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Dragons (4-2)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Year 4, Chapter 2

Shoot the lamp (on a stick) to start the counter. You need to shoot 9 lamps to unlock the Red Crest piece. Next, use WiLe on the purple egg and place it on purple ledge to the upper left. It will roll down and you'll need to use WiLe to guide the egg through the tube to reach the red dragon's cell.

Once the dragon's distracted, continue to the right, shoot the second lamp, then kill the pixies ahead. Assemble a pull-chain device to the left then have Hagrid pull it for you. Cross the bridge; be careful of the powerful flame jets from the wall. Shoot the third lamp, then kill the vines. Use WiLe to reconstruct the red mushroom. As for the digging spot to the left, you can have Fang dig it for you but it only contains a Dark art chest which you can't open for now. Go up the ramp then rebuild the chain device. Pull it with Hagrid to lower the bridge.

Use WiLe to set up the xylophone, then use WiLe again on the sitck to the left to play it. You need to follow the notes that the green dragon dictates to put it to sleep. Just do the last note if you made a mistake. After putting the dragon to sleep, keep tapping the yellow brick to reveal the Yellow Crest piece.

Xylophone and Yellow Crest

Continue to the right, shoot the fourth lamp then carefully jump across the ledges while avoiding the fire jets. Upon reaching the other side, shoot two more lamps here. Use WiLe on the water basin then dip it in the water tank. Sprinkle it over the fire to extinguish them. Once done, use WiLe to create a ramp.

Go up the ramp, then shoot another lamp. Once the blue dragon appears, use WiLe on the purple circle and lure the dragon to shoot it. Place it behind the three binds until they get superheated and eventually destroyed. This will lower the bridge to the right.

Continue to the right, and shoot another lamp. Build a bridge using the bricks here. You don't need to completely connect the whole thing; just place the bricks so it will be enough for you to jump across. Continue down the ramp and shoot the last lamp for your crest piece. Continue to the right to the next area. Pull down the chain and wait for it to connect. Continue up the ramp.

Order Fang to dig up the nearby digging spot, then continue to the right. Have Hagrid pull the chain, then switch to Harry. Equip Harry's cloak to get past the dragon, then kill the vine ahead. Shoot the plants so the roots will retract. Continue past the gray pillar then use WiLe to lift it out of the way.

Continue to the right as Hagrid will also lift a toadstool below to open a path for you through the tree.

Switch to Fang then dig out the chain. Pull it with Hagrid's WiLe then shoot the lock to snap the chain. Cross the bridge to end the chapter.

Durmstrang Student – After crossing the second wave of blue flames, destroy the dark cabinet on the other side.
Blue Crest piece – After luring the blue dragon to destroy the three chains, use dark arts to take the skeleton hanging on the side of the cage down. Reconstruct it using CR again, then wait for it to fish the crest out of the water tank below.

Cedtric (Sweater) – After going down the ramp (after the lego brick bridge), use Griphook to open the safe.
Green Crest piece – A short walk away from the safe is a large box with two silver locks above. Destroy the locks using RE, then use WiLe to spill its contents and use the pieces to build a dragon which in turn will melt down the gate.

Dragon Handler – As soon as you start the next area, there's a locked chest behind. Open it to get the token.
After connecting the three chains, don't go up the ramp; instead, open the safe to the right to save the student in peril.

You'll start in your group's dorm. Head out and follow the markers to reach the next classroom. This is where you'll learn the integral spell of the game: Reducto (RE). This spell breaks/ unlocks anything made of silver. You've seen a bunch of such items at this point.

A usual, you'll have a practicum with this spell by saving the students pinned down by the silver pieces. The first one is right beside you. Press B to destroy the piece. Just free the students to permanently learn the spell before doing anything else. You'll also earn a gold brick from learning the spell. There's still a few more things to be done here.

Destroy webs (3/3) unlocks character token of Parvati (Ballgown). Will also make a couple of silver books appear in the middle of the room.

Use WiLe on the all torches (4/4) to unlock the character token Ron (pyjamas).

Destroy the following using RE to get another gold brick.
multi-colored wall beside the stairs
caged owl
silver books in the middle of the room(after destroying cobwebs)
statue piece carried by pixie in the upper left
statue piece carried by pixie in the lower right
skeleton held by vine to the left
silver books inside puzzle cabinet

Exit the room, then shoot the silver piece on the wall pattern you fixed a while back. This will reveal a pet tunnel which you can fix. Use WiLe to fix it, then send Hermione's cat inside. Have the cat break the chains to the upper left and reveal another gold brick.

Now that you have this spell, I know you have the urge to check out every pending silver locks, chests and doors you want to open. You can either Free Play the last chapters to complete the crests, student in perils and character tokens. Should you wish to do so, refer to each chapter's end notes for screenshots and directions. You can also visit another extra section in Diagon Alley called Knockturn Alley where you can unlock more characters. (Check out the guide's dedicated section for Knockturn Alley for more details) Otherwise, continue to the next chapter.

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Nov 16th 2023 zFPWdwPk
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    ID #782091
    Jul 29th 2019 LilyPotter22
    In my game, the dragons do not appear at all!
    I keep coming and going, shooting random stuff but the first dragon just doesn't appear so I can't continue.
    Can someone help?
    ID #773025
    Sep 4th 2015 Guest
    What is WiLe
    ID #605414
    Apr 19th 2015 Guest
    What lamp
    ID #545160
    Mar 5th 2015 Guest
    ID #524514
    Dec 22nd 2014 Guest
    How can Hagrid shoot the chain???
    ID #488460
    Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
    I think you should have a cookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ID #260538
    Dec 27th 2012 neesaaa
    I keep getting stuck by the third dragon I think. Hagrid and fang go underneath, but Harry still cannot cross get past the dragon while,using his invisibility cloak.. If fang and Hagrid come up they can cross the ground level without the dragon seeing them. Help??
    ID #229755
    Sep 26th 2012 Guest
    I put the invisibility cloak on and the dragon STILL see's Harry, I don't get it? I guess I have to start all over again? =(
    ID #189142
    Aug 16th 2012 Guest
    [video][/video] sooooo dume
    ID #176760
    Jun 11th 2012 Guest
    Where is the Red Crest??? I couldn't find it and it wasn't in your notes.
    ID #151608
    May 8th 2012 Guest
    U know what? When you learn RE, if you zap Moody, he zaps you and you turn into a rat for a while. It's actually pretty funny.
    ID #140594
    Dec 29th 2011 cmdavies6
    In addition to not being able to use WiLe with the third dragon, I have noticed that this could be due to the fact that when the platform the dragon is on, raises, the dragon doesn't stay on it. It goes back down on the ground. This has happened over and over again as I have gone out and started again several times with the same result. I really don't know what to do. Please help!!!!!
    ID #100036
    Dec 29th 2011 Guest
    I'm stuck. I put out the fire and go up the ramp, but that's where I have problems with the 3rd dragon. I've been able to use WiLe up to this point but it doesn't work now. Nothing is highlighted in purple and I can't move the ring. I changed from Harry to Hagrid to try, but again no highlighted purple ring when I cast the spell. Can someone help me please!!!!!!!
    ID #99985
    Sep 5th 2011 Guest
    I can remember being really excited after learning this spell and I took 3days going around hogwarts and through the levels destroying everything Smile
    ID #72637