and Blue Gate Key. The Red Gate Key is already set in place, but the Blue Gate Key is missing. You'll need the Red Gate Key, so have three of your Brown Minions pick it up.

Head down the path at the south end of this area. Clear the bamboo trees, and command four of your Minions to pull back the statue blocking your path. Clear away the bamboo trees beyond the statue to reach Brown, Red, and Green Minion Gates. Send all of your Green and Red Minions back to the Netherworld, and call forth as many Brown Minions as you can.

Your Minions will automatically place the Red Gate Key on the slot in front of the gate, which will lower it. Move through the gate to encounter Fay, who summons a guardian to defend the Blue Gate Key.

The guardian has a lot of health, but taking him down is simple. Remain in place, lock onto the creature, and hold down the RT/R2 button to send your Browns in to attack. Keep an eye on the guardian; when he raises his arms, immediately begin holding down the B/Circle button to call your Minions back. When the guardian raises his arms, he is preparing to jump up into the air to hit the ground with his stomach, which will likely crush any Minions that don't manage to get out of the way.

Use your Brown Minions to attack the Guardian.

As soon as the guardian hits the ground, send your Browns back in to continue attacking. You needn't move from your position at all; just continue sending your Minions in and calling them back when the guardian raises his arms until they manage to completely deplete his health.

When the creature falls, command three of your Minions to pick up the Blue Gate Key. At the Minion Gates, call the Minions away from the Gate Key and send all of your Browns back to the Netherworld. Call forth as many Greens as you can, and head back down the path toward the bridge.

A group of Legionnaires will appear and block your path. There's a large rock to the right of them, with a small gap that your Greens can be swept through. Sweep your Greens through the gap and behind the formation. Your Minions should be able to tear them apart with relative ease and minor casualties. Attack the archers along the platform across the way, and then engage the Centurion. Kill the Centurion, and then return to the Minion Gates and Gate Keys.

At the Minion Gates, send all of your Greens back to the Netherworld, and call forth as many Brown Minions as you can. Command your Minions to pick up the Red and Blue Gate Keys, and start back down the path toward the bridge.

Sweep your Greens behind the legion formation to tear them apart.

Task: Enter the Temple
Start down the bridge until you spot a group of Spiders headed your way. Set all of your Brown Minions on a Guard Flag in the middle of the bridge to give them an offensive boost. Help your Minions defeat the waves of Spiders, and then make your way to the end of the bridge and enter the temple.

Task: Defeat the Spider Queen
Stepping on the pressure switch in the middle of the temple will cause water to pour in from the vents on two sides of the temple. You need to lure the Spider Queen over to one of the vents so you can hit the switch and force her off of the wall. She is attracted to the pollen released by Flower Bombs; lock onto the Flower Bomb below the Spider Queen and tap the RT/R2 button to send one of your Minions over to pick it up.

When your Minion has plucked up the Flower Bomb, use the Right Stick to move the Minion below one of the vents along the adjacent wall. Tap the B/Circle button to call the Minion back, and wait for the Flower Bomb to go off. The Spider Queen will crawl over to the pollen released by the flower; hit the pressure switch in the middle of the temple when she is over the vent to force her off of the wall. Lock onto the Spider Queen and hold the RT/R2 button to send your Minions over. You should have a Horde of just Brown Minions; if not, there are Brown, Red, and Green Minion Gates along the walls that you can use to send all but your Browns back to the Netherworld. Hack away at the Spider Queen yourself, and continue to do so until she flips back onto her legs and climbs back onto the wall.

Use a Flower Bomb to lure the Spider Queen to the vents.

The Spider Queen will send Spiders in to attack, so take care of them, and then shift your sights to the queen once more. Things are a bit different the second time; the four pressure switches—one in each corner of the temple—must be activated before the switch in the middle of the temple will trigger the water from the vents. If you take too long, the Spider Queen may crawl down to attack; avoid her, and she will eventually return to the walls.

Sweep your Minions around to each of the pressure switches, and then use a Flower Bomb to lure the Spider Queen back to one of the vents. Hit the pressure switch in the middle of the temple when she reaches the vent, then lock-on, send your Minions in, and move in to attack.

