Rebels in Everlight Town

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Rebels in Everlight Town

This quest will appear in the quest list as “An Everlightian Requests an Audience” once you have defeated the Salamander King during “Into the Depths.” This quest opens up the Elf village at the north end of Everlight Town, allowing you to reach the 20 villagers there to fully complete the “Control Everlight Town” quest.

If you're planning to dominate Everlight, ensure that you have enslaved the 80 villagers that are initially reachable before triggering this quest. You have to be very careful not to kill any of the rebels, as they count as villagers and may botch your attempt to enslave the entire town. To be safe, create a separate save file before starting this quest, in case you or your Minions kill one of the rebels. Be sure to create two save files, since Overlord II will automatically designate your latest manual save as an auto-save slot. Alternatively, you can change the auto-save slot in the Options section of the pause menu.

Task: Find a way into the Elf village
Leave your Minions in the Netherworld, and make your way to the north-most Waypoint Gate in the town. Hit one of the explosive barrels in front of the rock barrier near the Waypoint Gate, then stand back and wait until it sets off the others to level the barrier.

Destroy the rock barriers by the north-most Waypoint Gate to gain entrance to the Elf village.

If you're planning to destroy Everlight Town, call forth as many Green Minions as you please, and continue up the steps. If you're planning to dominate Everlight Town, just summon a small team of 20 Greens; your Minions will automatically attack hostile villagers, so it's best to keep your horde small so you can keep track of them. Whatever your plan, continue up the steps and hit one of the explosive barrels on the other side of the railing by the second rock barrier to destroy it.

Task: Find and stop the rebels in Everlight Town
As you walk down the path to the Elf Village, have any Greens with you mount the Spiders you come to. After crossing the bridge, smash the supports to bring down the Elves that are throwing poison bombs. You can kill these guys, even if you are dominating the town. There are some villagers on an out-of-reach platform throwing explosive bombs. When a bomb lands nearby, lock onto it and press the RT/R2 button to have one of your Minions pick it up. Then, use the Right Stick to move the Minion over to the nearby rock barrier. Continue to the next bridge when the bomb goes off.

At the end of the bridge, destroy the platform to the left and kill the Elves that were throwing poison bombs from it. Again, you can kill these Elves even if you plan to dominate Everlight. Use one of your Minions to carry a thrown bomb over to the rock barrier to destroy it. The villagers throwing bombs from the platform are hostile, so set your Minions on a Guard Flag in the middle of the bridge if you plan to enslave them, and then break the platform.

Use one of your Minions to carry a bomb over to the rock barrier along the walkway to destroy it. Kill or enslave the bomb-throwing villagers, and then continue down the walkway.

Use mounted Greens to chase the rebels off of the platform to raise your Domination tyranny rating, or use Reds to kill them from the walkway to raise your Destruction tyranny rating.

How you deal with the group of bomb-throwing rebels on the platform across from the walkway will directly influence your tyranny rating. For Destruction, use Red Minions to kill them from the walkway. For Domination, send a single mounted Green along the web-covered rock wall and onto the platform to chase them off. Even if you kill the rebels once you've chased them off the platform, your Domination rating will increase, and not Destruction.

The rest of the villagers are in the mining area at the end of the walkway, so deal with them as you see fit.