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Follow the dark path or use the light

Save your Ship and Set Sail to Everlight

Overlord 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Overlord 2 Guide - Walkthrough

Save your Ship and Set Sail to Everlight

Select “A Nordbergian Requests an Audience” from the Quests section of the Throne interface and accept the villager's quest to be teleported to Nordberg.

Task: Go to Nordhaven
The entrance to Nordhaven is at the north end of Nordberg, so begin following the marker on the mini-map. Avoid killing or enslaving any of the Nordberg villagers as you make your way through town unless you know what you're doing; refer to the “Control Nordberg Town” section of this guide for more information.

Task: Find a way to melt the river ice
When you reach Nordhaven, use the Minion Gates at the start of the area to call forth at least five Red Minions, and then fill the rest of the spots with Brown Minions. Start down the trail and sweep your Browns into the Hunter camp. Have your Browns destroy the igloos to prevent more Hunters from spawning. Also, be sure to take out the harpoon throwers on the platform along the south side of the camp, and those on the hill at the north end of the camp.

Task: Set fire to the tar pits
Continue down the trail until you reach the first tar pit. Have your Reds target the Gnomes trapped in the tar to set the pit aflame, melting the ice barrier nearby. Proceed down the path beyond the melted ice barrier. Quickly command your Reds to begin extinguishing the fire barrier that you come to. There are several unreachable harpoon throwers on the platform beyond the barrier, so as soon as the flames have been extinguished, smash the barrier and sweep your Browns up to the Hunters to take them out.

Have your Reds target the Gnomes stuck in the tar to set the pit aflame.

Replenish your supply of Red Minions using the nearby Red Minion Gate if necessary, and then continue heading west down the trail. There's another Hunter camp beyond the wooden bridge, as well as another ice barrier. Cross the bridge, set your Reds on a Guard Flag at the top of the steps that lead down to the Hunter camp, and sweep your Brown Minions in.

When the Hunters are dead and all of the igloos have been destroyed, send your Minions up to the wheel on the platform at the west end of the camp. Doing so will open the floodgate, creating a pool of tar leading to the ice barrier. Stand on the platform overlooking the tar pit and have your Reds target the Gnome stuck in the tar to set it aflame and melt the ice barrier.

Start down the trail toward the final tar pit. You'll be ambushed by a group of Hunters along the way, so have your Brown Minions selected so they can be swept in. When you reach the third tar pit, begin by walking around the pit and clearing away the Hunters and harpoon throwers there. Then, return to the ledge overlooking the pit and break the railing. Command your Reds to target the Gnome stuck in the tar to set the pit aflame.

Task: Deal with the ship thieves in Nordhaven
After setting fire to the third tar pit, follow the marker on the mini-map to reach Nordhaven. At this point, you are faced with a choice; set fire to the giant tar pit—ultimately destroying Nordhaven—or subdue 10 villagers using the Target spell to have them remove the ice for you. Clearly, setting fire to the giant tar pit is a destructive act, and would thus influence your Destruction tyranny rating. Then, subduing 10 villagers to do the job for you, thus sparring Nordhaven, is an act of domination, and would influence your Domination rating. If you're unsure how to go about completing this task, consider following the same course of action you took with Borius. So, if you killed Borius back in Nordberg Town, set fire to the giant tar pit; if you enslaved him, use your Target spell to subdue 10 villagers and have them remove the ice for you.

Setting fire to the giant tar pit will affect your Destruction tyranny rating.

If you plan to set the giant tar pit aflame, simply enter the town and continue east past the barrier. Clear away the Hunters and Elves guarding the area, and then make your way around the railing surrounding the pit. Some Hunters will ignite a couple of explosive barrels in your path, so take your time and avoid sweeping your Minions too far ahead. Then, climb up the ramp to the top of the platform and have your Reds target the explosive barrels on the tower. When the barrel goes off, it will set fire to the giant tar pit, effectively rendering Nordhaven uninhabitable—but you'll get your ship.

On the Domination side of things, you'll have to use your Target spell to subdue 10 villagers in Nordhaven. To subdue a villager, use the LT/L2 button to lock-on and press and hold the X/Square button. Keep the button held down until the villager begins to get down on his or her knees, at which point immediately release the button to avoid overcharging the spell and killing them. There are plenty of villagers to subdue beyond the barrier at the east end of the town, however there are many Hunters and harpoon throwers in the area as well, so be careful.

Subduing 10 villagers to have them to remove the ice for you will affect your Domination tyranny rating.

Task: Set sail to Everlight
Once you have either set fire to the giant tar pit or subdued 10 villagers, follow the marker on the mini-map to reach your ship. Sweep 10 Minions into the ship, and then walk onto the steering platform and press the A/X button to take control. Hold down RT/R2 to move forward, and tap the A/X button to make your Minions row faster. The green meter in the top-right corner of the screen indicates the condition of the ship, and the yellow meter below indicates boost. The LT/L2 buttons are used to decelerate and row backward.

Task: Destroy the Ship Blockade
Sail toward the marker on the mini-map. You'll encounter some Elves on platforms in the middle of the water; unless you can speed past them or into the platform to send them into the water, they will most likely hop onboard. If one of the Elves manages to board the ship, hold the B/Circle button to cease steering the ship and help the Minions on deck take him out.

When you reach the ship blockade, make your way over to the dock that is marked on your mini-map. Orient the ship alongside the dock until a prompt appears, at which point press the B/Circle button to dock it. Step off of the ship, kill the Elves and manatees on land, and then make your way over to the baby seals on the connected piece of land. The seals will flee, setting off the mines in the water and destroying the ship blockade.

Task: Get to open sea
With the barricade out of the way, return to your ship and sail south to Everlight.

Use your ship to sail to Everlight.

Task: Sail on to Everlight
Follow the marker on the mini-map to reach the waterway gate into Everlight.

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Comments for Save your Ship and Set Sail to Everlight

3 comments, latest first.
Apr 4th 2013 Guest
Woe's me! I had already had my, er, peaceful citizens break the ice - but now, I forget how or why - I reckon it was due to crashing onto the mines which I couldn't see the first time around and so I died - then, when I respawned, it acted as if I had melted the giant tar pit.
I didn't give it much of a mind then, but now...well...Spoiler:
click to reveal
And now to put the icing on top of everything, I managed to kill 3 citizens in Nordberg by mistake (the first one being ages ago, so I can't really go back).
So much for the 100.
ID #270307
Dec 5th 2011 Guest
Have you tried going onto your map and "tracking" that quest? Just click x/a on it on your map and the markers should come up when you get to the area that you need to be.
ID #92876
Oct 11th 2011 Guest
But where exactly is north.
Because what I did was,I said no to that guy (both questions,by mistake for the first one because I thought he'd take Kelda away) so the task says
"SAVE YOUR SHIPS" thats all no markers on the mini map.


ID #79621