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Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Overlord 2 Guide - Walkthrough


During this short sequence, you'll learn some basic controls and cause a bit of mayhem. Start by following the children to the end of the path, and press the A/X button to smash the snowman blocking the way. With the path clear, continue chasing the other children until you come to two firework cannons. Use the Lighting Whip spell (tap the X/Square button) to light the wicks of both cannons to set them off, successfully demonstrating your magic capabilities.

Continue down the path and use Lightning Whip to set off the two firework bundles by the crates. Swing your weapon using the A/X button to clear the crates in your path, and then continue on to gain some Minions. Follow the instructions onscreen to send the Minions after the children. You can set one or more Minions to task by tapping or holding the RT/R2 button, or you can control them directly using the Right Stick. When controlling your Minions directly, which is referred to as “sweeping,” they will automatically complete any task you would expect of them (ex., pick up objects, smash crates, attack hostile targets, etc.).

Approach the town gate, where you will be swiftly denied entry. Turn back around and follow Kelda through the ruined house to reach the childrens' impressive snow fort. Though you can't reach the fort directly, your Minions can; use the Right Stick to sweep the Minions along the trail across from the firework cannon. Use your Minions to chase away the children on the wall, and then follow the instructions onscreen to call your Minions back over. Pressing the B button once will call one minion over, while pressing and holding the B button will call all of them over.

Sweep your Minions along the narrow trail to reach the children along the snow fort wall.

Use the Lightning Whip spell to set off the fireworks cannon, effectively destroying the snow fort and clearing the path. Make your way to the end of the path beyond the snow fort to locate the children's secret hideout. Hold down LT/L2 to lock onto the hideout and then hold down RT/R2 to send the Minions in. The Minions will outfit themselves with the children's clothing; with the Minions disguised, you can trick the drunken villager at the gate to gain entry to Nordberg Town.

Ensure that all of your Minions are disguised, and then backtrack to the town gate to be immediately ushered through. Follow the exclamation marker on the mini-map to reach the town square. Make your way over to the platform along the west side of the square and use the Lightning Whip spell to set off the firework cannon and bundles.

Follow Kelda to the village wall to trigger a cutscene. Afterward, follow the marker on the mini-map and ignore the soldiers along the path. You'll eventually come to a rock wall; the enemy Catapult can be used to clear the way. Start toward the Catapult and sweep your Minions to the enemies in the area. When the area is clear, sweep your Minions into the blue and white troop tent in the southwest corner of the area to have them destroy it. Enemies will continue to spawn from this tent until it's destroyed, so get to it.

When the area is completely clear, sweep your Minions up to the steering platform to power the Catapult. Ten Minions are needed to power the Catapult; the current number on the task is indicated by the numbered marker hovering above the Catapult. When you have ten Minions on the task, walk to the steering platform and press the A/X button to take control.

Use the Catapult to destroy the barrier and crush the enemy troops.

Use the Left Stick to steer the Catapult, and RT/R2 to fire. Hold down RT/R2 to launch the boulder farther. First and foremost, use the Catapult to squash the groups of soldiers marching down the trail directly ahead of you. Then, turn the Catapult to the barrier and launch a boulder to crush the group of soldiers and clear the path. You don't need to hold down the RT/R2 button for long; just a couple of seconds, and the boulder should land near the barrier, roll over the soldiers, and clear the way.

The soldiers will likely enter a state of panic, so stop the Catapult and start down the trail.  You'll soon encounter some Wolves; Brown Minions can use Wolves as mounts, giving them an attack boost and the ability to leap across larger gaps than usual. To use a Wolf as a mount, lock-on with the LT/L2 button and tap RT/R2 to send a Minion over to it. Alternatively (and more efficiently if there are multiple mounts), you can simply hold the RT/R2 button while facing the Wolves to have the Minions you send to them automatically hop on.

Down the path, you'll encounter several groups of soldiers, as well as a few archers. Immediately send the mounted Browns over the gap to tear into the archers on the hill. There are two groups of archers, both of which can be reached using mounted Browns. Kill the archers first, and then take to the groups of soldiers along the trail. Sweeping mounted Browns gives them an attack boost, allowing them to easily barrel through legion formations

Mounted Browns can leap across gaps Minions can't normally. Use your mounted Browns to tear up the archers on the hills.

When the soldiers have been dealt with, you'll need to find a way to destroy the barrier. Look for a small enclosure nearby; there should be several cages, with a trapped Yeti among them. Smash the cage to free the Yeti, who will automatically move to smash the barrier. Sweep your Minions to the soldiers beyond the barrier to clear the area, and the Yeti will destroy the second barrier. Proceed into the next area to trigger a cutscene.

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