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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Cheats and Tips

We have 6 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : Wii : PlayStation 3 : PC : iPhone/iPad

You can also ask your question on our LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Questions & Answers page.

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How to get past Filch in harry potter lego years 1-4

It depends on what part of the level your on. If your in the beginning, to sneak by filch in the slitheren dormetory is you will see a brown object, and you will use the spell transfiguration on it to form it into a object that looks like a book shelf with two ladders on it. Then you push the book shelf out in front of filch and he will walk away without seeing you. If your in the other part, then you'll see a red dot on you map. You'll see a yellow triangle sticking out of the dot. That's Filch's vision. DO NOT GO IN OR NEAR THE TRIANGLE OR THE RED DOT!!!!!!!!!!! When Filch's vision goes to the right hand side, then rush over to the statue. Then, you PULL it where the blue path leads. The bloody baron will do the rest. Hope it helped! :-)

Getting Past the Prefect in Quidditch Match

If you Reducto the only Prefect in the level, "The Quidditch Match" 4 times, he will break apart, and you won't have to worry about him spotting you after you do this.

The Malfoy Catch Level 7

Go to the first game, [The Sorcerer's stone] and to level 7. Malfoy has taken Nevil's membrall and you have to get him on your broom. When he flies arownd a tree,go the oppisite way and do this while sneeking up on him or you will see him also turn arownd and fly away from you. Hope this helps!


to get by filch in slytherin pull the statue towards you.

Unlock Characters

Complete the following tasks at the indicated location to unlock the corresponding character for purchase for the specified amount.

Unlock Harry (Casual):
Available at start - Free
Unlock Harry (Hogwarts):
During storyline - Free
Unlock Harry (Quidditch):
Quidditch World Cup (unconfirmed) - 150,000
Unlock Harry (Swim Task):
Second Task - 200,000
Unlock Harry (Triwizard):
Finish Year 4 (unconfirmed) - 200,000
Unlock Hermione (Casual):
Shopping In Diagon Alley - 100,000
Unlock Hermione (Hogwarts):
During storyline - Free
Unlock Moaning Myrtle:
During storyline - Free
Unlock Neville Longbottom:
Gryfindor House - 20,000
Unlock Professor Lupin:
During storyline - Free
Unlock Ron (Casual):
The Burrow - 10,000
Unlock Ron (Hogwarts):
During storyline - Free
Unlock Rubeus Hagrid:
During storyline - Free
Unlock Tom Riddle:
Tom Riddle's Diary (unconfirmed) - 200,000
Unlock Vincent Crabbe:
Pollyjuice Potion - 20,000
Unlock Amos Digory:
Accio Charm - 50,000
Unlock Angelina Johnson:
Forbidden Forest - 10,000
Unlock Anthony Goldstein:
Flying Lesson - 20,000
Unlock Argus Filch:
Trophy Room - 5,000
Unlock Arthur Weasley:
Mountain Troll - 100,000
Unlock Barty Crouch Jr.:
Unknown - 100,000
Unlock Barty Crouch Sr.:
Gringotts - 100,000
Unlock Cho Chang:
Unknown - 10,000
Unlock Colin Creevey:
Chamber of Secrets - 30,000
Unlock Cornelius Fudge:
Hogwarts Express - 10,000
Unlock Crabbe Sr (Death Eater):
Unknown - 100,000
Unlock Dean Thomas:
Incendio - 20,000
Unlock Dobby:
Chamber of Secrets - 10,000
Unlock Draco Malfoy (Hogwarts):
Potions Class - 40,000
Unlock Draco Malfoy (Quidditch):
Flying Lesson - 40,000
Unlock Professor Dumbledore:
Finish game (unconfirmed) - 2,500,000
Unlock Ernie Prang:
Shrieking Shack - 10,000
Unlock Fleur Delacour (Beaxbatons):
Chasing Peter Pettigrew - 20,000
Unlock Fleur Delacour (Triwizard):
O.W.L. Opening Revision - 20,000
Unlock Gabrielle Delacour:
Care of Magical Creatures - 10,000
Unlock Gilderoy Lockhart:
Finish Year 2 (unconfirmed) - 100,000
Unlock Goyle Sr. (Death Eater):
Spider Hollow - 20,000
Unlock Hannah Abbot:
Incendio - 20,000
Unlock Igor Karakaroff:
Third Task - 2,000,000
Unlock James Potter:
Third Task - 100,000
Unlock Justin Finch-Fletchley:
Duel Club - 20,000
Unlock Katie Bell:
Transfiguration - 20,000
Unlock Lee Jordan:
Potions Class - 20,000
Unlock Lilly Potter:
Unknown - 150,000
Unlock Lord Voldemort:
Finish game (unconfirmed) - 2,000,000
Unlock Lord Voldemort (Ghost):
Lumos Charm - 1,500,000
Unlock Lord Voldemort (Quirrell):
Forbidden Corridor - 2,000,000
Unlock Lucius Malfoy:
Unknown - 100,000
Unlock Lucius Malfoy (Death Eater):
Knockturn Alley - 10,000
Unlock Madam Hooch:
Flying Lesson - 150,000
Unlock Madam Malkin:
Shopping Diagon Alley - 8,000
Unlock Madame Maxime:
Accio - 100,000
Unlock Madam Pomfrey:
Gathering Ingredients - 100,000
Unlock Madam Rosemereta:
Hogsmeade (unconfirmed) - 10,000
Unlock Marcus Flint:
Unknown - ?
Unlock Marge Dursley:
Privet Drive - 300
Unlock Micheal Corner:
Unknown - 15,000
Unlock Millicent Bullstrode:
Forbidden Forest - 20,000
Unlock Molly..

Gold Bricks

When you have unlocked the Leaky Cauldron hub area enter Wiseacres Wizarding Supplies in Diagon Alley. Go upstairs and talk to the vendor to be able to enter the following passwords and get the corresponding Gold Brick.
Gold Brick 1:
Enter QE4VC7
Gold Brick 2:
Enter FY8H97
Gold Brick 3:
Enter 3MQT4P
Gold Brick 4:
Enter PQPM7Z
Gold Brick 5:
Enter ZY2CPA
Gold Brick 6:
Enter 3GMTP6
Gold Brick 7:
Enter XY6VYZ
Gold Brick 8:
Enter TUNC4W
Gold Brick 9:
Enter EJ42Q6
Gold Brick 10:
Enter GFJCV9
Gold Brick 11:
Enter DZCY6G

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