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Follow the dark path or use the light

Everlight Jungle

Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Overlord 2 Guide - Walkthrough

Everlight Jungle

Task: Find your missing crew
Press the Back/Select button and select “Find your missing crew” from the quest list. While tracking this quest, the location of all 10 missing crew members will be marked on the mini-map. Finding and releasing all 10 crew members in the Everlight Jungle will unlock the Minion Captain achievement/trophy, which is worth 10 points on the Xbox 360, or a Bronze trophy on the PlayStation 3.

Task: Venture further into the jungle
Strike the Minion hanging from the tree up ahead to drop him to the ground, and then strike him again to remove the web that's binding him. Spiders of various sizes will descend from the tree, so use your weapon to squash them. Continue heading east, kill the Spiders that appear, and then head up the steps that you come to. There are several treasure chests along the way, so keep an eye out. Another bound Minion is hanging at the top of the second set of steps, so free him as well.

Cross the bridge at the top of the stairs. Turn right at the split to reach two more bound Minions. When the large, red, dappled plants are broken, they will release a chemical that Spiders are attracted to. So, free one of the bound Minions, and then immediately destroy one of the plants to draw the Spiders to it. If there aren't any of these plants nearby, you'll just have to deal with the Spiders normally.

Free the Minions from the Spider webs.

When both of the Minions have been freed, head east and follow the path south. Clear away the bamboo trees, and continue heading south. There are two more Minions in the area down the slope, as well as plenty of Spiders. After freeing the two Minions, follow the southern path out of the area. Kill the Elves that appear, and turn left at the split to find yet another bound Minion.

Continue heading south to reach a gate that is magically locked by an Elven Priestess. The Priestess will be on one of the platforms on either side of the area. To force her down from the platform, hit her with the Lightning Whip spell. When she hits the ground, immediately send all of your Minions in and begin hacking away at her. She'll only stay down for a few seconds, and will soon stand up and jump back onto one of the platforms. Spiders and Elves will appear and attack between rounds, so take care of them before using Lighting Whip to force the Elven Priestess down again.

When the Priestess has been dealt with, proceed through the gate. Follow this path north and you will eventually reach a Netherworld Gate. Call forth some Minions from the Minion Gates near the Netherworld Gate if you have less than four with you, and then head down the unblocked path east from the gate.

Look for this Forge Stone near the Netherworld Gate.

You'll come to some steps, next to which is a Forge Stone; can't miss it. Command at least four of your Minions to pick up the Forge Stone, and they will automatically carry it over to the Netherworld Gate.

There's a pool of water along the east side of this area that you can tread through, but your Minions won't be able to follow. Your Minions won't follow your to their deaths, so just cross to the other side and they will eventually return to the Netherworld. Follow the path until you reach some bamboo trees. Destroying these trees will upset the giant panda bear nearby, but the trees are in your path, so you have no choice but to cut them down.

The giant panda is easy enough to defeat, as it is quite slow. Just stay behind it, hit it a few times, and then run back behind it as it turns to swipe at you. You can use the Target spell to slow the panda down. When the panda has been dealt with, take the eastern path out of the area to trigger a brief cutscene. Make your way to the other end of this area. There's another giant panda sitting in front of some bamboo trees; you have no choice but to destroy the trees, angering the bear in the process. Try to reach the Green Minions behind the bamboo so they can aid you in battle. The Green Minion's pen is full of poison gas, so stay out of there.

Green Minions are assassins; while not nearly as vigorous as the Browns, they have a handy backstab attack, which deals a large amount of damage. If you can sweep your Greens behind an enemy, they should latch on and deal as much damage as they can until they are shaken off.

Use the Green Minions to remove the poison surrounding the barrier.

Return to the previous area and clear away the bamboo trees blocking the poison barrier. Target the barrier and press and hold the RT/R2 button to set your Green Minions to removing the poisonous gas surrounding it. Smash the barrier once the poison has been removed and proceed forward. There is another trapped Minion crew member on the hill here; free him, kill the Spiders that appear, and then head down the western path below the hill.

Follow the path until you reach another magically sealed gate, this one guarded by two Elven Priestesses. Target one of the Priestesses and use Lightning Whip to force her off of the platform. As soon as she hits the ground, hold down RT/R2 to send your Green Minions in to attack her. They should latch onto her back, and deal a significant amount of damage. The first Priestess you damage will leap onto a platform that is seemingly out of reach, so turn your attention to the second Priestess and hit her with a Lightning Whip. This one has nowhere to go but onto the platform opposite the one she was initially on, so hit her again with a Lightning Whip and finish her off when she hits the ground.

Though the Priestess on the isolated platform can't be reached with Lightning Whip, there is a narrow path leading onto the platform that you can sweep your Greens through. Her back is turned, so they'll jump and latch onto her, forcing her off of the platform.

When the last Elven Priestess has been taken care of, head through the gate at the west end of the area. There's a Dark Crystal nearby, so follow these next instructions carefully. Keep an eye on your right as you walk down the path beyond the gate. When you can turn right, do so. Walk straight to the edge of the water and turn right to spot the Dark Crystal container.

Collect this Dark Crystal before moving on.

There's another bound crew member at the southeast end of this area; free him, kill the Spiders that appear, and return to the path. Follow the path south; the last crew member is along the right side of the road, so keep an eye out and free him to unlock the Minion Captain achievement/trophy if you've been following along.

Continue heading south down the path to reach the backside of the statue that was blocking your way before. Order at least five of your Minions to pull the statue out of the way, allowing you to return to the Netherworld Gate.

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Comments for Everlight Jungle

4 comments, latest first.
Apr 7th 2012 Guest
I can't find my last minion grrrrrrrr
ID #130568
Feb 2nd 2011 Guest
You don't need to kill the Panda's if you don't wish.. While they are sitting (after they run and get mad they will chill in a min then they sit) All you need to do is sneak around them if you wish.... Or just kill them... for lifeforce. LOL
ID #27684
Oct 5th 2010 Guest
Um if the comment up there is true then how can you get infront of the posion mist when the bear chases you around the battlefield?
ID #14460
Jul 31st 2010 Guest
Alternatively, when trying to kill the panda, run and stand just in front of the green poison mist.
When the panda goes to strike you move slightly out of the way (or you'll end up in the poison too!) and he will stick his head in it and become disorientated.
Then you're free to attack from the front without fear of death.
Two repeats at this and he will die.
ID #6825