When the Spider Queen returns to the walls a second time, she will instead take position above one of the four switches in the corners of the temple. Sweeping your Minions onto the switch she is hanging over is a sure-fire way to lose them. You'll have to lure her away from the switch so your Minions can press it, but first, use your Minions to hit the three switches in the other corners of the temple.

Once all three switches have been pressed, use one of your Minions to move a Flower Bomb over to the vent closest to the Spider Queen. When the bomb goes off, sweep your Minions onto the last switch, and then step onto the switch in the middle of the temple to trigger the water and force the Spider Queen off of the wall. Send your Minions in and hack away at her until she returns to the walls.

Attack the Spider Queen once she has been forced off of the wall.

Do the same as you did the previous time to get the Spider Queen off of the wall, and move in to finish her off. Be sure to collect the mass of Green Orbs she leaves behind.

Task: Find a way out of the Temple
Killing the Spider Queen has tamed the Spiders in Everlight, making them useable as mounts for your Greens. Mounted Greens can be swept along webbing on walls. To get out of the temple, you'll need to send a mounted Green along the wall to hit the pressure switches before the lift reaches that switch. If the lift reaches the switch before the Green Minion hits it, the lift will fall back down and you will be forced to start the sequence again.

Call forth just one Green Minion from the Green Minion Gate and sweep it over to one of the Spiders. With the mounted Green selected, sweep him up the ramp and onto the web-covered wall. There are a couple of stops along the way, and they usually lead to areas full of treasure. After completing the first sequence of switches, call the mounted Green off of the wall and enter the large room. Open all of the treasure chests and smash all of the crates in this room, and then return to the lift.

This next portion can be a bit of a pain due to the shakiness of the sweeping system. To alleviate this, you can send one mounted Green up at a time and set them on Guard Flags while on top of the switches after the first in the sequence. Then, send one more up to hit the first switch, and those on the Guard Flags will automatically press down on the switches to complete the sequence.

Use mounted Greens to hit the switches on the web-covered walls of the temple to raise the lift.

First, with your Green Minions selected, lock onto one of the Spiders and tap the RT/R2 button to have one of them hop on. Then, to select only mounted Greens, hold the RB/R1 button and tap the A/X button twice. Use the Right Stick to move the single mounted Green Minion over to the second switch in the sequence, and press the Y/Triangle button to set him on a Guard Flag. Have another Green mount one of the Spiders, send him up to the third switch in the sequence, and plant him on a Guard Flag there. Do the same for the forth, and then finally, send another mounted Green to hit the first switch in the sequence.

When you reach the second stop, enter the area, open all of the treasure chests, and then return to the lift. This time, you won't be able to see all of the switches along the wall to set a mounted Green on each one, but you can preset the first, second, and third. Then, when you send the another mounted Green up to hit the first switch, you can sweep him over to the fourth without having to move down to hit the second and third, making reaching the fourth in time easy enough.

Once you've managed to raise the lift to the final stop, head into the next area and up the curved steps. Stand on the pressure switch at the top of the steps to open a door along the walkway. There's a Mana Upgrade up on the walkway near the Waypoint Gate, so command your Minions to pick it up and they will automatically carry it over to the gate. Head through the doorway at the north end of the walkway to find a Dark Crystal and a bunch of treasure chests.

Mana Upgrade

Dark Crystal

You can return to the Everlight Temple Waypoint Gate, re-open the door at the end of the walkway using the pressure switch at the top of the curved steps, and open the treasure chests along the walkway and in the room again. Repeat this process and with time, you can amass a large amount of gold.

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Aug 21st 2014 Guest
I swear the controls are way worse on the PC. "Make them stand on the buttons" there's a laugh.
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Jul 3rd 2014 Guest
can i just say that i may be a good idea to make a video or tell people how to get to the final switch because i tryed your way 3 times and never was able to get the 4th switch
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ran out of green minions is spider cave how do i get more to get out
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thank you that one is hard and I had a breakdown over it.
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Cant get past 3rd platform

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Thanks could not get out and did not know how ti beat the spider
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Man u r the best i finaly got outSmile
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Thank u sloop much I cryed because I couldnt find the way out and the spider king was a menie ;(
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Thank you soooo much i was about to break this game in half cuz i couldn't get out of the temple
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