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Mischief Managed (3-3)

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Mischief Managed

Year 3, Chapter 3

To start off, destroy the golden knight armor. (1/5) You need to destroy 5 of these during this stage to get the Blue Crest piece. Use WiLe on the torch to burn the vines and drop the red key. Next, shoot the cabinet to the right, build a silver knight armor then shoot it afterward to get the yellow key. Put both keys on the keyholes then use WiLe on one of them while your AI or co-op partner turns the other.

Go through the door and follow the hallway as you zap two more knight armors. Once you reach the large room, zap the two more armors to get the crest piece. Arrange the bricks in the middle of the room according to the pattern shown. Once activated, you'll find a pull-chain mechanism and a skeleton.

Zap the skeleton for it to drop a bone piece. Go to the right and kill the boggart from the chest. Shoot the cabinet to get some lego pieces which you use to build a cauldron. Place the bone piece nearby.

In the upper right corner you'll find a pixie holding a hammer. Kill the pixie then shoot the chest to reveal a large snake. Use WiLe on the hammer to crack the snake and get the bottle piece.

Finally, shoot the rolled-up banner in the left corner of the room to get the flower piece. Use the strength potion and pull the chain. Use WiLe to lift the iron ball that will appear. The door ahead will be opened after doing all this. Proceed forth.

In the next area, have Ron destroy the boggart, then have Harry talk to the snake to get some lego pieces. Rebuild these as a platform where you can acquire the red spider piece. Next, retract the vines with LuSo then place the spider piece in the cauldron. Go to the right this time and clear the debris in the fountain then use WiLe
to  build a wheel. Turn that wheel so the fountain gets filled and plants will grow on the wall.

These can be used as footholds to reach the upper level. Use WiLe to the shovel nearby to grow a plant. Shoot the plant to get the cherry piece. Place it in the cauldron then go up to the upper level.

The old man with a cat is guarding this section so avoid him or shoot his cat if you get caught. Enter the open window to grab the food piece. Make sure to grab the Fred (Sweater) character token inside.

Throw the last ingredient to the cauldron and drink the Invisibility Potion afterward. Have both characters drink it, then jump down to the upper level. Head to the rightmost part and both of you use WiLe to pull the statues down. Enter the window for the next section.

Follow the hallway. As you go ahead you'll find a student in the painting that has the Green Crest piece. You need to wave at him using a Slytherin character to get it – that's during Free Play, of course.

Anyhow, continue on, then shoot the two chests to get some lego pieces. Build a violin from it and wait for the wizard in the painting ahead to fall asleep. The green key will drop from him. Grab it and use to open the door. Chapter completed.

George (Sweater) – After reaching the large room, use Hermione to solve the puzzle cabinet to the left. Rebuild the desk and hop on it. Your partner will lift it up for you to get the token.
Yellow Crest piece – In the same room above, after placing the second sphere to open the door, use dark arts to crack open the sphere to the right.
After creating footholds by watering the fountain, you'll find a locked window to the left in the upper platform with Filch and his cat. Open it with RE to rescue the student in peril.

The Grey Lady – In the same room where you rescued the student; just search the left side of the room.
Red Crest piece – Open the dark window, just beside the locked window where you got the two unlockables above.
Green Crest piece - After getting past Filch using the Invisibility Potion, you'll find a painting In the dark hallway holding the crest. Wave at him using a Slytherin character (Harry and Ron's disguises will work) to get the piece.

It's time to learn another spell. Just follow the ghost markers until you reach the next classroom. During class, Harry just needs to open the chests and destroy all five wraiths. Don't come too close or he'll get scared.

Two of the chests are on the floor, one is carried by pixie to the left, one to the right is covered with vines. The last one is inside a painting. To get it, shoot the cabinet to the right and build a projector out of the lego pieces. The chest will be thrown out of the painting.

Kill all 5 wraiths for Harry to learn the Expecto Patronum.

Once done, exit the class room and follow the ghost markers. Make your way to Hagrid's cottage to start the next chapter.

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Comments for Mischief Managed (3-3)

13 comments, latest first.
Sep 15th 2017 harryfan455
what does RE mean???
ID #738433
Jun 15th 2015 Guest
How do you kill the Bogart
ID #570650
Jun 15th 2015 Guest
How do you kill the Bogart
ID #570646
Jan 17th 2015 Guest
where is the painting in mischief managed?
ID #503037
Dec 26th 2014 Guest
Filch disappeared, and I can move the statues down, but it doesn't open up the doorway. What should I do? This might be because I am re-playing the level and my character was Filch. He scarred the real Filch away. Is there any way that I can complete the level without starting over?
ID #490471
Apr 14th 2014 Daddyslack
Hello all. I'm doing this with my daughter and we are stuck. We have done mischief managed and then we are taken to a room with a teacher and a red robot in the middle of the room that sleeps until you step junto the square south it them it attacks you!!!! Anyone tell me how to get through this as it's not on any guides and walkthroughs that I have found!!!!!!
So we can't go to the next level
ID #374783
Jul 15th 2013 Guest
Thank ya much but I kinda did not need it because I kinda figured it out myself so yeah but anyhoo thanks.
ID #297551
Feb 3rd 2013 Guest
iv'e done this over and over i got ron's token the first time but when i finished the level it never gave it too me i have done it time and time again now and it just gives me studs..
ID #249716
Mar 12th 2012 Guest
How do you get past a giant in I think 3-2
ID #122531
Dec 22nd 2011 Guest
Thanks for teaching me , whoever you are...
ID #97640
Aug 13th 2011 Guest
ID #66735
Jul 4th 2011 Guest
thank you so much i loved this im getting all the gold bricks and im more than half way thourough it and i could not have got a thing without this im using it all day i love it thank you so much whoever made this

thank you
ID #54674
Aug 21st 2010 Guest
dementors not wraiths
ID #9847