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Crabbe and Goyle (2-3)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Crabbe and Goyle

Year 2, Chapter 3

You need to throw in some ingredients again. Use WiLe on the boys to get their hair piece.

Next, use WiLe on a stick in the upper left corner of the room. Attach the small valve to the broiler to the left then activate it so you can get the red cherry piece. Next, step on any of the two toilets in the middle of the screen, then use WiLe to turn to big red valve overhead. Jump over the toilet lids until you land on the last toilet lid. Grab the pipe piece that will appear then use WiLe on it to fix the pipe above the red pot. Wait for a flower to grow and to explode into several pieces.

Assemble it so it becomes a fan that will take out the green gas in the same cubicle containing the last ingredient. Throw in the last ingredient, then ues the potion to trigger the scene. You'll be taken back to the Slytherin dungeon.

Throw the fishes back to the water for the Yellow Crest piece to appear. You still need to do a few more stuff to enter the next room. Make the vines retract using LuSo, then use WiLe to pull it out and pour its contents. Assemble the pieces to become a giant flute. This will cause giant snakes to pop out of the covers.

You need to shoot the snakes on the mouth to destroy them. Destroy all four then assemble the remnant pieces to a knight armor. It will turn the wheel to stop the water sprinklers blocking the door. Enter the next room.

You need to activate 6 lamps in this room to unlock the Blue crest piece. Next, use WiLe on the broom next to the fireplace then assemble the pieces that will fall down to become a painting. Press B on the spot to interact with the painting and for the man inside to shoot the glass pyramid on the table, saving a student in peril.

Use WiLe on the globe. Follow the escaped fish then place it inside the small aquarium with the skull.

Use WiLe on the skull twice to complete the chapter.

Vincent Crabbe – Destroy the silver barricade to the right to access this character token.
Red Crest piece – Switch to Hagrid then pull the chain in the far left wall. Use WiLe to build a plumber. Ride on it and clean all the green goo for this piece to appear.

Green Crest piece – Upon entering the Slytherin dorm, you'll find a dark orb near the entrance. Destroy it to get the piece.
Gregory Goyle – In the far side of the room, near the windows is a dark cabinet. Open it with CR to get the token.
Ron (Slytherin Disguise) – Go to the other side of the room, then unlock the desk further north. Shoot it again to release the character token.

Continue to the right then enter the bathroom to start the next story chapter.

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Jul 26th 2015 Guest
Thx 4 ur help!!!!!!!👊🏻👊🏻
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Dec 27th 2014 Guest
Hey I need help finding the cherry is that in this episode thingie?
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Feb 2nd 2013 Guest
Wile is Winguardium Leviosa :D
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Nov 18th 2012 Guest
What's "WiLe"?
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Winggardian leviosa
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Sep 16th 2012 Guest
[video][/video] harry potter
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