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The Shrieking Shack (3-4)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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The Shrieking Shack

Year 3, Chapter 4

Start by clearing the path by destroying the plants, to give you more room. You can ignore the digging spots for now since you need a dark arts character to unlock their contents. The tree will trash around and smashing its branches all over the place. Just run around and avoid it. Wait for the main branch to crash down and press Y to ride on it. Keep shooting until you hit one of the green antennas. Repeat the process twice to defeat it.

Tree battle

Jump on the hole to reach the next area. Shoot the first yellow plant as you start. Shooting all 5 of them in this chapter will unlock the Yellow Crest piece. Jump down to the gap, shoot the second yellow plant to the right, then shoot the roots so a green seed falls off. Now shoot the red plant to the left to water the seed. It will grow to a plant where you can use the leaves as footholds to get back on top.

Continue to the right and shoot the yellow plant (3/5) and jump on the moving platforms. Ride the first one and jump to the left. Use WiLe on the piece there to untangle the red vine covering the far end of the area. One the last platform (held by a single root) wait for it to go down then go to the right.

Shoot the yellow plant (4/5) and use WiLe on the curious-looking piece there to untangle the green vine. Ride the vine again to jump to the right this time. There will be a couple of purple geysers here. Shoot the piece on the ceiling for it to drop two purple seeds. Place them inside the holes of the geysers and watch them turn into plants. The geyser to the far right however, will become high pressured and will allow you to reach the upper levels. 

Hop on top of the wood palette, then jump to the left. Use WiLe on the piece there to untangle the last vine. Hope to the right and shoot the last plant to get the yellow crest,  then continue to the right to the next area.

In this part, you need to find Ron's pet by shooting at the shaking furniture around the room. Whenever you shoot a furniture, a lego piece is thrown out. The rat won't enter the same furniture twice so its easy to predict where its gonna enter next. After getting all pieces out, use WiLe to construct a giant mousetrap. Watch the following scenes and you'll be outside this time.

Mouse Hunt

The digging spot to the left contains a glass-covered case that requires Reducto in the process of opening it so just come back for it later. For the meantime, go to the right and use LuSo on the vine then use WiLe on the pieces to create a large ball. Shoot it for it to fly away and drop some lego pieces. Construct them so you can have a platform to jump on.

Continue to the right and use Hermione's cat to dig the cauldron out. Pop the green seed beside the werewolf using WiLe to get the flower piece. Next, assemble to skeleton to the left to get the bone piece and finally, shoot the snake head near the werewolf and grab the tooth piece on the ground.

Drink the potion and pull the chain to the left to raise the yellow platforms. Use the cat again to dig and the little brown guys will rush out and create a ladder for you. Climb up and several spiders will rush towards you. Kill them all and release the student in peril that was trapped in the web. Rebuild the mushroom and jump on it to end the chapter.

Witch (Grey) – During the boss battle with the tree, dig on the digging spot right to the right of the tree then use dark arts to open it.
Red Crest piece – There is another digging spot, this time to the right. You need to use dark arts as well to open it
Peter Pittigrew – In the room where you need to trap the rat, go to the left and open the dark cabinet
Hermione (Red Hooded Top) – As soon as you start the third area, you'll find this locked chest to your left.
Blue Crest piece - After getting the token above, use the digging spot to reveal a glass case. Continue to the right until you reach a heavy chain. Pull it to raise the yellow platforms, then use RE on the lock. Enter the closet to equip earmuffs, then backtrack to the left, grab the mandrake and use it to break the glass case. You can also bypass the earmuffs by using Death Eater. He is naturally immune against the mandrake's wail.
Green Crest piece – There five large dark rocks that you need to destroy to get this piece. The first one is right after the first stackable lego bricks. There are two more stones near the pull-chain device, a short walk after the first one. The last two are found right after creating a ladder and reaching the area where you'll get attacked by several spiders.

Follow the ghost studs and take a few short steps to reach the infirmary. Watch the following scenes and you'll start the next chapter.

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Comments for The Shrieking Shack (3-4)

6 comments, latest first.
Sep 14th 2017 harryfan455
thank you so much i have flown through the years i have done 3 years in one day!!!Thank you soooooo much
ID #738352
Sep 14th 2017 harryfan455
you just go to the green dot like on harry's invsibility cloak
ID #738351
Jul 22nd 2015 Guest
I can't get rid of the red vine ? There is nothing to shoot
ID #587721
Nov 25th 2012 Guest
I'm still very confussed on how to get heroines cat
ID #212368
Jul 22nd 2015 Guest
You just unlock it at the start of year 3
ID #587723
Apr 2nd 2012 Guest
ID #128786