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Find the Blue Minions

Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Overlord 2 Guide - Walkthrough

Find the Blue Minions

Task: Find the Arena Dungeons
Walk to the house at the southeast end of the starting area, break the door down, and send your Minions in to destroy it. Destroying the house reveals a wheel; command your Minions to turn the wheel to open the grate into the Empire Sewers.

Destroy the house by the sewers entrance to uncover a wheel.

Enter the sewers and walk to the end of the tunnel. Hit the grate at the end of the tunnel to throw it open. The giant frogs are coming from the open tunnel in the southeast corner of this room, and more will continue to appear from here until it is closed. Kill the first frog, and then cross the bridge and turn left. Walk onto the platform and hit the grate to shut it.

Command your Minions to begin turning the wheel to open up the nearby tunnel. The heavy grate will crush your Minions if it falls on them, so make sure your other Minions are out of the way while the wheel is being turned. Kill the giant frogs down this tunnel, and then whack the grate at the end to throw it open. Destroy the house across from the Minion Gates, and then the second house in front of the walkway.

Task: Enter the Arena Dungeons
Head up onto the walkway, and destroy the house blocking the steps to the bridge. After the cutscene, cross the bridge and take the steps to the lower level. At the bottom of the stairs, go south and shut the grate by the switch to stop giant frogs from coming through. Stand by the pressure switch and wait for the raft to approach from the north. As the raft nears, stand on the switch to bring up a spiked gate in its course.

Use the pressure switch to stop the raft in its course.

When the raft crashes into the gate, kill the Legionaries onboard, and then walk across the raft to reach the other side of the stream. Use the Minion Gates to summon as many Browns as you can. There are three crossbow Legionaries standing by the entrance to the Arena Dungeons; sweep your Brown Minions in to engage them, and then enter the dungeons.

There should be three Legionaries standing with their backs turned on a raft just beyond the entrance, so sweep your Browns Minions in and help them take them down. The bouncing containers hold Blue Lifeforce Orbs and magic creatures, so be sure to break them open. After dealing with the Legionaries, look for a wheel at the west end of the walkway just past the entrance. Have your Minions turn the wheel to open the tunnel that leads deeper into the arena dungeons.

Task: Free the 12 Blue Minions
Your Minions can't follow you into the tunnel due to the pool of water in front of it, but they won't follow you to their deaths either; just move on without them and they will soon return to the Netherworld. Hit the grate at the end of the tunnel to throw it open, and then wade through the knee-deep water and walk up the ramp.

Kill the two Legionaries at the top of the second ramp, and then proceed to the other end of the walkway. Take out the Legionaries here as well, and then make your way over to the pressure switch. Stand on the pressure switch to drop one of the hanging containers onto the walkway, and the others into the water below. With the one Blue Minion by your side, head back down the ramp and break open the containers that are bobbing in the waters.

Two of the containers hold a Blue Minion, and there is another beyond a broken fence that you can send your Blues through to break open. When you have freed all four of the Blue Minions, sweep them all through the gap in the fence and over to the wheel at the east end of this area. When the wheel has been turned, the gate blocking the way into the next section will fall.

[ol-66.jpg title=Stand on the pressure switch just as a blue container reaches the gap to rescue the Blue Minion inside.]

Make your way into the next section and head up the ramp across from the conveyor belt and Eradicator platforms. Standing on the pressure switch here will cause the visible containers to drop from the belt. It takes a moment or so for a press on the switch to register, so stand on it as soon as a blue container reaches the gap to ensure that it doesn't land on one of the platforms. You can rescue four more Blue Minions this way.

Once you have eight Blue Minions with you, head down the connected ramp and send all eight of them onto the pressure switch to activate it and lower a nearby gate. Continue east to the next area

Standing on the pressure switch here will cause the claw above the platform on the left to grab hold of whatever is beneath it, while the wheel to the right controls the claw's position along the belt. Start by standing on the pressure switch to have the claw pick up the Blue Minions below it, and then sweep your Minions down to the wheel. When the claw reaches the gap, immediately step off of the pressure switch to drop the Blue Minion to the ground below. Though the Minion cannot survive such a drop, Blue Minions possess a handy ability that allows them to revive dead Minions. As soon as the Minion hits the ground, call your Minions off of the wheel and sweep them over to him. One of the swept Minions is sure to pick up the dead Minion and revive him.

