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A Jinxed Broom (1-3)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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A Jinxed Broom

Year 1, Chapter 3

You'll only control Ron and Hermione. Raise the flag to the left, then go downstairs. Raise another flag, then get rid of the blocks blocking your way. Fly across the gap and go downstairs to find another three flags on the edges, from left to right. Fix the tubes using WiLe,  then send Ron's pet to reach the platform above.

After causing some ruckus, the platform containing large lego bricks will fall down. Arrange it so you can jump and reach the Blue crest piece. Arrange the bricks again so you can reach the upper platform. Destroy the stuff blocking your path then use WiLe to assemble them. Solve the cabinet pattern puzzle and the axe will clear the path for you.

Continue then raise the last two flags to get the Red crest piece. Use Ron's pet to reach the Harry (Girl Disguise) character token under the stairs. Shoot the orange cover on the wall, then shoot the painting to remove the prefect. Assemble the lego bricks again then go up the ladder.

Solve the cabinet pattern puzzle, then use WiLe to lift the pieces up and to connect them to the wall to create footholds. Create the stairs using the pieces to the left. You can't open the silver cabinet for now so continue up. Destroy the final barricade and continue through to complete the level.

Unlock the chest beside the pet tunnel to get the character token Fred (Quidditch)
After arranging lego bricks to reach the upper floor, destroy the silver obstacle in the middle to save the student in peril. Destroy the pixies to the left, then shoot the chest to obtain the Yellow Crest piece.

After getting rid of the prefect and before going up the ladder, do not destroy the box. You need to jump around the barricade. Use Crucio on the barrel to get the Yellow Crest piece.


Yellow Crest


Go up the ladder then shoot the cabinet using a dark arts character to obtain the character token of Marcus Flint.

Follow the ghost guide, then fix the bridge. Head to the other side for a scene. You'll be back in the Great Hall. There's not much to do here for now so return to your rooms for more scenes and to start the next story chapter.

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Comments for A Jinxed Broom (1-3)

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Jan 24th 2018 britthegamer
for green crest piece: There is a wooden barrier just past where the prefect gets dropped down before you climb the ladder to the last area. You have to walk to the edge right next to it, and jump out and to the left to get on the platform. then use a dark arts character to shoot the container.
ID #749895
Feb 15th 2016 Guest
what is in the chest the blue fairy things are holding up behind the silver metal before the booth that chops up the pallet? I shot them, but can't open it.
ID #635637
Apr 7th 2016 Guest
That happened to me, there is a house crest in it, and if it doesn't open up, then you can't complete the game.
ID #645619
Aug 21st 2015 Guest
Thanks but what about all the hogwarts crests
ID #600594
Aug 19th 2015 Guest
What about the blue coin and character badge that's under the stairs. It's in te part where you get rid of the prefect. Please help
ID #599981
Sep 19th 2015 Guest
Change into Ron's rat.
ID #609706
Jul 5th 2015 Guest
ID #580186
Aug 23rd 2015 Guest
Jump around the wooden barricade on the upper area to get it. You need to walk around a huge hole in the ground the jump down onto the Blue Crest. Hope this helps :3
ID #601589
Jun 27th 2015 Guest
This doesn't help
ID #576518
Feb 14th 2015 Guest
How do you complete the level????????? ):(
ID #516120
Jan 31st 2015 chelsea8100
can someone help me get the green crest
ID #509845
Jan 31st 2015 chelsea8100
can someone help me get the green crest
ID #509841
Dec 21st 2014 Guest
Jump around the barrier to get to the green crest and you will need someone who can do dark magic
ID #487585
Nov 18th 2014 grumpy1979
How do u get malfoy
ID #473405
Aug 3rd 2014 Guest
So where is the red crest piece?
ID #430334
Aug 5th 2013 Guest
Thank you SO much! This helped me a lot!
ID #302803
Jul 24th 2013 Guest
in which level can u find a dark magic guy
ID #299923
Aug 31st 2015 Guest
The easiest way is when you get reducto replay follow the spiders. There is a chest by Aragog.
ID #604313
Jul 9th 2013 Guest
I am finding on the PS3 version the chest with the yellow crest piece (the one held by pixies) does not drop to the ground after the pixies are removed, preventing the chest from being opened.

Any suggestions to resolve this or prevent it from happening?
ID #296068