There are two Minions on each of the platforms, and you'll need to use the claw to get them all down. As the number of Minions on the wheel increases, so too does the speed at which it is turned, so set all but six of your Blues on a Guard Flag and leave the rest to turn the wheel. To do so, sweep your Minions down the ramp and press the Y/Triangle button to set the Guard Flag. Then, tap the B/Circle button until all but six are back by your side. Blue Minions set on a Guard Flag will auto-revive downed Minions, which will surely speed things up.

Use the claw arm, pressure switch, and wheel to rescue the Blue Minions on the platforms. Use your other Blue Minions to revive them when they go splat.

To get the next three, have your Minions begin by turning the wheel while you are not standing on the pressure switch; wait until the claw is above the next Minion in line before stepping onto the switch to pick him up. To get the Minions on the platform on the right, pick one of them up with the claw arm, then continue standing on the pressure switch and call your Minions off of the wheel to return the claw arm to the platform on the left. Set your Minions back to turning the wheel once the claw is back in its initial position and step off of the pressure switch when the claw reaches the gap. You can also step off of the pressure switch as the claw passes the gap on its way back to the first platform, but you'll have to be quick.

Task: Use the Raft to reach the Blue Hive
Continue on to the next area once you have freed all 12 Blue Minions and sweep all of them onto the pressure switch to open up a Blue Minion prison. Smash the containers in the prison to gain some Blues, and then head down the ramp and look to the Legionaries across the water.

Blue Minions, as the onscreen pop-up explains, can Blink through enemies and remain unseen while being swept. So, sweep your Minions through the water, up the ramp, through the Legionaries standing there, and onto the pressure switch to the right. Keep your Minions moving and sweep them back over to you once the switch has been pressed.

Head back west down the walkway and cross over to the other side. There's no need to disturb the Legionaries standing there; they are quite tough, so it would be best to just leave them be. Continue on into the next area and make your way over to the west end of the walkway. There are several Legionaries and an Eradicator in the area below; try your best not to disturb them, and sweep your Blues through the opening in the southeast corner of the area and onto the pressure switch. Doing so will drop a bunch of containers onto the Legionaries and Eradicator. Continue sweeping your Blues over to the second pressure switch across the bridge to lower the gate at the west end of the area.

Sweep your Blues over to the two pressure switches along the south side of the room.

If any enemies remain in the area below, take them out while they're distracted by the fairies that were in the containers. When the room is clear, cross over to the walkway and smash the containers there. There should be fairies inside of these containers, which will distract the Legionaries nearby. Kill the Legionaries while they're distracted, and then take out the fairies. Continue west down the walkway and send your Minions onto the pressure switch. If you don't have enough Minions (12) to activate the pressure switch, you can return to the previous area and look for blue containers along the walkway that you swept your Blues from.

After activating the switch, walk past the gate to return to the start of the arena dungeons. Walk onto the raft and sweep your Blues over the side to the push bar to power it. Stand on the marker on the raft and press the A/X button to take control. Follow the marker on the mini-map and you will soon be stopped by a Legionary. Dock the raft, kill the Legionary, and continue on into the next area.

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Comments for Find the Blue Minions

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Sep 1st 2015 Guest
how do i get blues because i got the greens,red and brown
ID #604373
Nov 20th 2014 Guest
My raft doesnt move. It is stuck even though i have 8 blue minions pushing it. Anyone know if i might be missing somthing?
ID #474089
Jun 28th 2014 Guest
Where do I bring the raft
ID #408302
Nov 20th 2012 Guest
I can't kill the guards they are too strong for me. Is there a health upgrade I am missing from somewhere? or a certain weapon I should be using?
ID #210567
Apr 9th 2012 Guest
where is the sewer
ID #131371
Oct 27th 2011 Guest
Thanks for this guide its very useful
ID #83300
Apr 8th 2011 Guest
This is an extremely useful guide. Thank you. I have beaten the game twice and this guide is getting me through it again, a year later.
ID #36452
Mar 12th 2011 Guest
i can't kill the two Legions going the back way into the dungeon. n i dont have any demons so idk how to kill them. my powers arn't killing them either
ID #32324
Jan 18th 2011 Guest
olhem vocês não dizem onde se encontra a Arena Dungeons.
ID #25922